Please, if You Love Lesbians and Other Females, Think About This….

This is an update to previous work at my blog. Part One should fit onto one double-sided leaflet for distributing and sharing. Part Two is an explanation of the brief questions and comments in Part One, with many links to brilliant Gallus Mag’s GenderTrender. Most of the clever comments (in italics) with her posts are hers, and she collected this amazing and horrifying articles with photos, which proves what perhaps words alone cannot.

Please, if You Love Lesbians and Other Females, Think About This….

1. Do you know about the increasing demand to accept men as Lesbians, thereby supporting men in invading our last female only space, driving away women who do not feel safe with them there — women who are perhaps alone and isolated and needing safe women’s community?

2. If you feel angry or upset at being asked this, or unable to think clearly for fear that you are being “transphobic” or “politically incorrect,” can you consider that you are being subjected to cult rules which forbid independent thinking and feeling?

3. Did you know that 80% of the men who claim to be women have had no surgery and are quite capable of raping women, and that the numbers of women raped by these men are increasing?

4. Are you aware that many of these men refer to their “lady penises” or “six inch clitorises?”

5. Did you know that most of these men are obsessed with “Lesbian” porn, made by men, for men?

6. Did you know that 90% of men claiming to be women are “autogynephilic”– meaning they are “aroused” by wearing the exposing clothes, makeup, high heels, etc. that men demand women wear, and many of them masturbate while wearing “women’s” clothing? (Real women do not do this.)

7. Do you know that many of these men demand Lesbians have sex with them and call those of us who refuse “transphobic”?  Do you agree with this?  If not, and if you are outraged and concerned, do you feel pressured to ignore your reasonable feelings?

8. Since when have Lesbians accused other Lesbians of being “bigots” or “phobic” for daring to say no to men?” Have you considered for a moment — beyond the name-calling and guilt-tripping — that these ARE men who have found a clever way to get access to Lesbians?

9. Do you know that most women who have publicly tried to defend women only space get rape, mutilation, and death threats from these men?  Yet we who have tried to protect our Lesbian communities (some of us for more than 40 years) are being asked to pay reparations on behalf of these men, in spite of the fact that they have threatened us and that men make far more money than most Lesbians could ever hope to have.

10. Did you know that many of these men have previously stalked and assaulted women?

11. Do you know that men appropriating female identity are more violent than other men and are changing the statistics on violence by “women?”  Why are Lesbians being asked to be outraged on behalf of the violence that men aim at men claiming to be women, ignoring that those same men are threatening and attacking women? Asking women to be especially concerned about male-on-male violence ignores that women are the primary victims of male violence.

12. Have you witnessed any of these men touching, grabbing, making obscene comments or otherwise doing things to Lesbians against our will, yet felt pressured to ignore those assaults?

13. Do you realize that the “transgender” phenomenon has become big business for psychologists, surgeons, drug companies, etc., and that an increasing number of young children who are not happy with being forced into roles that patriarchy demands children obey (whether it’s little girls being forced into dresses and painful shoes, or little boys forced to fit male roles) are being considered “transgender” and started on irrevocable and dangerous hormones and even surgery before puberty?

14. Do you know that “sex change” surgery and hormones do not begin to approximate a female body or mind or spirit?  Aren’t women far more than castrated men?
15. Do you know that many of the men claiming to be women also claim to be better women than us, and that they refer to us, and demand we identify ourselves with, yet one more “c” word: “cis?”

16. Do you know that adult men claiming to be women have won the right to expose themselves in school girls’ locker rooms and to play on girls’ sports teams?

17. Do you know that some men who have killed women are demanding that the government pay for their “sex change” and transfer them to women’s prisons?

18. We are told that “transgender” politics are progressive, yet they are in actuality right wing, enforcing gender roles that harm girls and women. In fundamentalist Iran, Lesbians and Gay men are executed, but the government pays for “sex changes.”

19. If you feel that no one has the right to tell someone they cannot be who they feel they are, do you agree with the able-bodied man who claims to be a “trans-paraplegic Lesbian?” (This man’s story is classic “trans” cult, including fondling his disabled aunt’s leg braces as a boy.) He goes to his local Dyke March in a wheelchair with a sign saying “Differently-Abled Dyke,” and makes his wheelchair fall over to get attention. He has no intention of truly becoming paraplegic, just as most “transwomen” have no intention of getting surgery.

20. Does believing that people have the right to identify however they want include white men appropriating the identity of people oppressed by racism? (Some of the completely European-descent men identifying as “transwomen” also say they are “trans-racial,” and have tried to get into positions of power in those communities they oppress, just as they have taken over many Lesbian/women’s organizations, including women’s studies classes.)

21. If you are outraged at the idea of “trans-racial” and “trans-disabled” identity appropriation, why would you accept that this should be done to Lesbians and other women?

22. Would you agree that people who have surgery to resemble cats or reptiles should be accepted as those animals? Trans politics and ideology say that you should.

23. Some women claim that these extremes are rare, mentally ill men who are not at all representative of real “transwomen.” Yet if you read any men posing as women online, you will see how they obviously have no idea what a real Lesbian or woman is. If you ever say no to these men, you will quickly find out how very male they are.

24. Why do the lives of Lesbians count for so little that men can claim to be us and then proceed to re-write our Lesbian history, get into power positions in our beleaguered Lesbian communities, and destroy what little we have left?  Why do women feel flattered by or protective of these men instead of being protective of the Lesbians and women they are harming?

25. Do you realize that if you support these men to destroy our last female only spaces, you are simply supporting men against women?

See my blog for links that explain more:

My previous posts about the trans cult: DEFINING LESBIANS OUT OF EXISTENCE — “TRANSWOMEN” ARE STILL MERELY MEN (And over 80% don’t even have surgery)

Bev Jo

Part 2

Please, if You Love Lesbians and Other Females, Think About This….

Bev Jo

Do you agree with small children being diagnosed as “transgender” and started on irreversible “corrective” surgery and hormones, based on the sexist opinions of their parents, doctors, or psychologists? Is the belief of some people that little girls who don’t want to wear dresses and sit primly with their legs together, but would rather play in nature, must be “boys,”’ and that little boys who want to wear dresses and not torture animals must be “girls,” adequate reason to diagnose little children as “transgender,” while making a fortune for the pharmaceutical industry, surgeons, and hospitals, etc.?  Meanwhile, the trans cult, which is pushing for the tiniest children to be called “transgender,” are ignoring the struggle of Intersex people to not have Intersex babies and children given surgery, which is what has been going on for decades, sometimes even without their parents’ consent.

I keep being told that the issue of “transgender” or “transsexuality” is “complicated,” but why?  How is it?  What could be more simple than following your own instinct in knowing that men can’t be women and women can’t be men?

But we are not allowed to say that.  Many Lesbians’ thinking has shut down (including “feminists”) — except for wanting to censor me by yelling “transphobic!”  They are terrified to think more about this issue and so are self-censoring for fear of being labeled “transphobic” themselves.

How can it be that women daring to think against male rules are therefore being “phobic?”

Why are women being told that men can not only be women, but be Lesbians? If you express the completely reasonable feeling/thought/opinion as most of us did on first hearing this, you are likely to be treated in a very similar way to people who say no to religious propaganda: bullied, shamed, name-called, patronized, lectured…that is, oppressed. Trigger words like “transphobia” are used similarly to words used in religious mind control to shut down thinking. How dare you think, question, wonder?  How dare you listen to your own common sense? How dare you say no?

This is why I coined the term “the trans cult,” because it is as much of a cult as any other, except that this one has taken off in Lesbian communities, women’s communities, theoretically “our LGB” communities, Leftist groups, “progressive” groups, mainstream media, etc. It is moving with the speed of religious conversion and invasion, where the plan is to stop all logical thinking. The victims then are trained to act as robots and agents to shame and police other Lesbians and women on behalf of men to continue spreading the cult.

When did saying no to men and male commands become labeled “phobia” or “bigotry” instead of being recognized as women-loving? Men appropriating the identity of Lesbians and of women are using Lesbian Feminist politics and language against us.  We’re not afraid of these men – they are oppressing us.

Why are Lesbians’ and women’s minds supposed to shut down when the subject of men claiming to be Lesbians comes up? Why is the response not outrage at the men, rather than at the women who say no to them?  Why is it that the feelings of the women and Lesbians affected don’t matter as much as the fear of upsetting men?

This is as much of a mindfuck as any other kind of “reverse discrimination.”

I don’t believe in Santa Claus either, but my refusing to believe that does not get the reaction that I, as a Lesbian, get when I refuse to accept that a man who has sexually harassed me is a now a Lesbian. Why?
We have the right to say no to men oppressing us, yet, when we do, they threaten to rape us, cut off our clitorises, and kill us. (All feminists who blog in support of women only space get these threats.)

(Gallus Mag: Finally a response from the Transgender Law Center’s Cecilia Chung after two days of death threats against lesbians and feminists in his twitter timeline. Killing women “is not helpful” at this time, in his estimation.)

Even more proof than death threats that these men are men is their demand that we let them fuck us. Seriously. (If you do not read anything else here, read this: )

(And a woman’s story of being raped by her male friend who played on her sympathy to trans:

The worst part though is that these men have succeeded in getting Lesbians to fight other Lesbians and girls and women on their behalf. One of these misogynist men claiming to be a Lesbian actually made a list online of how ugly women’s vulvas were (a Sharpei dog run over by a car is one example), and women joined him in this.

What was your reaction the very first time you heard a man say he was a Lesbian? Women not immersed in the trans cult ideology usually respond as a friend of mine did when she said “A man calling himself a Lesbian is just plain creepy.”  And so it is.

To shut down your natural reaction and think otherwise (“But he’s a woman now!”) means accepting dogma that is inherently anti-female. (Yes, there are some Intersex people, but they are a tiny percentage and are in no way related to trans, and many are as angry at being used by the trans agenda as women are.)

How can a man be a Lesbian? Well, “he was born in the wrong body.” “He always felt like a woman.” “He, I mean she, is a woman attracted to women.” And if a Lesbian knew him when he didn’t lie about his past and he sexually harassed or assaulted her and she dares the wrath of other women to tell the truth, who is told to shut up and go away?

If you try to talk to trans cult members, they are likely to start yelling their dogma to terrorize and embarrass you into obedience. Being screamed at causes instinctual fear. Caring women are likely to ignore that they are being abused, and instead be distracted by trying to figure out how they could have so upset another woman. The trans cult agent will usually continue yelling their dogma, trying to publicly humiliate the woman they are bullying, and then literally put their hands over their ears for fear they may hear other ideas other than those allowed by the cult. If online, they simply ban you.

Another aspect is the pleasure that many feel at learning in-group and clique tactics and language, the accompanying sense of superiority towards women who do not yet know the religious/cult terms. Because Radical Lesbian Feminism decades ago was clear and strong in recognizing all the cons that men pretending to be Lesbians played, the present cult members often use ageism to shame women into bowing down to cult rules, as if reality has actually changed.

So now, how dare you not genuflect to these men?  After all, they have renamed you a “cis” woman while telling you that they are more real women than you will ever be, as they play out a fetishized caricature of their fantasy of hot womanhood.

The language these men and their women collaborators use is very much based on dominance and submission, with women expected to submit to male supremacy. It’s no coincidence that some of the former Radical Lesbian Feminists, including former Lesbian Separatists, who promoted these men into our last women only spaces, like OLOC (Old Lesbians Organizing for Change), the SF Dyke March, and elsewhere, have a sado-masochist community connection with the trans cult. Of course there is a long history of certain “feminists” and other sado-masochists ignoring consensuality. Some of these women became friends with the trans cult in their dungeons. (This is not a joke. A group of sado-masochists in SF own the “Armory,” which is a city block of multi-million dollar real estate in a city where the average house costs one million. Check the photo of their “Leather community” flag that imitates the US flag with black and blue bruise stripes. In late 2006, The Armory was purchased for $14.5 million by, a San Francisco-based internet pornography producer specializing in BDSM pornography…. La Casa de las Madres, a neighboring women’s shelter, announced in late March 2007 that they would be leaving their location as a result.)

If these men claiming to be women truly acted like they were, wouldn’t they at least try to have the compassion of real women and think what it feels like when the rapist caste intrudes on the last female-only space of the raped and assaulted caste – against our will?  Wouldn’t they care about women and girls, the people who cannot escape seeing ourselves brutally objectified and raped every moment throughout the media? If they sincerely were questioning “gender,” wouldn’t they meet with each other and call themselves by other names in order to not appropriate and oppress Lesbians, girls, and women more than they already have?

Instead, trans and their allies actually protest (with “blood boiling” anger) a workshop for “Female Survivors of Sexual Abuse,” because such a workshop discriminates against those born male, and a “Day of Remembrance” for fourteen women killed by a man who hates feminists:

Most of the women who support men in this oppressive fantasy, as well as the men themselves, are European descent. If you believed you were Euro-descent, but suddenly discovered that you were genetically part of an oppressed race and culture, though you appear completely “white,” would you insist/demand that all people address you as a member of that oppressed group, and demand to be let into their most private and protected spaces? Would you insist on becoming their leader and spokesperson in public and media events representing that culture?

By the way, in my own community, spanning ten counties, all the men I’ve seen who are going to our “Lesbian” events are middle to upper class and are European-descent, which means that the Lesbians oppressed by classism and racism are getting a multiple bombardment of oppression.

Men looking like drag queens are just men looking like how men want women to look in patriarchy. We are not talking about reality here, but fantasy. “Femininity” is male-defined, as is “masculinity.” No man pretending to be a Lesbian looks remotely like a Lesbian. Some even pretend to be Butches, which would be even more laughable if they did not have the power to control Lesbian conferences and censor real Lesbians and Butches (like pornographer Tobi Hill-Meyer who posts videos and photos of his erect prick online, referring to it as his “ladypeen.”)

(This one is beyond infuriating as these effeminate men pose and posture, with not even an idea of what a Butch is, other than the women the furthest from what they could ever be — )

If men can become women, can white men in blackface (not interracial men, but completely, ethnically, culturally, visibly European-descent men) claim to be Indian/Native American or Black or other oppressed races and then insist they not only be allowed into private events and organizations representing those cultures, but be in leadership positions?  Of course that would be an outrage, and in fact some of the same men professing to be Lesbians are doing this.  Some have had surgery and altered their features and hair, but they are still oppressor white men. If the reaction of women/Lesbians/feminist who are anti-racist is outrage, as it should be, but they support men saying they are Lesbians, why the double standard? – except that people oppressed by racism, as bad as their oppression is, are still taken more seriously as a people than Lesbians of any race.

Male surgeons and male pharmaceutical companies cannot begin to approximate female bodies. Women are more than castrated men. No one believes the men who have surgery to look like reptiles or cats are truly those animals, and no one believes that Michael Jackson literally became European-descent as a result of surgery and skin lightening toxic chemicals, so why would anyone believe the medical industry can make women out of men and men out of women?

This entire trans con is outrageous, and if so many women did not participate it would be obvious how ridiculous it is. Basically, trans is a mass delusion, cult, and myth. It is taken seriously only because of male supremacy and female-hating.

Real women do not do what men claiming to be women do, which is be “autogynphilic,” meaning become sexually aroused by dressing the ways that men demand women dress (which has nothing intrinsically to do with women) and masturbate.

How many women are alone in abusive relationships with men who have decided they are Lesbians, being told they are “transphobic” or “homophobic” if they try to get help? More of these stories are surfacing, in spite of the harassment (even while these are added to statistics on “Lesbian domestic abuse):

If men can become women, why can’t a man who has had extensive surgery to look like a reptile or cat be accepted as those animals?

If men can become women, why can’t an able-bodied man truly be the “trans-paraplegic” he claims to be?  “Chloe Jennings-White” is a Narcissistic man who loves being on TV and in magazines and has no intention or desire to truly be paraplegic. His rationale is identical to the classic trans cult story, down to the boyhood desire to be like his disabled aunt, including fetishizing her by fondling her leg braces. (This is similar to so many men’s stories, like the “Sex Change Hospital” television series quote where a man says he first felt he was a woman when he was excited as a boy by his mother’s bra.  All of us women remember that, don’t we?  Bras aren’t even part of a female body, but a sexualized device men demand women to buy and wear.)

The “trans-paraplegic” admits to being jealous of disabled people. He also says he’s a Lesbian and admits going to his local Dyke March with a sign saying “Differently-Abled Dyke” and making his wheelchair fall over to get attention. Sadly for real Lesbians, this scumbag is talked and written about in the media as a woman and often Lesbian.

There is a man pretending to be a woman who chainsawed his legs off —

What about the man who pretends to be a woman adult baby and wears diapers and sleeps in a crib?  Of course, yet another National Geographic television documentary that tells us that this is a woman. Gallus Mag: “And remember, when you hear about a female doing something really wack, or read about it in a newspaper or on a website, and it just “don’t sound right” to you: It’s probably a male transgender.”)

The extreme versions sound ridiculous, but they are just an extension of the trans cult line. No, these are not just mentally ill men any more than any of the trans men are. This is classic trans cult ideology. And if you believe them to be mentally ill, isn’t it kinder and more honest to confront their fantasy than go along with the pretense?

In this era, when women and girls are dying because of being denied decent medical treatment, the trans cult are also demanding and getting narcissistic attention for fantasy health tests on non-existent organs:

(GM: “DENVER — A state-run women’s wellness program now provides breast and cervical cancer screenings for transgender women, announced the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Wednesday.”

If you would say no to some of these men, why not say no to those who want access to Lesbians, to our lives, our bodies, our communities, our last spaces, our organizations?

Who does it serve to make this a complicated issue? — Men, and primarily the MRAs/Men’s Rights Activists. Who most wants to destroy Lesbian community and invade Lesbian space?

                                 Misplaced Sympathy and Pity

Part of the problem is the liberal feminist myth that there is no basic biological difference between females and males. Yet males certainly know that there is and brag about it. Even a christian man who wrote a book about raising boys says it’s not safe to let boys who’ve reached puberty babysit babies and children. Men also clearly know the trans cult is a con, so why don’t women?(from the Little Britain television series: )

The biological difference between males and females can be seen in many males of other species who rape and kill babies and females of their species, and who rape other species as well. Human males’ difference goes way beyond socialization because human males’ raping and murdering is often against their own cultures and religions. As bad as some women are, they just do not do what men do. I know of a Lesbian couple who came home to find their male gardener raping their dog.  If the difference isn’t clear from experience, just read online the comments following any description or video of an animal or woman being raped, otherwise tortured, and killed, and see how very different that men think and write than women. The way that many men make disgusting jokes about the most horrific things is incredibly revealing in comparison to women’s heartache and concern.

Lesbians are women who choose to love other women. Can we really not tell the difference between women and men? Wouldn’t our lives of oppression and marginalization be so much easier if there truly were no difference? Would Lesbians be disowned, hated, attacked, imprisoned, executed and otherwise murdered if there were no difference?

No amount of being told I am “transphobic” or “bigoted” will ever make me consent to letting a man have sexual access to me. How dare these men do this to Lesbians? Men demanding sexual access to women are het men who are refusing to take no for an answer. That is sexual harassment, and when they continue not accepting no, it is rape.

And in spite of the ego-stroking of these men by many Lesbians and other women who assure them that they really are attractive women, they will never, ever, get what they demand, which is sexual access to a Lesbian. Because a woman who would agree to being sexual with one of these female impersonators is, by definition, no longer a Lesbian. It’s that simple.

And how dare these arrogant and entitled het men take over our Lesbian organizations, re-write our history, be our “spokeswomen/leaders” at Dyke Marches and other spaces, which we created in spite of men like them?  These men are destroying our last female only spaces. Yet they would not be able to do this without the help of Lesbians and other women collaborating with them against us. Why are women and Lesbians betraying us to these most male of men?

If you correct a woman with the “Transgender Etiquette” list, you are shaming her, telling her she’s wrong, patronizing her – all for the benefit of men as well as your own sense of superiority. Even if your chastising her is on behalf of a woman pretending to be a man, ultimately, this obsession still benefits men. You are not fighting oppression. You are harming women in order to enable men to harm women. Why?

This is as simple as the issue itself. You cannot both support men demanding to be accepted as Lesbians and support Lesbians and women. It’s like pretending to be against racism, while working with the Nazis and Klan. It’s like pretending to care for the earth, air and water, while supporting Monsanto and the men destroying the earth.

How did this happen, where Lesbians police other women for men to have access to them?  I’m sorry, but it really does remind me of those men who kidnap girls to rape and impregnate, yet who have wife/women accomplices to help them in ensnaring girls and imprisoning them. You must have seen these grotesque men in the media, in court, sometimes after having imprisoned a girl in chains for decades, and we have to know that they could never have gotten the girl in the car or to come home if his woman was not there to reassure the girl. Some of them even hold the girls down while their men rape them. (And please do not start telling us how oppressed these collaborators are.)

Of course, we are not imprisoned. We can just walk away alone from the communities we created. We can decide to not plan any more women’s or Lesbian events for our community if we don’t want to have to deal with men showing up. But why should we? The men have the entire rest of patriarchy worshipping them. (And please do not pull out the con about how these men are in danger and being killed and it’s our responsibility somehow. When they themselves are not raping and killing, it is other men attacking them. But far more Lesbians and women are attacked, so why should we make men a priority over their victims?)

For centuries, men have been perving on women and Lesbians. In our remembered history, men have gone into our few spaces, like Lesbian bars, to perv on us and try to rape us when we left. Police would do raids to rape us.

Then, when we created Lesbian Feminism, we finally had our own female only spaces, and, in a few special parts of the world, like the African-descent Lesbian community in the SF Bay Area and in Aotearoa/New Zealand, there have been Lesbian only events.
When the first men perving on us stalked us into our growing Lesbian communities, they got into positions of power, causing divisions and destruction, but still most Lesbians said no to these men.

So what happened? Men are no more able to become women than people can change race or species, but there is a media bombardment with laws changing so that even public women’s restrooms now are allowing men in. The rate of little girls and women being raped will increase, but because these men are now considered women, they are already adding to statistics on women being violent and dangerous.

Some women, usually those already invested in males, are flattered that men say they want to be women. Some mistakenly believe that these men must love women more than most men to identify as us, and have not seen how these men talk about themselves, with their posing and videos and photos of looking like male porn fantasies.

Some feel sorry for them, and are impressed that they are giving up the most powerful weapon and status symbol in patriarchy (not realized that 80% of “transwomen” never have surgery), and forget about the girls and women they are harming. And some women just feel more comfortable having men around in previously women’s spaces. It’s a combination of misdirected sympathy and being in the female role of wanting to support and help others. An intrinsic part of that is valuing males more. The poor man, to lower himself to our level, give up so much privilege, and to want to join us as a woman!

Some women are shocked at the level of threats, abuse, and name-calling and are terrified, desperate to placate. Some believe that placating men who refuse to take no for an answer will somehow work. They do not understand the analogy and link with rapists. All men who refuse to take no for an answer are on a continuum with rapists. After all, many of the men who insist they are women have already raped women and girls. If they even remotely respected or cared for girls and women, they would not insist that they are us and invade our spaces.

They forget how obsessed men are with Lesbians as a fetish. “Lesbian” porn for men is the most common male porn, which encourages men to try to get sexual access to Lesbians in any way they can. (In 1972, I became lovers with a Lesbian Separatist who had recently came out with the encouragement of her boyfriend, which I didn’t find out until later. He had been in a men’s group with Robin Morgan’s husband, Kenneth Pitchford, and wanted not just to be with a Lesbian, but with a Lesbian Separatist. After she left him, he tried again to get his next girlfriend to look as much like a Lesbian as possible with. Of course, by definition, no Lesbian will be with a man, which is the ongoing dilemma that men who pretend to be Lesbians have. This man didn’t bother with that game, at least at that time. By now, he could very well be saying he’s a Lesbian and be more accepted in our communities than we are.)

As women, we do not focus our lives on sexuality, and especially male sexuality that is often based on porn, sado-masochism, and fantasies of raping women. How many men are playing with other forms of extreme sexual fetish, such as using asphyxiation for stronger orgasms, even though some famous men have died from that sex game (David Carradine)? Fetish has become mainstream sex for men.

Extensive plastic surgery and mutilation for men is another aspect to sexual fetish, from the men who want to look like animals, to the man who chainsawed his legs off while his wife later confronted him with “what about me and the kids?” to the men who just keep disfiguring their faces, like music stars, Michael Jackson and Pete Burns.

Learning the Con

I keep going back to my own experience with men pretending to be women. I remember the first man I knew who decided he wanted to be a Lesbian. I was 17 and it was 1968 and a couple of years before I found feminism of any kind or Lesbian feminists. He had been pressuring me to be het with him and seemed to have no clue what a Lesbian was when I said I was in love with my best friend. He told me about his life, being in a seminary high school, and had never considered himself like a woman. He kept obsessing about Lesbians and was just as repulsive, whether identifying as male or female. He exuded adolescent maleness and prurience, and still does, decades later. He picked a first name as close to mine as he could and dyed his hair a similar color.

By 1970, we weren’t going to the same university any longer and he wasn’t in my life. He just continued being interested in chasing Lesbians and nothing about him seemed any more female, and certainly not Lesbian. I thought of him as a pathetic lonely man and wished him happiness. His not seeming as successfully male as other men somehow made his deciding as an adult that he was a Lesbian made sense only in the context that we could think a nerdy, insensitive, narcissistic, passive-aggressive man was like a woman. But because I was the first Lesbian he fixated on, I felt somehow responsible. I had no idea that he would stalk me into the Lesbian community and I could never escape being forced to be subjected to him. He joined one of the earliest Lesbian organizations (Daughters of Bilitis) and became vice president, causing a split that ended the group. He wrote an article called “Lesbian Sex” that was printed in “off our backs” after he lied to them about being a “womyn-born-womyn.” He also has written publicly racist letters as a “Lesbian” and has harassed African-descent Lesbians with his racist comments. When he was invited in 1973 by Jeanne Cordova to the West Coast Lesbian Conference as a “Lesbian” performer, Robin Morgan, in her keynote speech called him “an opportunist, an infiltrator, and a destroyer — with the mentality of a rapist.” (From Wikipedia.) The last time I had the misfortune to hear him at a women only open mic, a couple of years ago, I was forced to hear his usual bellowing/singing off-key about a woman crawling on the ground, desperate to reach his “kitty cat” (pussy). Yet he is still welcomed at that event.

Yet isn’t this similar to the way many woman are led/tricked into agreeing to obey men as a form of rape? It’s not the direct violent kind of rape — it’s men using guilt and pressure to get a woman to agree to something she does not want. I remember when I was sixteen and visiting a girl I had just met at high school. She took me to a hippie house where a man put his hand on her belly and looked pleadingly at her, so she laid down and let him fuck her, right in front of me. It was cold and horrifying, and all about obeying this disgusting prick. Afterwards, she said how her life would be ruined if she now got pregnant. The man could have cared less.

Women supporting men in their fantasy and insistence of being women are doing a variation of the same thing — laying down for men in order to not hurt their feelings, not daring to say no to them — regardless of how this lie hurts them and other women and girls. It is destructive, self-hating and female-hating. It’s a mass participation in an Emperor’s New Clothes fantasy, with women thinking that it’s more trouble than it’s worth to say no.

But these are not “failed” men. These are very successful men at getting what they want.

Many of the men claiming to be Lesbians do not act on their porn fantasies until getting bored with their families after having full het male privilege. They also do not care what “becoming a woman” will mean to their wives and children. It is always about them. For every one of these men, there is a story of a woman or women and often children horribly affected:

A weak objection that many liberal feminists give to men appropriating our identity is saying that they did not have our experiences growing up – but that is a flimsy argument which does not deal with the few men who have been identifying as Lesbians for decades or who insist they always felt like girls. The truth is simply that these men have never felt like or been girls or women and they never will. Every one of them lies about always feeling like they were girls from childhood. (They don’t even know what that means if you ask them. Their ideas of being women is all about male-defined femininity.)

All you have to do is listen to these men, read them, watch them. It doesn’t take long to see how far from being female they are. Not one has a clue of what it means to be a girl growing up, or a Lesbian, or any other kind of woman as an adult. Their extremely male minds are more male than any other kind of male, because they are in constant rapist mode of refusing to take no for an answer. Their focus is all on themselves and their fantasies of what glory they will get as a woman, imagining an experience no woman has ever lived. Their words and minds are still prurient male. Many of them do not even know enough to stop themselves from grabbing and groping Lesbians in public or making typically obscene male comments. They are male to the core in the worst possible way.

They did not grow up worrying about being sexually harassed and attacked for being girls. (If they did experience sexual assault, it was as a male, knowing they could also rape.) Whatever abuse boys experience is in no way comparable to what girls experience. Boys also do not grow up seeing their own kind obscenely objectified everywhere, being harassed by males constantly, not even being safe in their own families.

Men did not experience the constant humiliation and oppression that girls suffer. They did not experience adult Lesbian or female oppression. They certainly have not experienced having created an oppressed but vibrant culture only to see the oppressor steal it for his own — and then to see the betrayal of Lesbians and women obeying the male rules by calling themselves “cis,” to denote an inferior kind of women to the male “women.” It is still a shock to see how meekly and how obediently even many longtime Radical Lesbian feminists dutifully rename themselves and the rest of us to please these arrogant men. What other oppressed people agrees to taking on an insulting name while not protesting when their oppressor steals their own identity?

If you support these men against women, please know that you are contributing to the new laws which eliminate protection for girls and women in having separate restrooms, girls’ sports locker rooms and teams, etc.

Not Betraying Lesbians and Girls and Other Women for Men

Of all the oppressive forces against Lesbians and women in patriarchy, I believe the trans cult is at the top and is far more dangerous than the rest of the right wing like the Nazis and Klan and christian, muslim, and other religious fanatics, because they want to destroy us from the inside out. They are like the worst form of parasite, who tricks the victim into protecting and fighting for those who are killing them. So we don’t even end up fighting these men directly. We have to first face the women who are standing in front of them, working to destroy all women’s rights, including our right to say no.

It is so hard for Lesbians and other women to say no, especially to men, but it can be done. This reminds me of teaching self defense to women who seemed incapable of allowing themselves to consider hurting a potential attacker. Only when I said that unless they stop the man attacking them, he will continue and will rape and possibly kill other women and girls, did they whole-heartedly fight back. They became impressively ferocious. That is what has to happen for women to not put men first in the trans cult.

Where did the illusion come from that we are part of a movement that included our oppressors?  Those who do not know our history are condemned to repeat it. When we are included with those who either directly oppress us (men, including gay men), or those who choose to ally with our oppressors (bisexual women), we may feel like we are less alone as a people, but we are betraying ourselves to benefit those who harm us.

Were we ever asked to be joined as a people with those who despise us unless they are using us?  I never agreed to be part of “LGBT” and neither did anyone I know. We were added against our will. Gay men still do drag shows ridiculing Lesbians and other women. Until the AIDS epidemic where gay men put ads in papers asking for Lesbian blood because we have the cleanest blood (“Our boys need blood” was a Bay Times ad), gay men openly despised us, calling us “dirty.” They still do, as a group, and don’t even want us going into their precious neighborhoods, though we have nothing of our own. (The few bars and cafes owned by Lesbians wholeheartedly welcome men, both to work there, even though some sexually harass Lesbians, and as customers). Even though AIDS is simply a preventable STD that some gay men actively seek out (a gay man with AIDS told me he’s horrified how often by gay men ask him to give them AIDS) Lesbians still donate time and money. The AIDS “Lifecycle Ride” made 14.5 million dollars in 2013. There is almost nothing for ill or dying or disabled Lesbians. Lesbians who volunteered with AIDS groups said one gay male director makes $300,000 a year, and they have seen gay men walk off with most of the donations.

What is with all the appropriation and ignoring of consensuality by gay men, bisexual women, and the trans cult?

Once we give the men posing as women the smallest bit of what they want (such as referring to them with female pronouns or calling them “women” in any form), then they have won the battle.  This is one of the most important things that we can do for each other and our culture. Please never call a man a “transwoman” or “she” or “her.” Never call a woman a “transman” or “he” or “him.”  Refuse to use “transgender” as a term. It is no more real than trans-species. Seriously. This may seem small, but it is essential. If you would not play along with an able-bodied man pretending to be disabled in a wheelchair by waiting on him, do not enable or give what these most dangerous of men demand of us.
If you are tempted to play along to not hurt his feelings, then know that going along with his male fantasy is hurting women so much more. What if all women and Lesbians just said no to them?

Once you give in and submit, and call them women of any kind, we have lost. It’s like opening the door to the rapist and then begging, cajoling, pleading for him to perhaps just beat you and not rape you, or rape you but not kill you. Once that door is open, they have won and can do whatever they like. You can see it now, everywhere.

Also, never accept any of their misogynist, offensive terms for yourself. No sensible woman or Lesbian ever refers to herself or other women as “cis.” It’s immediately identifies someone as a cult member since no woman who has not been indoctrinated into the trans cult would ever use such ridiculous, creepy, and bizarre terms.

And for F2Ts, women who say they are men — again, the surgery does not come close to approximating a male body. Many of these are male-identified feminine women who want sexual access to gay men. They are being self-hating and female-hating. Many have connections with men in the sado-masochist community, as do many of the women supporting men into our last spaces.

Why don’t these women recognize males as a group as the enemies who assault girls and women and animals, and who are destroying the earth?  Some say that they don’t want to be raped any more or to become an “old woman.” Some say they want “better paying jobs and more chicks.” Then they discover that gay men don’t want to be with women, even in drag. Some men will fuck anything that moves and don’t mind the “bonus hole” (as gay men call vaginas), but that has to lose its charm eventually. When F2Ts find out that the het women they idolize and idealize want real men and all the status and privilege that het women get from men, many want to come back to Lesbians. Some don’t like how quickly they are turning into what looks like old, balding men with acne, cartoon chipmunk voices, and male facial bone structure. Many of these women are angry and aggrieved and expect and demand that Lesbians will cheer to see them return and welcome them with open arms and no questions asked. Sadly, many do exactly that, since, like most oppressed people, Lesbians often value our oppressors more than ourselves. But some Lesbians and other feminists get a bit sick of the returned pretend men lecturing us and telling us what we did wrong since few will accept responsibility for their own female-hating choices. Those who call themselves feminists play on the liberal myth of women who hate other women as victims needing rescuing.

I’m not saying to not support women who change their minds about joining men in the trans cult, but why should they get more support than the Lesbians and women who never left us?

And Now, the Charming Stories By/About  Men Claiming to Be Women

Gallus Mag has compiled an amazing archives of true horror stories at GenderTrender, which every women who supports the trans cult should read. Here are a few of them as well as from other sources.

This is from a study in the British medical journal The Lancet.

Transgender fetish is the largest sexual disorder reported in convicted sex offender….Almost 100% of convicted sex offenders have a documented history of transvestism, crossdressing, free-dressing, Autogynephilia, transsexualism – in other words: TRANSGENDER.

60% of convicted sex offenders have transgender fetish as their primary paraphillia (a parapillia is a psychological sex disorder). Of the remaining fetishists, such as pedophiles, rapists, etc., 60% of those sex offenders have transgender fetish as their secondary parapillia, in addition to their primary disorder. Finally, 40% of convicted sex offenders have transgender fetish as their tertiary (3rd) fetish among multiple disorders.

If these are truly women, why would they protest a Day of Remembrance for fourteen women killed by a man who hates feminists?

Vancouver male transgender activists (“Transwomen”) spent today organizing a protest against the scheduled upcoming Day of Remembrance for the fourteen women slaughtered during the horrific 1989 L’Ecole Polytechnique Massacre.

Reed believes that all males can become female if they simply claim to be, and has lobbied for the right to have a state-funded medical procedure to insert a surgical “neo-vagina” near his penis, so that he can have the appearance of having two sets of genitals. Reed and his “transwomen” co-organizers are offended by any feminist or women’s event that addresses the issues that affect women because they feel that such events discriminate against them as males.

Photo of Natalie Reed, the man who organized the protest of the memorial for the women killed by the man who publicly hated feminists:

Another popular image among “transwomen” – what lovely “women” they make, don’t you agree? —


You are such a “transphobe” if you don’t want to let this man have sexual access to you….

hideous trannie

The Cotton Ceiling This Week

March 17, 2013

It’s been a year since I first spotted a small listing for a Planned Parenthood male-only seminar curiously titled “The Cotton Ceiling”. If you’ve never heard of it you can read about it here:

A lot of lesbians were sort of shocked by the Cotton Ceiling- a series of closed-to-females seminars designed for transgender males to tackle the “problem” of lesbian refusal to have sex with males. Lesbians were shocked, but not surprised. Dykes had long been aware of the male takeover of lesbian spaces- it’s been going on for years. Every public womon-space, from book groups to dances to music festivals to record companies to bars has witnessed the “transition” of the same creepy straight dudes who imposed themselves and haunted, sentry-like, the corners of our spaces,  into “transwomen” who now claimed they “were” lesbians…..

It happened incrementally. First some male would show up in women’s space woefully in his earrings and afghan, speaking in his soft falsetto. Lesbians, like most women socialized to be care-taking and non-confrontational, did not have the heart to kick him out. The air in the room changed with his presence. Women did not talk and joke in their usual relaxed manner. He didn’t know the difference. But the women did. They hoped he would not return. But he always did. Of course he did.

Gradually women’s meetings and groups stopped being advertised. They were moved to private homes. Public dances became private house parties. Women’s bars, record companies, spas, festivals, book stores closed. Lesbian websites were taken over until they were all run by “male lesbians”. Inch by inch, yard by yard, real lesbian culture went underground, private, smaller. Cultural pundits speculated this happened because we were integrating into the larger society where homosexuality was no longer taboo. Integrate! Integrate! Integrate! Who needs womon-space anyway? It will always be there if we want it. But inch by inch, yard by yard, men took over. Until it actually wasn’t there if we wanted it. Until we actually weren’t allowed to have lesbian space: women’s space. Malesprotested lesbian space, often physically.

They tried to shut down Michfest Womyn’s Music Festival by setting up an occupation where men (“male lesbians”) slashed tires, cut water lines, terrorized women by stalking the perimeter with illegal weapons, and blanketed the festival with pictures of their dicks inscribed with the phrase “A hot load from my monstrous tranny-cock embodies womanhood more than the pieces of menstral [sic] art your transphobic cunts could ever hope to create”. Transgender “male lesbians” tried to shut down rape crisis services. They tried to shut down the Take Back The Night marches. Male transgender “lesbians”, ten years ahead of the curve of real women in internet access and organizing, formed attack groups against lesbian and feminist websites and news outlets long before most real women even knew how to get online. They attacked lesbians at Dyke Marches carrying banners stating that homosexuality is “wrong”.

Anti-Lesbian Dyke March protest: “Gender is Greater Than Genitals”: Accept the Male Genitals you dumb dykes!!!

A male transgender named Ida (formerly Daniel) Hammer forced his way onto the organizing committee of NYC Dyke March even though he was partnered with another male. He then proceeded to organize a posse of other men and non-lesbians to surround and threaten lesbian feminists who were targeted for their history of advocating for lesbian gatherings and events without men. Hetero male trans successfully had lesbian films removed from film festivals (before they had even viewed them). They wrote to book publishers calling for censorship of lesbian feminist books that had not yet been published- or written. They joined forces with the same anti-woman“Men’s Rights” groups that Anders Behring Breivik was a member of to shut down feminist seminars. They stalked and harassed any women who performed or attended lesbian or women’s festivals or conferences and tried to get them blacklisted from other venues. They tried to destroy vendors servicing lesbian events. And the rape and death threats. Holy shit. The death threats, the stalking.

My first post here at GenderTrender never even mentioned trans but I had my first death threat from a “male lesbian” within 5 minutes of posting. Any post, any gathering, any group, any seminar, for lesbians or from a lesbian or female perspective will be assaulted immediately by heterosexual males that fancy themselves as “lesbian”. The lesbian community is ground zero for the men’s movement we call transgenderism because the number one goal and priority of the gender movement is the elimination of lesbian voices and culture…..

Reinforce the Cotton Ceiling:

“Apparently, there are some “trans women” who feel that they are entitled to sex with natural-born women. It make them very angry, frustrated and…well…angry that lesbians don’t want to have sex with them. This is all rooted in their firmly-held belief that — despite their male bodies, male DNA, male genitalia, etc. — they are REAL women and REAL lesbians. Ergo, any natural-born female who is a lesbian OUGHT to want to have sex with them.

These “trans women” look in their mirror and say, “I’m pretty, I’m a woman, I’m a lesbian, I want to have sex with THEM, why oh why won’t they have sex with me?”

If they bother to ask the question out loud (or on-line) to a natural-born female lesbian, she will say (of course) in so many words: “I’m a lesbian. I don’t have sex with men.”

This (of course) holds a HUGE mirror up in the faces of “trans women”. Simply by saying, “I’m a lesbian. I don’t have sex with men.” lesbians are also saying:

1) I don’t buy in to the myth that you are a REAL woman;

2) I don’t buy in to the myth that you are a REAL lesbian;

3) I don’t find your MALE body sexually attractive — at all — because I’m not sexually attracted to men; and

4) My sexual attraction to women is unassailable. There is nothing you can say, nothing you can do, no amount of surgery, make-up, elocution lessons, hormones, shoes, clothes, electrolysis, whatever that will change you into a person I would consider having sex with because…I’m a lesbian and you’re a man.

Men don’t like unassailable women. Unassailable women piss them off.

So. If you Google “the cotton ceiling” you’ll discover that some “trans women” ignited a storm of criticism directed at the Toronto branch of Planned Parenthood by organizing a workshop designed to teach other “trans women” how to “overcome the cotton ceiling” — with “the cotton ceiling” being lesbian panties (how rape-y is that?) — and the workshop (exclusively for males who identify as “trans women” who want to have sex with real women)  took place anyway, despite quite a bit of feminist objection and the VERY dim view that psychologically healthy women take of Planned Parenthood enabling workshops to teach men strategies for “overcoming” the sexual preference of lesbians.

The usual level of discourse one expects from “trans women” followed (lying about what really happened, death threats, violent hate-speech against feminists, histrionics about being The Most Oppressed Women On Earth, yada-yada) and here we are.

I recommend that every natural-born woman carefully examine the record of this entire debacle. I think any intelligent reader of the public (on-line) record will be left with little doubt that “trans women” as a group have never been and will never be allies, supporters or appropriate bed-partners for women. Whatever in the heck is wrong with these people (!) they are rendered incapable of seeing the truth:

However much they obsess about women, they will never, ever understand women and they will never, ever BE women.”

We’re all familiar with “The Cotton Ceiling” whereby heterosexual male transgenders advocate for the corrective rape of lesbians who “oppress” them by denying them sexual contact. Transgender cotton ceiling rapists hold male-only (Planned Parenthood sponsored) seminars, writebooks, host lecture tours, and endlessly spam lesbian websites and blogs with rape and murder threats over lack of male “inclusion” in lesbian social gatherings, lesbian organizing, lesbian events, lesbian music festivals, and – most importantly- lesbian bedrooms.

We never see homosexual male transgenders (M2T) hold seminars, write books, and spam rape and murder threats towards straight men who prefer not to have sexual contact with other men.

We never see homosexual female transgenders (F2T) hold seminars, write books, and spam rape and death threats towards straight women who prefer not to have sexual contact with other women.

“Transgender sex disorders are the leading indicator of criminal sexual behavior.”

The title “Fuck You, Kill You, Or Be You” is a quote from this man, who is such a woman. He says, about his doctor husband’s 23-year-old daughter:

“I irrationally hate this girl. I mean, not in the way most women hate other women, like admiring her proportions, wishing they were mine, that kind of thing. It’s almost like, “I fucking hate you because you got the life I always wanted.” It’s not a pass/don’t pass thing. She got the life I always wanted. The princess bedroom. The prom dress.

Seeing her is such a trigger for me. Like I said, my physical transformation is done. I’m usually pretty happy. My life is great. But when I see this girl I get so angry, and it’s a mix of what I said above and these overwhelming desires just to have angry, passionate sex with her.

I love football, but I couldn’t even enjoy the game. When I got home, I cried in the shower for about half an hour.God… The “Do I want to fuck you, kill you or be you?” envyragecrush. Yeah, that’s a thing. Not even just a trans thing, though I think we’ve probably got some special self-loathing twists of our own that we can put on it.

The only cure I know of is getting drunk, listening to Bikini Kill at high volume and dancing around in your underwear.

Reality test: Do you feel sorry for him or scared enough to hope you never meet him?

How many women who are trying to support men posing as women are getting raped?

The Gender of Rape

(obvious trigger warning)

Before I went on testosterone, I (thought I) became good friends with a trans woman. We met through the trans activist group on campus, and we started hanging out outside of the group because we seemed to have so much in common, despite the fact that “she” was about 35 and I was 20. I had been socially transitioning for about a year. “She” had been on estrogen for a few months, or something less than a year I think. We talked about trans issues a lot. “She” validated my pain over my parents disowning me and how it felt to be misgendered all the time and listened to me when I was suicidal. I saw us as having mirrored problems even though I realize now that we were in two very different situations. I trusted “her.”

At some point in the friendship, Z (the MTF) started sending me explicit texts letting me know that “she” was interested in me. I had no idea how to deal with that, so I just deflected “her” advances. I assumed “she” would stop after multiple “no”s, excuses, and a complete lack of interest in anything beyond friendship. I was afraid to be too harsh, because I didn’t want to hurt “her” feelings. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I couldn’t risk losing my main source of support, the one person who “understood” my problems and treated me like a man. No one else offered the same level of sympathy for my transsexuality, not even my girlfriend. No one else was willing to drive me an hour to the only other trans meeting in the area, or stay with me when my dysphoria got so painful I thought I needed to die. 

I called myself pansexual at the time, because that’s practically mandatory from inside the Gender Fog, and I also had been taught to see Z as nothing other than a woman. I felt guilty for my wary gut feelings about Z’s sex and had to overcompensate by validating “her” identity through trust that wasn’t earned and just giving “her” the benefit of the doubt. Not only did I have to treat “her” as a woman, but I had to navigate the friendship as a man would. There was no room for feeling threatened or listening to my feelings or for risking being transphobic. My subconscious unease about trying to see Z as female was negated by the fact that I thought gender shouldn’t matter and therefore attraction was based on the person, not the genitals. Either way, there was no way to rule Z out of being a potential date without my politics being questioned. If “she” was not at least a potential sexual partner for me, then I was a transmisogynist. Seeing this person as a woman meant not seeing Z as a threat, and even seeing myself as the person in a position of power because I identified as a man.

One night, Z came over after the trans group. My girlfriend was at the library and I was expecting her back sometime soon. Z cornered me multiple times, moving in, trying to kiss me. I kept telling Z that my girlfriend would be back soon and that she would be pissed if Z didn’t back off. I kept washing the dishes, not responding physically, attempting to change the subject. Z kept coming up behind me, putting “her” arms around me, whispering in my ear. I kept trying to move, but Z was much bigger and stronger and I didn’t want to start a physical struggle. I was trying to play calm even though I was very anxious.

At some point I left to go to the bathroom and when I came out Z cornered me further back in the apartment – in the bedroom. I was very uncomfortable, minimally responsive, and I said “no” in every way I could think of, making excuses in-between Z’s creepy advances. Even still, I didn’t want to hurt “her” feelings (cough-female socialization-cough.) Maybe I thought that somehow my identity could still be a shield.

It was all just a game to Z. “She” laughed off my protests. “She” tripped me down onto the mattress on the floor. “She” raped me.

Later, Z wrote an account of the events on “her” blog. Everything was backwards in Z’s version: I, the “man,” was the one making the advances. “She” quoted “her” words as mine. “She” presented “herself” as the passive sexual partner, and me as aggressive and dominant and pushy. Z wrote out the coercive atmosphere as erotica. Even the basic physical logistics were reversed.

The only detail that Z left out of the reversal was the part where the female in the situation fears being pregnant while waiting for her late period for a week.

This was not the only time Z hurt me. I continued to stay “friends” with “her” because I was isolated and I had a lot of needs I couldn’t meet. The mindfuck continued, because I was without language for “her” violence. “She” turned everything inside-out and defined what was real in many ways. When I initially saw Z’s account of the sexual encounter online, I just felt crazy. The violation escalated and went on for months.

For the next couple years, I struggled with this mental knot that could not be straightened out with the politically correct language or ideas. The aftermath was painful and difficult and I tried to find the words for what happened, but I had none within the trans paradigm. I was a “man” and “she” was a “woman.” I kept going around and around, but my brain was just locked in this wordless puzzle. I read online about cis men being “raped” by cis women, but that was not like what Z did to me. I wasn’t able to unravel this or tell anyone what really happened until I started moving out of the trans gender fog.

I have been afraid of saying anything even after finally understanding the reality of being raped by an MTF, because my words and my truth will inevitably be questioned. I wanted to write out part of my experience with this to add to the all-but-non-existent record of MTFs as dangerous men.

I never knew that this was a pattern with MTFs violating FTMs until I started talking to women who had left the trans community. I cannot identify out of rape. I was not a man when I was being fucked by this person using “her” dick as a weapon. I held no power. The trans ideology takes away my only way to portray this situation for what it was: another man hurting a woman. Rape is about power, and men hold power. Gender politics scramble the sexed pattern of violence.

Gender kept me from knowing what I already knew. I was more vulnerable to Z’s assault because defending myself would be twisted around as “male” privilege and transmisogyny, just like being raped was twisted around into being a typical sexually-aggressive “male.”

Gender isn’t some theoretical spectrum. When trans women talk about what it means to feel like a woman, this is what I think of: rape I am not allowed to even speak of. This is what it feels like to be a woman. Being FTM didn’t change the reality of sex-based violence for me, and the MTF who hurt me is no outlier. He is just another rapist.

Olympia WA School Officials: State Gender Identity provision overrides Title IX Equality for Girls Swim Teams

October 7, 2012

Two Washington State high-school Girls Swim Teams were stripped of their Federal Title IX rights by Olympia Washington School officials after the teens and their parents refused to allow the girls to shower with a middle-aged retired military man calling himself Colleen. The man was discovered in the women’s sauna by a high-school teen girls swim team. Parents refused to let their minor girls undress in front of him. As a result, local school officials have forced the girls into a small ancillary locker room space and given use of the women’s locker room to the male….

Francis, a white heterosexual male, compares his right to undress among juvenile girls to the Black Civil Rights Movement:

 “This is not 1959 Alabama. We don’t call police for drinking from the wrong water fountain,” said Francis.”

Colleen Francis is a 45 year old man who retired from the US Army after 20 years as a supply sergeant. Married three times, he has three adult children and two daughters aged 7 and 5. His cross-sex hormones are provided by VA Medical, as well as a cocktail of psychiatric meds, lithium and antabuse prescribed for a troubling history that he details at length on a blog at the “Transgender Lesbian Space”of the puddygirl dating site for women. He says he is known as “Fae Raven” (not to be confused with the UK fetish model of the same name) in the “BDSM Community” and describes himself as:

“I am polyamorous, bisexual (I very much favor women though, and my therapist calls me a lesbian…makes me smile) and kinky.”

He describes his VA funded estrogen treatments as making him “tired and very horny”

The VA also funds his education at Olympia WA Evergreen State College. Francis performed in the university presentation of Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues”, an experience he describes on his wordpress blog thusly:  I suddenly find myself in a community of Cunts.”

 He lists his life interests as: “drawing, cooking, transgender issues,polyamory, witchcraft, nature, fishing, art, poetry, ocean, women, sex, sexuality, emotions, magic, magick, goddess, reading, erotica, pornography, nudity, crafting, leatherwork, firearms, knives, swords, paganism, wicca, LGBT issues, beauty, gender issues, kink, spirituality, guns, makeup, shoes, boots, corsets, selkies” [sic]

and describes himself as at once a teen girl and a woman wise beyond her years.”

He says the first thing people notice about him is “I obviously stand out as the one who is not a genetic female.”

Colleen Francis 2012

“Transwoman” fights for experience of living in all-girls dorm

January 15, 2011


A 51 year old male, medically discharged from the Navy in 2008 “Went over to the female side they kicked me out” has decided to change his legal sex and has applied to live in the only all-girl dorm on the South West Texas Junior College Ulvade campus. John Brigman, now Jennifer Gellar says although he has a home in Ulvade he wants to “experience dorm life” in the only female dorm on campus. Gellar had a harassment complaint filed with police against him last march by one of the female students over an unfinished group project.  According to KSAT news: “Now undergoing counseling, Gellar also said she has not lost her temper since the other student “made me blow up a little bit and I started yelling at her.” Police Chief McDonald said Gellar was not charged because she later avoided that student as instructed by police.”

The teenage girls in the dorm are frightened “You have to kind of trust who your roommate is if you want to stay in that dorm, and I really don’t trust her. It’s not even about gender. She’s built like a man so automatically he’s going to be stronger than any of us.” They cited concerns about Gellar arising from the harassment incident with their friend. “I kind of blew up on her on that, but I never did touch her or anything, it was all words” the 51 year old Navy vet responded.

The girls also question why Gellar would want to live in their dorm when he has a home in Ulvade. “Basically so I can experience dorm life”, he stated.

“I’m just wishing that people would accept me for who I am.”

After deliberation, today Gellar was denied housing in the female dorm, and also limited to use of men’s restroom on campus. According to college spokesman Willie Edwards “Due to privacy concerns, we cannot go into the reasons behind this decision.”

Gellar’s response: ““Who said anything about it being over! Because of these girls, I’m now receiving national coverage. KSAT has done two stories on me, Uvalde Leader News has interviewed me and it should be in the Sunday paper, CNN and ABC is about to do a story on me; so who said it’s over! Those girls are making me famous!”
“I also forgot to mention that KTSA will do a live interview with me on Monday at 12:30″

“I do like attention, even if it is negative”

“Remember I’m now getting national exsposure just because of those sweet girls. Now I will become a household name.”


Wasn’t GLAAD supposed to be an organization that supported Lesbians and Gay men?  Aren’t Lesbians donating to GLAAD?

GLAAD celebrates a new LGBT hero on their website today: a heterosexual 50 year-old, six-foot-eight, 230 lb man embarking on his women’s junior college basketball career after having his California birth certificate changed to “female” on November 30.


ludwig 1

Five days ago Robert Ludwig was just a man with a dream. Since Friday, he has “become female”. Five days ago Robert was a past-his-prime male athlete. Today he is a “female” athlete embarking on a new career.

GLAAD (Gay and LESBIAN Alliance Against Defamation) champions the rights of middle-aged men to compete against 18 year-old female athletes in women’s sports, as long as those men have declared strong internalized beliefs in sex-based stereotypes.

ludwig 2

GLAAD strongly supports the rights of 50 year old heterosexual men to live out their fantasies parlaying male musculature into careers in women’s sports thirty years past their prime: but only if those men voluntarily adopt the sex-based stereotypes that are enforced without consent upon females. This is because GLAAD believes such sex-based stereotypes actually make women female. GLAAD does not support title IX rights for female persons, because GLAAD does not believe the female sex exists. Further, GLAAD does not believe in the worldwide reality of sex-based oppression of females, and actively lobbies against the rights of females to organize, meet, and compete based on sex. Instead, GLAAD believes in sex-roles. Blue is for boys, Pink is for girls.

In the USA Today article that GLAAD applauds, their hero Gabrielle Ludwig refers to the 18 to 20 year-old young women on the Mission College basketball team as “a bunch of dysfunctional lesbians”.

Ludwig goes on in the same article to dismiss a female player’s complaint that it is unfair that he is eligible to compete against her. He states: “They have been in this world 18 measly years. This 18 year old has not the slightest clue what life is about. It’s when they grow up. If that comment came from someone like you [male reporter Eric Prisbell] , that would sting and I would need to find a home for that comment.

The twice divorced father is an 8 year Navy and Desert Storm veteran now working as a Genetic Systems Engineer at Roche Molecular Diagnostics in Silicon Valley. Robert takes 12 credits of online community college coursework in order to qualify for the team. From the Mission College website: “We have excellent transfer programs and general education courses that will promote your journey to four year institutions and prepare you for higher level learning whether it is the California State System, the University System or a Private University. We also have exemplary signature programs that help to prepare you for the work force in many areas: Nursing, Fire Technology, Hospitality Management, and many others. Mission can provide classes that will catch you up in math, English, ESL or other areas that provide foundational skills to serve you in any future courses.”

GLAAD’s hero Gabrielle/ Robert John Ludwig played men’s college basketball 33 years ago. California Community College Athletic Association’s bylaws limit undergraduate athletes to two years of competition, but Robert’s time spent competing as a man was erased because it applied only to his male athletic career, not his “female” one.

What does the team coach think? From the Silicon Valley Mercury News: “In time,” said Corey Cafferata, her coach, “she will be the most dangerous player in the state.” “I think at 6-foot-8, if she does some work,” Cafferata said, “I don’t see why the WNBA wouldn’t draft her and give her a shot.”  

There is no requirement, a league spokesman said, for a WNBA player to be born female.

This Week in Men Shitting All Over Women’s Sports

November 2, 2011

Chris Tina Foxx Bruce is a failed bodybuilder, unable to qualify in male competition. He is also the latest crossdressing dude who thinks a brow-shave and some breast implants entitle him to shit all over female athletes by using forty years of testosteroned musculature and male frame to compete against females in, what else? Musculature. The 6 foot 1 inch father of two had to drop 40 pounds of muscle in order to qualify for entry into the Border States Classic Bodybuilding competition on Oct. 29th. I was too lazy to look for pictures, and as far as I could tell with a cursory search, he didn’t place in his first competition. This contest is a low grade physique competition which is more like a “fitness stripper” sort of display. These contests are highly policed for enforced sexualized femininity, which explains his interest. Nonetheless, this is yet another example of failed male middle aged athletes embarking on late-in-life competitive sports careers courtesy of women’s sports.

Contrary to the claims of Genderist advocacy organizations such as the National Center For Lesbian Rights (a former Lesbian advocacy organization now representing heterosexual males), males who take estrogen for a year or two don’t become female. Which is why we see guys like CTFB launching sports careers in middle age by exploiting female athletes. A legacy started by Renee Richards, who started a professional tennis career in his forties in women’s tennis after failing to qualify for men’s competition. (He now says that he was wrong to do so, and he is against transgender males competing in female sports).


Another real woman:

Reed Barrow: Stop Making Rape and Death Threats Against Lesbians, Feminists and Gays

July 26, 2012

hai, this battery pack leads to something up my ass.

Unbelievably creepy scary dude Reed Barrow aka Forrest Reed Barrow aka SissyKrystalTG, aka Sissy Krystal aka Sissy Reed Barrow aka SissyKrystalHot aka RedheadTransgenderedFox has been sending out threatening rape messages to women on Tumblr ALL NIGHT LONG.

Here is a small sample of his handiwork:

Barrow, 55, of Whitby Island in Clinton WA describes himself thusly:

“I’ve been Transgendered since 3 years old and this uniqueness I’ve been Blessed with has followed me thru my whole life. Most people aren’t sure what to think of Transgendered people or are scared of us, only because they have never been educated to the third gender ( Transgender ). I’m just like you in every since, except I enjoy dressing and being a female as often as i can, and I’m a complete sissy when I’m dressed.”

Under his real name, posting the same phone number that he uses for his business That Handy Man Guy (who the fuck would let this person into their home!) he describes how he trash picks used tampons and menstrual pads, sticks tampons up his ass, and dumpster-dives for soiled baby diapers whichhethen wears for his twisted erotic satisfaction…..

Reed haunting children’s playground.



He posts tons of photos of “the uniqueness he’s been blessed with” wearing pedomorphic female children’s undergarments and clothing and expresses his desire to publicly humiliate himself by adopting the clothing and mannerisms that he imagines young female children might enjoy. He considers himself as something of a minor “transgender celebrity” in the local Everett WA area where he haunts children’s playgrounds seeking attention from horrified young girls. This gives him erections, which he is very proud to discuss at every opportunity, under his real name online, as part of his “transgender rights”.

“..almost every person in the Seattle area knows that I’m a sissy baby and it has even spread to other states. Everyone tells 2 friends etc. etc.

so now every!! place I go people I’ve never met hold there nose when they see me. I never! poop in my diapers and I only pee in them. At first I was very bothered by the pointing and laughing, but as time has gone by I’m glad everyone knows I’m a sissy baby and I now go out in public all the time wearing the cutest sissy dresses you ever saw and I’m always wearing Pampers Cruisers 7t and nursery print plastic pants that you can very clearly see under my very short sissy dresses and petticoats.

No one has ever tried to hurt me yet! but I do get pointed at and laught at everywhere I go ,even in boy mode with no diapers on. And surprisingly very few people call me names, most people just tell me how cute I look and how pretty my dresses are. OK so I personally love the attention now! “

Under his real name, posting the same phone number that he uses for his business That Handy Man Guy (who the fuck would let this person into their home!) he describes how he trash picks used tampons and menstrual pads, sticks tampons up his ass, and dumpster-dives for soiled baby diapers which he then wears for his twisted erotic satisfaction.

Transwoman warrior

A Member of My Family Decided That He Was “Really A Woman”

‘Narcissus’ by Caravaggio 1597-99

A woman’s comment at GenderTrender:

I cannot believe I found this site! I’ve been reading the archives for a day and a half now, practically crying with joy that I’m not the only woman in the world who feels this way.

I’m not actually a radical feminist; I’m kind of not really a feminist at all (nor am I Christian). In fact, it never occurred to me that there was anything radical or “fringe” in, for example, thinking, “How do *you* know what being a woman feels like?” when a man claims he’s “felt like a woman all his life.” I never thought it was somehow radical to look back at my life and be insulted that some man who never dealt with any of the issues or situations in life that I or any/most/all other women dealt with thinks he knows what that was like, or in the idea that a woman is a collection of life experiences, feelings, and thoughts and not some sort of doll that is created out of the air. I was born a female; _growing up_ female made me a woman. When Julie Burchill wrote her column a few years ago I was thrilled, only to see other women–friends, some of whom were feminists, some of whom were lesbians, even–denigrating her. I agreed with every word she said.

I’m going to try to keep this short. I don’t want to drown you in words. But a member of my family–my stepfather-in-law–decided about fifteen years ago that he was “really” a woman. He claimed to have gotten tests that “proved” this. The effect it had on my MIL was devastating, not least because he had for years led her to believe that all of their problems, sexual and otherwise, were HER fault. That she was somehow inadequate as a woman, that she was unexciting, that she was too sensitive, that she just didn’t have the brains and sharp killer instincts of a man. Then he decided to be a “woman,” and fully expected her to stay married to him. He was very angry that she refused; what was wrong with her, that she wasn’t supporting him by remaining his wife and letting him stay in their marital home and teaching him how to apply make-up? Did she think she had a right not to be forced into a lesbian marriage (nothing wrong with lesbian marriage, of course, but it’s not really what most hetero women look for) or something?

All of this was infuriating for my husband and myself, as well as the FIL’s two children–his son moved to another country, he was so devastated by this. My FIL didn’t care. He’d run out and gotten himself hormones and told us how he felt so good all the time, almost high, and it was so amazing–it was less than six months after he made the decision and he’d already had the facial feminization surgery. He also decided that he didn’t feel like waiting the two years for the full reassignment surgery, so went to his elderly mother, convinced her to hand over the money that would be his inheritance (money my MIL was supposed to get an equal share of), and ran off to Prague to become a castrato with boobs. He then changed his name to one of the most stereotypical drag queen names you’ve ever heard (hint: it’s the name of a song mentioned in this thread, with a “St. ___” as the last name) and proceeded to meet up online with a bunch of other unsavory delusionists, with whom he’d go clubbing almost every night in full drag-queen-feminine-caricature regalia.

What’s funny–if by “funny” you mean “disgusting”–is that his behavior hasn’t changed one iota. There is nothing feminine about him, nothing womanly. He mansplains; he interrupts; he corrects; he expects my MIL (they have remained friends, and he goes to her place regularly for dinner) to cook for him and clean up after while he snores on her couch; he thinks everyone admires him. He thinks his mutilation and pseudo-woman persona makes him special and interesting.

(In the last year or two his health has begun to fail, and he at least once told my MIL he regrets the surgery. Well, that’s what happens when you decide indulging a sex fetish is going to fix all the things you don’t like about yourself as a person. It’s called gender reassignment surgery, not create-a-whole-new-person surgery. There’s a reason why a 2011 Swedish study found that 40% of post-op transexuals attempt suicide, and 10% of them succeed. Also, all those studies they like to trot out about the brains of M2T transgenders [did I use the term correctly?] being just like those of real women? Not only is that not completely accurate, but those were cadaver brains, the brains of dead post-op post-hormone transgenders. Who’s to say that years of hormones didn’t create those changes?)

It’s very clear to me and has been for years that this whole “woman trapped in a man’s body” thing is either a fetish or a psychological disorder/problem caused by childhood abuse. And I have more to say on that but this is already way too long, for which I apologize. I’m just so excited to finally be able to say this!

Oh, one last quick thing. Years ago I saw this TV documentary on trans surgery. I was absolutely dumbfounded when the post-op M2T mentions how he won’t know how it all turns out until he “pees out of his new vagina.” (Happens @40 minutes in.)

He’s just had surgery to give him a poor facsimile of ladyparts, and he is so ignorant about them that he thinks women urinate through their vaginas. THIS is how irresponsible and neglectful the doctors who “treat” these people are; they have mutilated his genitals without even once sitting him down with a diagram and showing him what a woman’s vulva actually looks like and what the parts of it do. He wants to be a woman–he claims he *is* a woman “inside”–but has so little curiosity, so little interest in the reality of a woman’s body, that he never bothered to learn for himself, either. It’s not like that information isn’t readily available; he just didn’t care enough, it seems, to take a few minutes to see what those genitals he apparently feels so wrong and sick without actually are. Because yeah, no real woman has any interest in what her genitals do. Roll eyes. Did he think the doctor was just going to fashion his skin into a sexy unicorn?

Anyway. Sorry for the length, and I hope I haven’t offended or upset you or jumped in where I’m not welcome. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read here so much. Thank you for letting me comment and for the stand you’re taking here.


Gas Mark Six

Here’s something I wrote when I was asked to speak alongside Sheila Jeffreys, who was speaking about her book “Gender Hurts”, about how transgenderism harms women. In the end, I didn’t say all this, but for those of you who are interested, here it is..

“For the longest of time I told no-one. It is only in the past few years that I have found the words to describe my experience. Thank you, Sheila Jeffreys, and the Radical Feminist community of bloggers for the gift of words.

I used to have an online friend (also a partner of a man who thought he was a woman) who likened the experience of being partnered to a transgender to the frog who is put into the pot of water and the heat gradually turned up till cooked – a deliberate programme of de-sensitisation as each limit is compromised or ignored, and each line in the sand crossed by these men in their “journey”. Another woman once told me that “You give a tranny an inch, he will take a mile”…how true that turned out to be.

When I first met him, he spoke to me about what he called his “strong feminine side”. He confided in me that he was an occasional transvestite and that it had ruined a few relationships where girlfriends had inadvertently “found out”, or had rejected him when he told them. He told me he had a very low sex drive and instead preferred to just cuddle and kiss. That he felt more comfortable around women. He told me that he DIDN’T WANT TO BECOME A WOMAN, that he didn’t know where the urge to “dress” came from, other than a need to express what he felt were his “feminine feelings” and an attraction to pretty things. He told me he had been doing this since he was about 11 or 12….remember that detail.

I felt special that he would confide this in me.

It was only later that I realised that he considered those conversations as “GIRL TALK”. He likes “girl talk”.

I couldn’t really grasp those “feminine feelings” he spoke of, since I had never really experienced my sense of self in that way. I thought women who bought into it were un-informed – certainly none of my friends were like that. I hadn’t worn heels since I was a teenager. I never wore make up. I was a conscientious objector to the femininity game.

But I believed at the time that these guys are living proof that GENDER IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT. Men and women should be able to wear whatever they want, without the silly distinction of ”male clothes” or “female” clothes. To hell with gender norms….I thought it could be “edgy” and “alternative”.

Within a few weeks of him moving in, I realised that this was much, much more than just an occasional bout of self-expression for him. It was obsessive, and it had an ENORMOUS sexual component. Dressing episodes (which were at least three or four times a week) were invariably followed by “sex” (which consisted of me masturbating him by rubbing his tucked penis as he lay on his back squeezing his fake tits). On top of that, I often walked in on him masturbating. The mirror in my bedroom was moved to his side of the bed…

There wasn’t a time when he “dressed” and didn’t get an erection. Even after he started taking internet bought hormones. If anything, the thought that he was chemically transforming himself into “a woman”, held immense erotic charge for him.

He was a textbook autogynophile.

It transpired that he was also a “submissive” – a very common component of this particular paraphilia – and that nothing got him off more than being “forced” to be “a woman”. Of course “woman” meant submissive, passive, always “willing to please”…..He would work this into our “sex life” either overtly or covertly.

After a time, it was impossible to ignore that I was no more than a prop in this game. I could have been anyone really. I didn’t even have to exist. As significant as a gravy stain on the table. Many of the women I spoke to in what limited support groups I could find complained of the same thing. Not just the sex part, but the entire being invisible part, and a deafness to *OUR* needs, views, or opinions.

I discovered that he was an obsessive user of porn, particularly “shemale” porn, and BDSM fare. I had been very clear with him about my opinions on porn, and was sickened when he tried to get me to participate in looking at these men.

Time and again he would promise to stop, only to be discovered again. He would swing between crying and begging forgiveness and bold-facedly challenging me, saying it was ME that had a problem, that no-body else thought like me, ridiculing my objections and my politics, or telling me that I was paranoid, – even though the evidence was staring me right in the face.

He had no intention of stopping. A lot of his behaviours seemed compulsive, obsessive.

I discovered that he was using dating and sexual hook-up sites, saying that he was a full-time transsexual, going through the Real Life Test, willing to relocate anywhere for the right lady (of any gender – wink, wink). There was no end to his inventiveness when it came to lying about who he really is.

Using his smartphone, he created an online world for himself by inventing a fictitious life. I discovered that he had a secret Facebook profile, and scores of photographs of himself in varying degrees of undress– I am convinced that trannies invented that selfie – and that he had a coterie of dozens and dozens of young women between the ages of 17 and 24 who believed that he was a full-time transsexual, single, and struggling with finding a job in this cruel discriminatory society. He had a fictitious home life, fictitious job or non-job, a fictitious social life and fictitious friends. He even fabricated a “trans bashing” – this, I found particularly repulsive.

He loved sympathy and attention, and “validation” – even if it meant lying and manipulating to get it. The young women were so “Go girl!” and “Awww poor you”, toward him. Some of them called him “big sis” and took their problems to him. Otherwise it was giggly conversations about clothes and what colour to die their hair that week, musings about becoming a stripper or a fetish model, and complaining about getting “slut shamed”.

Oh yes, he liked his women faux feminist to match his faux existence.

I was outraged that he would be so bold-facedly lie to these young women and demanded that he STOP. He cried, saying , “But these are my frieeeends…”. Ignoring the fact who THEY thought was their friend is A WORK OF FICTION.

Then again, it’s not as if women are actually *real* to these men.

Of course he didn’t stop. It carried on as if I hadn’t said anything. Even the several times I asked him to leave were ignored.

He would just get up the next day as if nothing had been said.

I felt I was being driven insane.

My sense of self, and my belief that I was entitled to set limits or boundaries was gradually eroded as the TRANS STUFF came to dominate and shape every corner of my life. I never knew where or when the next assault to my psyche was going to come, and so I existed for a long time in a state of hyper vigilance. That is, until such time as my ability to dissociate kicked in.

I know from observing trans support groups that many of these men say, “My wife is fine with it – she just doesn’t want to talk about it or see it”.

Many women are surviving through disassociation.

Let’s not forget that a well-orchestrated and financed propaganda machine surrounds these men. It has the effect of silencing not just those of us who oppose on ideological principles, but all women who are within these relationships who question the idea that these men are ” women trapped inside men’s bodies “, or who’s lives have been ripped apart by these men.

I know from bitter experience of reaching out, that the primary concern is for the welfare of the trans partner, who must never be questioned as the most oppressed creature to walk this planet.

This is a double whammy to those women experiencing abuse, intensive gaslighting, and erasure of their right to name their reality and to set boundaries. Thee is no such thing as a line in the sand when it comes to trans desire. He gota have what he gotta have.

Even within mainstream services, support for female partners is tempered by the need to be sensitive to the needs of the transgender partner, and to avoid being seen as discriminatory. My doctor was happy to give me anti-depressants, but les happy to countenance the idea that what I was being put through was abuse.

Increasingly, statistics on DV within same sex partnerships count the trans partner as “female”. There is an invisiblising of male violence within these relationships, and women are suffering as a consequence. We are silenced. We are shamed. We are ereased.

A Scottish Government funded survey carried out by the Scottish Transgender Alliance (funded by the Scottish Government since 2007), is often cited as evidence of how very bad it is for trans women, who would appear to experience rates of abuse higher than actual women. Apparently a small, self-selecting sample is no barrier to credibility, nor is the fact that one of the crireria for abuse included “misgendering”. It is of no surprise to me that some women (partnered to a man for some years) might slip up occasionally and forget to call their Steven “Stephanie”, yet this is a heineous act of abuse – apparently. Yet there are no surveys I am aware of, of abuse perpetrated *by* trans “women in relationships. I find this a telling omission.

It often feels like no one want’s to hear the woman’s story.

For example, at one point (as a means to at least get him to LISTEN to my distress) I begged him to seek relationship counselling with me. Apart from the fact that he used the trips to the counsellor as an exciting opportunity to dress in public, and spent more time stressing about what to wear (sometimes even buying entire new outfits), than any time in self-reflection, the counsellor spent an inordinate amount of time focusing on MY inability to “accept” rather than on HIS behaviour .

In one session she grasped on to an incident of “misgendering” that had happened in her presence (I had said something like “Why can’t he understand?”). He had fled from the room in a dramatic tizzy of tears. She stated to me in a firm voice that she is prohibited from working with couples where there is domestic abuse. In other words, I was being accused of being an abuser. This almost drove me mad with pain and self-doubt …what if it really is me? Am *I* an abuser?

I can’t begin to describe the pain this caused me. I carried that comment with me for months.

I refused to go back. He was disappointed that his daylight trips outdoors with his repulsive “cleavage” showing were curtailed. However it did give him an excuse to now appropriate the identity of “abused woman”.    Sickening.

I was started to drop or loose female friends. I would be hesitant about going out with them or inviting them over: particularly with him around. He would laugh and giggle with them and I knew that in his head he was imagining he was having “GIRL TALK” with them, and the fact that *they didn’t know* that they were unwittingly playing a part in his fantasy life made me feel nauseous, and guilty, so I stopped meeting female friends with him around.

Then I pretty much stopped seeing female friends at all, since when I tried to go anywhere without him, (telling him that it was “women friends only ”), he would pout and huff and often cry, “It’s because I have a penis, isn’t it?”. When I was away from him he would text and phone me constantly. When I got in he was nasty to me.

I was growing afraid of him.

It was easier just to forget about having friends.

So my world became smaller and smaller as his “exploration of his feminine side” took up more and more space until there was little room left for anything else. It dominated every conversation and extended to physical space too. By the time he left, my clothes storage was down to half a drawer and a box under the window.

Even everyday purchases were fraught with meaning and reminders of my erasure. I remember having an argument in Superdrug over toothbrushes. There was only one pink toothbrush left, and I don’t know what came over me but I decided that fuck him, I am having the pink toothbrush. He “helpfully” pointed out the purple ones, and the blue ones that matched the bathroom. But no. I was having the pink one and I was going to win this tiny victory even if all the shop assistants were looking at me like I had lost my marbles.

We needed a phone. He said he would take care of it. That he had seen just what we needed. He came home with this….


I couldn’t bear to bring it up to my ear. My flesh crawled very time it rang.

I thought that perhaps if he had an outlet, the lies and stuff would stop. Lots of partners go through a similar “bargaining” phase. The gas under my pot was turned up to full.

So I agreed to escort him to a tranny club.

I secretly wanted to see if there would be other women there. I needed to find out if this behaviour is *normal* for trannies, and if there is anything that women had found that made their lives with these men more bearable.

He would be beside himself with excitement at going out “en-femme”. I could see his hard on starting from the moment he got out of his leisurely bubble bath (my bath’s were always rushed and fitted in around his dressing schedule). Getting ready was a ritual that took at least two hours. Of course, I was expected to “help”. I’m pretty sure now that he was working that into one of his fantasies he had running on loop in his head.

Often trips were abandoned due to some smudged nail polish, or similar “feminine disaster” that would have him stomping around in an agitated state sweating through his make-up, crying and shouting at me. Ordering me around like some demented potentate. Six foot trannies with chipped nail polish can be pretty scary, believe me.

The tranny club comprised of men, in very short, very tight “little black dresses” (had they co-ordinated this? I thought), high heels, a variety of wigs (probably two third of them, long and blonde) and a weird atmosphere I couldn’t quite put my finger on. There were other men there too (not in dresses). They sort of lurked, and leered, most of them not actually talking to the men in dresses, but often sending a drink over for one of them, followed by a raised glass and a wink from their corner – the men in dresses responding with a coquettish smile and a simpered “Thank you”. I found out later that most of the men in dresses were doing each other and calling themselves “lesbians”. I know this, because I found the photographs.

And they had a certain gleam I their eye…

Amy Bloom, in her article from 2002, Conservative Men in Conservative Dresses, wrote :

“The greatest difficulty people have with cross-dressers, I think, is that cross-dressers wear their fetish, and the gleam in their eyes, however muted by time or habit, the unmistakable presence of a lust being satisfied or a desire being fulfilled in that moment, in your presence, even by your presence, is unnerving.”

The penny finally dropped for me about what I was witnessing…

Another boundary being violated – the boundary that says “Don’t make me a part of you sexual kick, buddy”.

The experience of getting out in public seemed to turbo charge the tranny-ing at home.

Give an inch, take a mile.

When the kids weren’t around, his idea of relaxing at home was to potter about in a micro-mini and high heels, affecting a “sexy wiggle” and doing this weird thing with his hands and wrists when he spoke. I told him that women don’t go about dressed like they were about to nip down to a disco *all the time*.

He told me that he had seen “loads” of women that do, and that anyway, he liked the “council house tart” look.

I was always arguing with him about what women *actually* wore, and how sexist his stereotypes of women were, but he would insist that he was dressing like any other “girl” (despite the fact that he is a 47 year old man).

Other looks he liked were –

The “rock chic” look – think Cher in that video on the aircraft carrier. No jeans and band T shirt for this gal!

The “hooker” look – I’ll leave that to your imagination.


The “beauty counter girl” – Extra heavy make-up and an old lab coat worn over a bra, pants, suspender-belt and stockings ensemble. I caught him once, sneaking back into the house like that at 5 in the morning after a “constitutional”. Apparently he had been taking “constitutionals” for months , sneaking out while I was asleep. Trannies are expert ninjas as well as exhibitionists.

For all his faux “girly-ness”, the feminine side never extended to practical, everyday stuff that most adults have to do to get by – like helping with housework. He literally told me “I can’t do housework because I might break a nail – my long nails are important to me”.

Turned out he couldn’t carry heavy bags or lift heavy stuff either, cos he wanted his upper body muscles to wither away so he would be “more like a girl”. I told him lots of women have muscles. He told me that wasn’t “the kind of woman” he wanted to be. Of course not – how nice it must be to get to pick and choose.

He spent thousands and thousands of pounds on clothes, make-up, “beauty products”, laser hair removal and internet hormones. I still can’t see a television ad for make-up without an involuntary shiver down my spine.

He would go months without giving me any contribution to the home. Apparently he had “expenses”, and anyway, I wouldn’t have sex with him, so why should he?

The day came when he told me that he had “done an online test” and that he was “definitely a transsexual”. Self-diagnosis by internet is the tranny stock in trade. I was alarmed because I knew to the core of myself that these men are categorically not women. That I could never accept him as a woman. Like Sheila Jeffreys says, “woman is an honourific term”.

His story began to change in subtle ways – aided by his community of internet advisors. Now he said he had been dressing since three years old. He now had distinct memories of wishing he was a girl from around the age of five.

Many hundreds of pounds in laser hair removal and black market internet hormones later, and I was left struggling with a six foot, 14 stone hulking man with “breasts” , liable to incandescent rages one minute and tears the next. I was terrified. I began to hate him. No way was I going to wipe his arse if he had a stroke.

I was repulsed by him, his insulting attempts to emulate “femininity” and his freakish body. Being touched by him, even by accident, made my skin crawl.

I was disgusted at myself for allowing this to happen to me. I was drowning in shame. I was sinking fast.

I tried finding help online, but nobody wanted to acknowledge that these delusions are harmful. Rather, I was told * I* had to be educated, that *I* was “phobic”, that I should learn to embrace this. Women were telling me this as well as the trans borg.

Had feminism changed so much? What had happened to the idea of women being central to feminism? Why can’t women see that these are men???

I was told  that I was “homophobic” AS WELL AS “transphobic” because I refused to call myself a lesbian. WHAT?? He is a man!! What madness was this???

I went to the doctor and was given anti-depressants. Nobody wanted to hear about my problem with the trans. I was told that “she” must be suffering too.

I went to the LGBT centre and asked if they had a group for partners of transitioning males. The young man looked at me, puzzled, “Um, well we have a group for trans women and their friends and families…isn’t that enough?” he asked. I tried to explain why maybe it wasn’t a good idea for women who were struggling in their relationship with a male partner who was insisting he was now a woman for those women to be discussing their problems with their male partner in* the* same* fuckin* room*…..crickets. Eventually he said he would ask the tranny group what they thought. If they were OK with it, then they would “think about it”. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out their response…. More men telling women what they can and cannot do.

Women are often reluctant to talk about this. Whether from a sense of shame or embarrassment, or because we have seen the harassment and invasion that takes place against women who have spoken out publicly. Most commonly though, because we are GROOMED AND OBLIGATED TO CARE.

One of the saddest things for me, was that when I contacted the few women who I had met along the way (and who I knew to have been put through a variety of torments) to ask them if they would consent to an interview for Gender Hurts, they declined, stating that they didn’t want to be “disloyal”, or for [him] to find out that they had been talking to anyone outside of a tightly proscribed circle. Some didn’t want to risk being ejected from some of the only spaces they have to talk about this – compromised by male oversight though they may be.

It gets to be exhausting, pointless and depressing.

I know that for many, the greatest state of emergency will be what seems to be the almost unstoppable trend of lesbian women who are “transitioning”, and destroying their beautiful, healthy female bodies in the process – as well as erasing their lesbian herstory and identity.

I feel a deep sorrow for this state of affairs, and when I have read descriptions of what women put their bodies through, and the details of the surgeries that some go on to seek, my heart sinks at how self-hating, how female hating this is. It is misogyny written upon the bodies of women, and it is truly terrible.

The trend for “transgender children” is particularly horrifying and is evidence of how damaging the essentialist idea of “gender” that is promulgated by the Transgender cult is.

In speaking about my own experience, I hope that you understand that I don’t wish to minimise those states of emergency, and hope that what I have said will be taken in the context of how male privilege and entitlement in the guise of transgenderism, is driving a movement that has, and will continue to hurt all women as long as our voices are silent, and women remain unsupported to escape from these men, and to make sense of their oppression.

I believe that what women go through in these relationships is a form of emotional violence, and that work needs to be done to raise awareness among not just the wider public about what really goes on within many of these relationships, but also services that support survivors of male violence.

This is not “woman on woman” relationship abuse, and should not be treated or recorded as such. We should not be afraid to see this for what it is – male entitlement. Male violence.

No woman who is being abused needs to be told to have compassion for her abuser.

Women’s enforced compliance with male delusions, needs to recognised for what it is.




I’m standing up and saying ENOUGH. “

Jezebel Headline: “Female Adult Baby Wears Diapers 24/7″ —  Except that once again, this is not a woman, but a particularly repulsive and annoying 25 year-old-man….  Why do these men, like the “trans-paraplegic” keep being called “women” or “female?”


Betrayed by the National Center for Lesbians Rights:

Lesbians Are WOMEN !

January 5, 2011

Some of us have been murmuring for some time about how skewed the priorities of some organizations claiming to represent LESBIAN WOMEN have become….

Is THAT a picture of a lesbian?

THAT is a picture of a mass murderer. His name is Richard Speck. He murdered eight nurses. In prison he claimed he had turned transgender and was “actually” a female. He wanted a “sex change”.

How high on a list of LESBIAN Priorities should Richard Speck’s desire for a taxpayer funded sex change be? How important is it to YOU, as a LESBIAN, that this mass murderer gets a free sex change? Would you donate funds to help him do so? Would you want a major LESBIAN organization to make his desires a PRIORITY? Would you want an organization to do so while claiming to represent LESBIANS?

Well, the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) has made it a priority. A LESBIAN priority that criminals like Speck have a CIVIL RIGHT to taxpayer funded gender reassignment, even if they have NEVER expressed a transgender urge prior to their incarceration. And this is a priority for a Lesbian WOMEN’s organization WHY exactly? What ARE the priorities of the National Center for Lesbian Rights?

Here is a list of all active pending cases on the NCLR case docket posted on their website, as I understand them:

-an amicus brief submitted in a lesbian case challenging Florida’s ban on adoption by lesbians and gays. (The case was represented by pro-bono attorneys, not NCLR, so here the NCLR submitted a brief in a case relating to an actual lesbian, not a case they represented however.)

-Lawsuit filed to force prisons to provide incarcerated trans criminals taxpayer funded hormones and surgery. Free sex changes for incarcerated transgender people who “come out” after incarceration. As wards of the state, convicted criminals should be entitled to taxpayer funded hormones and surgeries that are not provided for law abiding citizens.

-Lawsuit filed claiming heterosexuals are being discriminated against, by being excluded from gay men’s softball leagues. Seriously. This is who the NCLR is representing. Can’t make this shit up.

-amicus brief filed in case of Egyptian gay man seeking asylum from anti-gay mistreatment in a country where gay men can be arrested for homosexuality.

-asylum case for Mexican transgender identified person who received alleged harassment because of claiming to be a sex incongruent with that on birth certificate.

-asylum case for gay Pakistani male.

-amicus brief filed in case of Pakistani hetero male who alleges he was detained by the FBI due to religious profiling of muslims in terrorism investigations.

-assisting a pro bono attorney who is representing an asylum case for Bosnian lesbian.

-lawsuit against Cherokee Nation representing lesbian married couple.

-asylum for another Mexican transgender person.

That’s it. As I understand it those are the open pending cases represented by the NCLR.

Well what else do they do?

NCLR Sports Project issued a report in 2010 warning that women’s sports teams discriminate against males and that failure to permit males to compete against females in female sports may result in “costly litigation”. The NCLR press report was issued in October when a 57 year-old male who beat out all the female competitors (average age 30) to win the women’s world championship for long-drive golf sued the LPGA for his “right” to compete against women. The NCLR supported this action and does so by misrepresenting themselves as being a lesbian WOMEN organization. The NCLR appears to believe that women’s sports leagues infringe on the CIVIL RIGHTS of males. The 57 year-old male may be the first competitor in history to embark on a new professional sports career at such an advanced age.

It’s hard to IMAGINE that a lesbian rights organization would make the rights of males to play women’s sports their highest priority, much less the “rights” of male criminals to receive taxpayer funded sex changes, or the “rights” of heterosexuals to play on gay softball leagues, but this is what the NCLR is concerned with. Only three of the ten active pending lawsuits listed on the NCLR website concern lesbians, and two of them are not actually being represented by the NCLR. So, one out of ten.  Three transgender cases (two male one female), two gay male, two hetero male.

It’s time for the National Center for “Lesbian” Rights to change their name to better reflect their priorities. “National Center for MALE Rights”?  “National Center for Queer Rights” perhaps?

After all, the ex-lesbian legal director of NCLR has stated “…there is a community of lesbians and transmen who are just kind of merging into one social group…”. NCLR seems to believe that the concerns and priorities of lesbians (who are women) are indistinct from the concerns and priorities of men (the legal director considers herself a man, so that may explain her male-centrism and misogyny). Like many transgender persons the legal director seems to believe that all discrimination against gays and lesbians is due to their perceived gender-nonconformity, and therefore the concerns of the LGB can be subsumed, borg-like, by the transgender political movement. What such a philosophy fails to take into account is that……wait for it…..Lesbians are WOMEN. Fancy that! Political objectives and legal priorities for WOMEN are entirely different- and often at odds with- those of MEN. Go figure! Who’d a thunk it???

So if anyone wrote out a year-end donation to the NCLR- quick put a stop payment on it. Don’t support an organization that colonizes lesbians and takes our money and works for the “rights” of Richard Speck, and straight men, and males who want to start professional sports careers at the age of 57 in women’s leagues.

And don’t buy the women’s underwear that NCLR sells to raise funds.

And tell ALLLLL your friends and neighbors how the NCLR does NOT represent your LESBIAN interests.


Increasing Numbers of Murders and Assaults Attributed to Women Actually Committed By Men Claiming to be Women —

Then these men want taxpayers to pay for their “sex changes” and be transferred to women’s prisons.


Why Court Ordered Sex-Changes for Prisoners are Bad for Women ––  September 6, 2012

Robert Kosilek, Wire Killer, Life Without Parole

David E. Megarry Jr. raped female children. He raped lots of them. He started in his teens. He liked to torture them. He was locked up as a teen for multiple violent torture rapes of female children. But he got out. When he was 21 he was apprehended for abducting a ten year old girl, forcing her into his car, abducting and driving her into the woods known as Lombardi’s Grove in Milford, Mass. where he tied her up, gagged her, raped her, and left her for dead. Behind bars for child rape he got 64 infractions on his disciplinary record. He was caught making obscene phone calls to children from prison. He was found hoarding pictures of female children in his cell. At this time he decided he was transgendered. He got extensive prison tats of naked women and began wearing smuggled “female” undergarments. He started calling himself Sandy Jo: Sandy Jo Battista. In 1995 he had his name legally changed to Sandy Jo Battista from his cell at the all male Massachusetts Treatment Center for Sexually Dangerous Persons facility where he lives under civil commitment without limit of sentence due to his legal status as a “Sexually Dangerous Person”.

In 2005 “Sandy Jo”, filed suit against the Massachusetts Department of Corrections asserting his “right” for cross-sex hormones that would allow him to grow breasts. Global business law firm McDermott Will and Emory, who represent 50% of global business interests worldwide, decided to devote their required pro-bono hours to him. They brought all their power and interests to bear and devoted years and thousands of hours to representing his interest in medically acquiring superficial female sex characteristics. Last year he won his case which created precedence for the rights of male predators to access feminizing medical treatments funded by taxpayers while serving time.

Strangulation murderer and fellow Massachusetts inmate Robert Kosilek, serving life sentence without possibility of parole, paid close attention to this ruling. Kosilek had been filing multiple cases against the Department of Corrections for over a decade. Since he first murdered his wife. He did not enjoy the prison experience, and with no possibility of parole, filing lawsuits was his passion.

Kosilek in various cases over the last twelve years of his incarceration won access to cross-sex cosmetic medical hormone treatment, the right to wear clothing now legally regarded and classified by federal court as appropriately sex-role stereotypical for females, make-up/face paint now regarded and classified by federal court as female appropriate, electrolysis hair removal, and annual mammograms for the breasts created by his feminizing hormone regime. He has not yet filed cases for breast implants or facial feminization surgery. In 2005 he filed a case claiming that withholding taxpayer funded feminizing cosmetic surgery violated his Eighth Amendment right of protection from cruel and unusual punishment.

Yesterday a federal judge, U.S. District Court Chief Judge Mark Wolf agreed with this premise. And he issued a precedent setting ruling for men like Kosilek and “Sandy Jo” Battista. He issued the first court-ordered tax-payer funded surgical “sex change” for a prisoner in the United States. This precedent setting ruling, while lauded by transgender activists, represents a very unfair discriminatory outcome for females. Especially female prisoners.

“‘The idea that I might be a lesbian because I liked being with, being held by, and kissed and cared for by other girls never even came into my conscious mind until I was 57 years old.’ – Robert Kosilek”    Into the Mind of Kosilek: Grace’s Daughter – a Book Review  — April 9, 2013


Transgender Serial Killer Donna Perry blames murders on former “male identity”

March 20, 2014

Donna Perry Today
Photo credit: Nina Culver

Serial Killer suspect Douglas “Donna” Perry is back in Spokane after completing his Federal sentence on weapons charges. Perry faces triple murder charges for the slayings of Yolanda Sapp, Kathleen Brisbois and Nickie Lowe in 1990. He is still under investigation for other murders. According to court documents filed in January, a cellmate of Perry claimed he confessed to murdering a total of nine women who had been exploited by men into prostitution. He killed them because they had the ability to have children and were “wasting it being pond scum.”

I Am Not A Man- Goodbye Frank Spisak  February 16, 2011

by Miss Frances Anne Spisak

“I am not a man! I reiterate: I am a girl and I want to be recognized as one!! The state of Ohio is FORCING me, against my will, to remain transsexual. Prison officials refuse to provide me with the medical treatment I need to become a woman! Ohio is withholding female hormornes from me, and denying me the surgery needed to correct my disorder. Ohio is forcing me to be masculine in appearance and gender. I am being deprived of autonomy and my rights as a United States citizen! I have first amendment rights to be a woman!….”

[Frank Spisak was a 59 year-old Neo-Nazi Serial Murderer who in 1982, over a period of six months, murdered three Black men in cold blood, shot another 7 times (who survived), tried to shoot a woman in the back after she fought off his assault and attempted rape in a women’s bathroom on a college campus, and tried to kill a man whom he thought to be Jewish.

B,B,But Trans Activists Say This NEVER Happens #86

November 2, 2011

Total fucking scumbag baby rapist Thomas Lee Benson claiming his “internal gender identity” made him dress up like a woman and plonk himself into a hot tub full of little girls in the women’s locker room, even though he is a designated predatory sex offender for raping elementary school girls, and forbidden to be near children. There’s a puke inducing extended interview with the babygirl rapist at the bottom of this link, if you have the stomach for it.

Try this link if you want to see Trans defending him in the comments. Even more puke inducing.

The rapist pedophile goes on in the interview about how he trolls Lesbian bars because he’s obsessed with having sex with women who don’t want to have sex with him. He wants to have sex with Lesbians who don’t know he is male. Guess he trolls elementary school girls for rape and switches it up with targeting some Lesbians.

CCWF: Stop male inmate Richard Masbruch from being housed in a Women’s Facility

July 20, 2012


Who is Richard Masbruch? Masbruch is a career criminal and serial torture-rapist who ties women up at gunpoint and splices together multiple electric cords which he then uses to torture, electrocute and shock his victims before raping and sodomizing them.

This week the family members of women being housed at the Central California Women’s Facility began an urgent campaign for the removal of male serial torture-rapist Richard Masbruch from the female population. Anna Silver of Los Angeles has started a petition upon hearing the news that Masbruch is about to be transferred to her mother’s unit.

From the petition:

Today as I answered my Mothers phone call she spoke to me and sounded slightly more upset than usual, normally she tells me she misses me. Today she told me that Richard Masbruch would be housed at CCWF. He would be the first male to be housed in a womens facility. Not only would he be housed there he would also be housed within her unit 514. Richard Masbruch is a Serial Rapist. During his time in Mens prison after his arrest he cut off his penis, claiming to be transgender. Due to inmates being unable to be interviewed what wasn’t revealed was that Masbruch is in fact still raping women within the facility, just now with foreign objects. He has also brutally injured some of the women within the facility.Please sign my petition against Richard being allowed in a women’s facility of any kind, so that he may return to a male penitentiary. It would not only help me and my mother but any woman in any facility. Thank you for your help and have a wonderful day.


                                                       Anna Silver


Benson Mugshot

From the Toronto Sun:Christopher Hambrook, who claimed to be a transgender woman named Jessica, is a serial rapist who sexually assaulted and terrorized women after being placed in Toronto area Women’s Shelters. He has attacked four females between the ages of five and 53 in Montreal and Toronto over the past 12 years.

(Dana McCallum considers himself a “male lesbian” and at least one media source has already run the headline “Lesbian Twitter Engineer Charged With Raping Wife”. McCallum has been an outspoken anti-woman activist, referring to feminists as “wackos”, and participating in the transgender “#Fuck Cis People” twitter campaign (“cis” is a transgender community slur for “biological females”).

From a German feminist: In Germany, M-F transgendered go to women prisons. There was a man who killed two women, and when sentenced, “discovered his female side.” He took hormones, and “transitioned,” which cost the tax payer 40.000 Euros, around $60000. He then almost killed a female CO, dragging her into his cell. He is still in a women’s prison. Then he stopped taking hormones, in order to “become a man again,” and is growing a beard. He is still in a women’s prison. The other female inmates are probably all transphobic, because they’re scared to death of him. And this is not the only case. Calling the fears and concerns from women “transphobic,” is a slap in the face. Thirty-seven years ago, when my best friend was thirteen, she was raped in a restaurant restroom. Why doesn’t her fear count? Not all men are rapists, but still they are not allowed to enter women’s toilets for a reason. We don’t know men’s intention since it’s unpredictable. In clubs where alcohol and drugs are used, it’s extremely frightening. I don’t know what’s going on with strangers that have male sexual organs, and I don’t want to sit beside them with my pants down. So please let us have our own space.


“Woman” arrested for bestiality ? News Media fictionalizes sex of crime suspect

April 26, 2014

woman 1


woman 2


Jezebel false report

I’ve said this before: when stories emerge in the media about women who live asfake mountain-climbing paraplegics or live as adult babies in diapers shoving marshmallows up their ass, or who are cited with multiple felony rape charges, or who are accused of multiple sadistic sexual serial murders, or in this case, are arrested for bestiality for fucking horses, there is an EXTREMELY good chance the perpetrator in question is actually a man, who is falsely reported as female on the grounds that said male is a transgenderist. News agencies and incompetent journalists like David Moye at the Huffington Post now falsely report male crimes and male perpetrators as female, if the male in question is a member of the genderist belief community. From the PhoenixNewTimes:

The ad on Craigslist, which is still active at the time of this post, was listed on April 8, and states:

I am 22 years old and I want to play with a male Horse. simple as that. If you have access to a Male horse, and can allow me access to a male horse, then contact me please 😉 I will do something in return.

Detectives were able to identify the poster as 22-year-old Donald Waelde, according to MCSO.

Another Craigslist visitor, who had a “genuine interest in horses,” contacted the MCSO out of disgust, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

According to an MCSO spokesman, “In the undercover investigation, Sheriff’s deputies contacted the suspect and engaged Waelde in conversation where the suspect stated the sex act he wished to perform on the horse and agreed to meet the undercover detective on Tuesday.”

The detective actually went to the meeting place in Anthem with a horse, borrowing one from the MCSO’s Mounted Posse.

Waelde was immediately arrested after showing up to the meeting place, and the Sheriff’s Office says he admitted to placing the ad and “stated his intentions to consummate the act.”

MCSO deputies also served a search warrant at Waelde’s Phoenix home.


Transgender male "transwoman" Craigslist post pretending to be female

Donald Waelde mugshot


Hey, this is what makes us women, and where is the clitoris?: uk-prisoners/

Crossdressing and Sex Prosthetics Approved for Transgender UK Prisoners

March 16, 2011

A 20 page guidebook on transgender prisoners was issued to wardens across the UK last week. As a result of the UK’s Gender Recognition Act the Ministry of Justice’s guidelines state “An establishment must permit prisoners who consider themselves transsexual and wish to begin gender reassignment to live permanently in their acquired gender.”

Unlike other prisoners who must wear prison uniforms, self-identified transgenders may wear their own clothes, and will be given access to prosthetics, devices, and gendered street clothes used to disguise their physical sex. Males who want to must be referred to as “miss” or “ma’am” and be called by a fake name of their choosing. These new guidelines apply to transgendered who have not been issued a “Gender Recognition Certificate” by the government but to those who remain legally regarded as their actual physical sex. Male murderers and rapists who wish to “become women” are already provided with state paid Gender Reassignment Surgery and then transferred to women’s prisons, regardless of concerns for those women’s safety.


In at least one case, a man in prison for kidnapping and attempted murder of a woman received a taxpayer funded sex change, transferred to a woman’s prison, then after a few years demanded a reverse-sex-change back to male, also taxpayer funded.

A senior citizen confronted with a “trans woman” in a Toronto YMCA women’s locker room who forced her to view his erect penis, and asked her “do you come here often?”- was recently told by authorities that males have an “absolute” legal right to placement in public areas traditionally sex-segregated for female safety, under new legal “Gender Identity” statutes, which override former sex-based protections for women and girls.

The elimination of women-only services and spaces where women are particularly vulnerable, such as homeless shelters, prisons, hospital bed assignment, areas of public nudity (such as locker rooms), is the primary goal of the transgender political rights movement. Also included are women’s sports, women’s colleges, women’s conferences, private women-only music festivals, lesbian events, etc.

Men posing as women in a women’s restroom to video and ridicule a lone woman while one of the men exposes himself to her. Notice how hard she tries to humor them –

Transjacktivists claim that arrest statistics for peeping and perving don’t show a sharp increase in states where men are allowed in women’s spaces. Well of course they don’t!… Making a formerly illegal behavior LEGAL seldom results in more arrests for (now legal) behavior.

The truth is guys do this…all the time. And they’ll do whatever it takes to perv on females. Here are some of the things they’ll do to get into female spaces:

  1. Hide cameras and microphones in female spaces.
  2. Crawl through ventilation ducts to view female spaces.
  3. Install double mirrors to view female spaces.
  4. Drill holes in walls to peep women’s spaces.
  5. Place cameras in shopping bags next to females wearing skirts.
  6. Risking arrest –and repeat arrest- sneaking into women’s restrooms.
  7. Dress up as and try to pass as female.
  8. Claim they are female.
  9. Try to pass laws permitting men who claim they are female to legally enter spaces where females do not want men.
  10. Try to pass laws that state that females don’t actually exist.
  11. Force law enforcement and media outlets to report male crimes against women as woman-on-woman crime, if the male is diagnosed with GID.

Let’s face it, males commit violent and sexual crimes against women. Statistically, it is indisputable. And criminal actions by and arrests of men don’t decrease after SRS (sexual reassignment surgery). In fact post SRS males have higher rates of criminality than the general public. There are voluminous incidents of transgender male violence against women. Murders, rapes, assaults. There are infantesimal reports of crimes against male transgenders committed by female perpetrators. Statistically minute. What does that tell us? It tells us that females should have the right to sex-segregated areas in places where they are especially vulnerable to male crimes against women….

The only “bathroom incidents” involving male transgenders are related to males entering female-designated spaces.

Americans are protected by Title VII against sex discrimination: discrimination against folks who don’t conform to sex role stereotypes. So males who are discriminated against while using male facilities can sue, the same way females can sue for sex discrimination. So where are the cases? Out of millions of transgender people there must be at least a handful of cases of males who have been discriminated against by being prevented from using male facilities because they looked female? No. There are none.

Where is the evidence that there is a statistically significant problem of crossdressed men/transsexual males/other transgender males suffering predation in male restrooms/male spaces? It doesn’t exist.

There is no demonstrable need for male-bodied people to use female facilities, regardless of how well they conform – or not– to gendered sex-roles.


Rape by men claiming to be women can be deadly in more ways than one….

“Transgender women were 49 times more likely to have HIV compared to a reference population, according to a new study on transgender women and HIV”.

Transgender Rights: The Elimination of the Human Rights of Women

July 11, 2013

Removing the legal right of women to organize politically against sex-based oppression by males

Removing the legal right of women to assemble outside the presence of men

Removing the legal right of women to educational programs created for women outside the presence of men

Eliminating data collection of sex-based inequalities in areas where females are underrepresented

Elimination of sex-based crime statistics

Eliminating athletic programs and sports competition for women and girls

Removing the legal right of women to be free from the presence of men in areas of public accommodation where nudity occurs

Elimination of grants, scholarships, board and trustee designations, representative positions, and affirmative programs for women

Removing the legal right of women to create reproductive clinics, rape crisis services, support groups, or any organizations for females

Eliminating media and all public discourse specific to females

Removal of the right of journalists to report the sex, and history, of subjects

Eliminating the legal right of lesbians to congregate publicly

Elimination of lesbian-specific organizations and advocacy groups

Removing the legal right of women to free speech related to sex roles and gender

Elimination of the legal right of women to protection from state-enforced sex-roles (appearance/behavior/thought)

Elimination of the legal right of girls to protection from state-enforced sex-roles in public education

Elimination of the patient right of dependent females to hospital/facility bed assignments separate from males

Elimination of the right of dependent females to prefer female providers for their intimate personal care requirements

Elimination of the human right of female prisoners under state confinement to be housed separately from male prisoners

Unlike any other “social justice” venture in history, Transgender Rights are unique in that they are completely based on eliminating the human rights of women. Transgender Rights are the “right” to eliminate the human rights of women. But how can such a relatively small group eliminate the legal human rights of half of the human race? Because the transgender politic is an anti-female politic, and as such receives blanket support from all male sectors who profit from the elimination of human rights for females: the state, the conservative politic, the liberal politic, the gay politic, the “queer” politic, academia, business, commerce, media.

This Is What Privilege Looks Like   June 23, 2011

howard collage

Male? Check. White? Check. Upper class? Check? Hetero? Check.

Howard is a business development consultant from Phoenix Arizona who flies frequently via US Airways as a high mileage executive preferred customer. For years now he has been entertaining himself by traveling in his tiny underwear and high heels and various sexualized female gender coded crossdresser ensembles. There are whole websites devoted to collecting photos of him in various airports over the years, and many a YouTubes. He has been accorded the nickname “Terminal” by afficianados and is regarded as something of a folk hero.

Well Howard is getting his 15 minutes of fame this week after someone linked Howard’s behavior to the incident of College football player Deshon Marman getting into legal trouble over refusing to pull up his pants that were hanging off his ass and his ejection from a US Airways flight. “Look at the carte blanche the white guy has to run around in sexay underwear while a black guy gets kicked off a plane for having his ass hang out of his pants” is the refrain. “Look at the privilege”….

…Can you imagine the treatment a woman would receive wearing these travel clothes? What about a 65 year old female executive with a droopy flabby gut? Would she be a preferred customer? What about a poor woman?  A Black woman? They would all be frikkin treated like dirt- at the very least. More likely they would be intercepted by law enforcement. Or beaten or raped. Or given a psychiatric evaluation. And would the media withhold their name which is plastered all over the internet at their request? Hell’s to the No.

This is what Privilege LOOKS LIKE. “Terminal” Privilege. I just thought you might want to have a look….


It is possible to de-transition:


88% of the transgender population, those people who are protected by gender identity and gender expression laws, are, as reported by their own advocacy organizations, males with a psychosexual disorder. (1)

Many men with psychosexual disorders practice their fetish in the privacy of their own homes. But as many as 13,946,348 of them in the US, at the time of this writing, will be free to practice their fetish in public, in front of your children, in women’s locker rooms, in the girls bathroom at school. (2) This will be enabled by current and pending transgender legislation throughout the US. (3)

Transgender fetish is the largest sexual disorder reported in convicted sex offenders.(4) Almost 100% of convicted sex offenders have a documented history of transvestism, crossdressing, free-dressing, Autogynephilia, transsexualism – in other words: TRANSGENDER.

60% of convicted sex offenders have transgender fetish as their primary paraphillia (a parapillia is a psychological sex disorder). Of the remaining fetishists, such as pedophiles, rapists, etc., 60% of those sex offenders have transgender fetish as their secondary parapillia, in addition to their primary disorder. Finally, 40% of convicted sex offenders have transgender fetish as their tertiary (3rd) fetish among multiple disorders.

Transgender sex disorders are the leading indicator of criminal sexual behavior.

This is what transgender does:

rape and kill 6 year old girls

are sexual predators and

T. rape women

TW rape women

TW rape women

TW rape women

TW Rape women

TW are rapists

assault and sodomize women

TW expose themselves at parks

TW assault teenagers

TW parade through office buildings,4675,NothingButHeels,00.html

TW steal from their families

TW attack their mothers with baseball bats

TW wear tutus

TW molest children

TW steal shoes

TW stab people

TW expose them selves in public and

TW expose themselves in residential neighborhoods

TW expose themselves at the post office

rob women of their shoes

TW masturbate in public libraries

TW masturbate in public

TW solicit lewd acts from children

TW expose and touch themselves in public

TW grope and grab teenaged girls

TW masturbate in the park

TW sue to wear panties in prison

TW expose themselves in parking lots

TW flash young teens

TW expose themselves at gas stations

TW expose themselves to drivers from the road side

TW hide in cars

TW find sexual pleasure in the park

TW masturbate in front of children

TW flash women at train stations

TW flash and run

TW perform lewd acts in car parks—mans-2396874

TW expose themselves to dog walkers

TW attempt to kidnap children for sex

TW flash women at grocery store

TW force female validation

TW flash dog-walkers

TW expose themselves to construction workers

TW assault women

TW steal

TW piss on neighbors porch

TW stroll the neighborhood in panties

TW steal and wear neighbors clothing

TW Grope women

TW Stand outside in women’s underwear

TW Break into neighbors home

TW Spy on women in bathrooms

TW Peep and video couples, return to steal her clothes

TW Get high and vandalize women’s bathrooms

TW dress in women’s lingerie and rob people

TW wearing black bras flash young women

TW expose themselves to other men

TW expose themselves while riding scooters

TW enter women’s restrooms and locker rooms for sexual gratification

TW filed under “Open and Gross” in police call logs

TW smuggle drugs in their bra and panties

TW attack their ex-wives with a meat cleaver

TW murder women and

TW attack and stab women and

TW steal clothes from Sorority House

TW assault security guards and steal designer dresses!/entry/crossdressing-thief-commits-perfect-crime,51df3e57da27f5d9d0f68f30

TW threaten with knives

TW rape other men

have a fetish for women’s undergarments

T. break-in to homes in the middle of the night

have erections with their coffee

shoot at police

T. work as “Escorts”

T. suffer a phenomenal 19 rapes in just 10 years

T. break-in to neighbors house, bring drugs and porn, borrow panties

alarm customers and create a scene at local Pizza Hut

T half-naked take young daughters on drugged joyride

T assault women and steal underwear

TW love being seen in public

in booty shorts

T. Impersonate police officers

TW Sexually molest teenaged boys

TW creep around rape victims back yard

TW confess to killing little girls and

TW advertise child pornography on Craiglist

rob in taxis at knife point,_a_cab_and_a_knife

violate probation

TW dig tunnels and watch child pornography

TW steal booze and dance

TW steal cars and whore

TW host circle jerk block parties

TW hang out in your garage wearing your panties

TW torture their girlfriends

TW Are convicted pedophiles

T. Threaten to kill state legislators

participate in office sex scandals

wear double the panties

steal from laundry rooms


assault young girls in restrooms

viciously attack their lovers

T. force young boys into prostitution

deal drugs for gangs

get breast implants and go topless to support equal rights

Solicit sex from boys

attack men

rape men

molest children

dress to drown he was a very large man in a very small skirt

attack teenage girls

drive drunk and indecently expose themselves at the park with their family

harass women and

From THIS is Transgender (posted 2013/8/23):

use women’s locker rooms prior sex offender conviction

chase teenaged girls and expose themselves

sneak into women’s locker rooms

make indecent remarks to women in public

visit strip clubs and solicit prostitutes

masturbate in public

expose themselves to teenaged girls

place obscene phone calls

Sunbathe at public beach in frilly knickers

expose themselves to runners at the park

feel excited

go jogging in women’s underwear

wear their daughters’ panties

attack bike messengers“aggressive and dangerous”











































TW Have sex in the park

TW Stalk children, send sexually explicit images and texts

TW expose themselves at Wally World



TW and

























TW grope women in public

TW enjoy being frisked by TSA at airports

TW molest children at knifepoint

TW expose themselves to teenagers at the mall

TW commit lewd acts on children under their supervision

TW Steal and wear children’s underwear

TW sexually molest children

TW commit lewd acts in stolen knickers

TW masturbate in department store bathrooms

TW break-in and commit lewd acts

TW Molest children

TW sexually accost strangers

TW are voyeuristic

TW flash hotel visitors

TW expose themselves in public

TW Transgender on-off switch





From They are Out There (posted 2013/7/9):


TW and

TW (warning: child pornography)



TW and




TW Note that he wears “just panties”.



TW and





TW (Note his 2nd Arrest)


TW (warning: child pornography)














TW (warning: 4 yr old child victim)



TW trans activist hides sexual fetish of above




























TW (wearing a “maid’s dress” with genitals showing)













Panty theft




TW and



TW (warning: indecency with a child)




Pnty theft







TW (warning: child torture)






TW and



Remember that most of these women who identify as “transmen” are Fem and many are het or bisexual, and also identify as gay men and want access to gay men.

“Boxers rock. Guy’s clothes is comfy and cheap. Being ignored more easily. My friends’ parents no longer question my friendships with their sons. That feeling of being a guy. Being treated like one of the guys. More body strength. Men’s underwear ROCKS! Men’s clothes are cheaper and better quality. Not expected to look pretty. Not expected to have babies. Not expected to go gaga over other people’s babies. Boxer briefs are sooo comfy. Muscle mass increase. Not having to shave. BOXERS. I love them. I’ve never, ever worn briefs, haha. Not having to shave. Not being expected to show emotion all the time by the inflection of my voice. My ma never liked it when she couldn’t tell exactly how I felt about something. Now she has realized that it is the words I use that matter. Men’s underwear. I used to assume that it was impossible to design comfortable underwear, and that everyone put up with it. Then I started wearing briefs. Not being expected to care about other people’s babies and young kids. Men’s clothing is more comfortable, and often cheaper and more functional. Not being expected to be able to relate to other girls as a girl/ not being expected to understand the nuances of what’s happening in a social situation/ being ignored more. Feeling safer when I’m by myself at night. Being treated as one of the guys. Feeling normal. Clothes, girl’s clothes are tight and uncomfortable and too flashy, guy’s clothes are comfortable, simple, and convenient. Less head hair (unless u have long hair for a guy) it’s just simpler, plus more fun to style. Bathrooms, guys don’t go in there to put on makeup and giggle, they go in there to shit and piss, I love it, I always felt weird trying to do my business in the girls room, cause it seemed I was the only one in there using it for what it is, a bathroom. No makeup, most girls are expected to wear makeup, sure guy liner is cool sometimes, but I’m so glad I’m not expected to wear it. I don’t have to look good- I can just roll out of bed and go to class, no one cares if I look grungy. No periods/pms (for guys on t). Don’t have to shave your body. Boxers, I had been wearing men’s underwear before I even knew I was trans, panties are uncomfortable and too thin! Higher pay, they say men get more money.. cha ching. More respect. Getting treated as one of the guys by other guys, there seems to be a silent code of respect between guys (for the most part) Being stronger, not being seen as weak, being expected to pull your weight, and not treated like a wimpy girl. Feeling safer when I’m by myself at night-agree. Being called bud, bro or man by peers. Being called son (I love that term of affection. You never hear anyone say “daughter” as a term of affection). I completely agree with the men’s underwear, although I find briefs the most comfortable. Not being given a hard time about not wearing makeup. Not being assumed to be weak or vulnerable. More comfortable clothing. Boxers. Just being ignored instead of looked at like a weird butch chick. Not being stared at weird for acting immature. Feeling normal. Feeling safer when I’m by myself at night. Being treated as one of the guys. Oh and being called boss by a guy the other day. Being more comfortable. Lack of femininity isn’t questioned. Number 1: Straight chicks checking me out. Being my girlfriend’s man. Being one of the guys, without them having to add “without the dick”. Being chivalrous; men have always held doors for me. Not that I don’t appreciate the consideration, but I’m a door-holder, not taker. Now I get to let the ladies and older persons go ahead of me, or hold a door open, and put a smile on their face. Wearing clothes that suit my personality without people glaring at me or shifting uncomfortably when they see a bug dyke [sic] walking their way. Boxers and boxer-briefs. The drive to work out, the desire to have muscles, the lack of shame about having a more muscular body than most other women because, well, I no longer consider myself a woman. I’m a man, I’m strong, I’m proud, and lifting those weights makes me feel even better about my body. Not feeling like I’m putting on a show.  If anyone’s seen Chicago, I used to always think of my interactions with people as starting with “And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, a tap dance.” Having my woman feel safe in my arms, protected. Looking forward to watching my wife walk down to aisle to me. Feeling proud when my gf ask me to help fix something around the house. Smirking when my gf needs me to open a jar.”

[From a popular online forum for “Female-to-Male Transsexuals”]


These men get it, so why can’t women?  from the Little Britain television series:





About Bev Jo

I’ve been a Lesbian from my earliest memories and am proud to be a Lesbian. Lesbians are my people and my blood. My life’s work has defending Lesbians and our culture and existence against those who oppress us. Working-class, ex-catholic, mostly European-descent (with some First Nations, probably Shawnee, ancestry), from poverty class culture. I’m a Lifelong Lesbian, born near Cincinnati, Ohio in 1950. I became lovers with my first lover in 1968, became part of a Lesbian community in 1970, and became a Dyke Separatist in 1972. I helped create Radical Lesbian Feminist and Separatist community and worked on some of the earliest Lesbian Feminist projects, such as the Lesbian Feminist Conference in Berkeley in 1972, the newspaper “Dykes and Gorgons” in 1973, the women’s bookstore, Lesbian coffeehouse, and taught self defense to women and girls for ten years. I’ve been published in journals and anthologies, including “For Lesbians Only,” “Finding the Lesbians,” “Lesbian Friendships,” “Amazones d’Hier, Lesbiennes Aujourd’hui,” “Mehr als das Herz Gebrochen,” the Journal for Lesbian Studies, Lesbian Ethics, Sinister Wisdom, Trivia, and Rain and Thunder. With Linda Strega and Ruston, I co-wrote our book, “Dykes-Loving-Dykes: Dyke Separatist Politics for Lesbians Only” in 1990. Our book and my more recent articles have been updated at my blog I’ve been disabled since 1981 with ME/CFIDS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.) I love nature and plants and animals — and especially the animals who are feared and hated and killed by people who don’t even know them, just as Lesbians are. I’ve learned to love rats especially, who I do not consider inferior to humans. I’m a spiritual atheist, but I’ve found out that there is definitely life after death because a little rat returned from the dead for three days to comfort us. These hated little animals are so kind and loving, and willing to die for someone they love. I say, in our fight to protect the earth — distrust all “truths” we are taught by patriarchy. The true truth is often the opposite.
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85 Responses to Please, if You Love Lesbians and Other Females, Think About This….

  1. This is just great, such a brilliant and multi-layered take-down of the trans cult (damn right it is a cult!). Between you and Gallus Mag, no woman who ever looked into the topic can claim that she didn’t know how dangerous, toxic and at times downright criminal the trans cultists are. It is really beyond me how any woman can truly fall for something that so obviously is a male sexual perversion.

    We may not have the power to protect our spaces from the invaders. How could we, with women attacking us from behind when we try. But we have the power to continue to speak out, to provide resources for women. Your blog and Gallus Mag’s are THE places to go to.


  2. Bev Jo says:

    Thank you so much! Your blog is also THE place!

    I’ve added two links with new posts I shared also today. One made me realize that the very privileged male neighbor who we saw twirling on the street corner at midnight in his dress had not just happened to be there, but followed us to get attention and adulation, before coming into our Lesbian community. Previously, he, as a father of two, had expected praise when he commented on being a “mother.”


  3. Brooke Williams says:

    Love this. Reposted to the Radical Feminists page. Brooke


  4. Lizzy Shaw says:

    Wow, that is such an absolutely brilliant take-down of this cult and it is a cult. Thank you for speaking out. Sadly, many younger lesbians including myself don’t know much about our history because not only does mainstream society ignore or vilify us, we have an enemy within what should be our safe spaces who is constantly erasing our history and destroying out culture. We are expected to integrate (read: give up our spaces to violent rapist males) but there is much less pressure on gay men to integrate. The whole thing with the AIDS epidemic makes me mad. Lesbians weren’t the ones getting the disease (probably helped that we weren’t as promiscuous); we were taking care of gay men and even giving them our “dirty” lesbian blood. As thanks, we get erased from history books and we get ignored in most documentaries and docu-dramas, which praise the bravery of gay men during the epidemic but ignore the lesbians getting pepper-sprayed trying to get the government to do its job and do something about it. And of course, women who do any kind of caretaking and nurturing are always ignored. The lesbians looking after bed-ridden gay men and making sure that they were not buried in unmarked graves (because the families of these men sure didn’t care that their fag son was dying of a gay disease) are no different. What that gay man you know said about other gay men begging him to give them AIDS is disturbing, but apparently not too uncommon as I learned from reading “Unpacking Queer Politics”. Why should I be expected to help men who try to get a deadly disease on purpose over lesbians?

    As a general rule, I don’t trust most charities especially when it’s run by a money-grubbing CEO. There are no organizations to help older or ill lesbians. It’s all about the gay men, the trans and the alphabet soup. Lesbians are never allowed to have anything of our own. So now the question is: do women care more about pitying men or about protecting other women and girls and themselves from these men? I hope more women will wake up and pick the second answer. Transgender males are just like regular males and react with the same narcissistic rage when women tell them no. That’s why, even though there are straight men and gay men who realize that these dudes are male and have no qualms about saying so, they don’t get the massive amounts of rape and death threats that women, particularly lesbians get.

    I just say to women especially lesbians, don’t be a collaborator and don’t be complicit in your own oppression. Don’t allow men who have zero idea of what it is like to be a woman and who don’t care to learn name you and tell you have you can and can’t run your own damn liberation movement. Don’t bow to the liberal war on women that says that convicted murderers and rapists of women should have tax-funded SRS and be put in women’s prisons. Remember why we have sex-segregated toilets in the first place.

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  5. Reblogged this on thunderwordzpress and commented:
    Thank you Bev Jo for having courage to speak out against this egregious travesty which is being committed against our lesbian community. These imposters are EVERYWHERE!


  6. KgSch says:

    Excellent, excellent post. Anyone who reads this can’t claim not to know what the reality of the trans cult is. It is not a group that’s a different type of homosexual, but a conservative, lesbian-hating movement of het men who require that everyone participate in their sexual fetish.

    You are right about what a threat the trans cult is. At least we can fight neo-Nazis, Klan members, and religious fundamentalists directly and with most of lesbians on board, or at least not helping the enemy, but the trans cult is a parasite that tricks the host into fighting for it. So many lesbians pity these creeps and fawn over them and shame and censor lesbians who speak the truth. Many het women fawn over them to get liberal/progressive credentials, while being able to tell lesbians that we are bigots for not letting men fuck us. It’s a politically correct form of lesbian-hatred. Even some so-called radical feminists still hate lesbians and like to spread the myth that most of the lesbians becoming FTTs are butch. Actually, many of them are feminine and want to be androgynous or “nonbinary”. And since a lot of them end up trying to pull a mindscrew on gay men, that means they are choosing to be bisexual or heterosexual.

    You have such a great point about how it is not lesbian/women’s responsibility to devote time to male-on-male violence because when they aren’t being violent towards each other, they are raping and killing women. Suggesting that it is our responsibility means devoting even more time and energy to men, and reminds me of the creep whose example of “female privilege” was that there were a lot of domestic violence shelters for women! I say that if men wanted shelters for male victims of violence, fine. They can use the considerable resources they have as men to build them. But of course they won’t, because all women are expected to be mommy and serve men.

    About the AIDS thing, I think it’s such a shame that so many lesbians will donate to anything else besides helping lesbians. Not that any of the alphabet soup organizations actually help us or are specifically for lesbians. AIDS charities are so obviously for gay and bisexual men; few lesbians get that disease. (Many people, including lesbians are surprised when finding that out. After all, AIDS has been defined as a LGBTWTF, issue so it much apply to a lot of lesbians. Haha, nope.)
    I’ve read other accounts of gay men who wanted AIDS, or said it wasn’t a big deal if they got it. I met one man who said that at least if he had HIV, he wouldn’t be so “paranoid” about catching it all the time! Yet, they still expect me to give out money to a preventable STD that some gay men seek out. They also wouldn’t want me or you or other lesbians into their precious neighborhoods because we’re “dirty” (ironic because of AIDS and the other STDs running rampant among gay men) and “smell like fish”, but they still want us to take care of their STDs, and more often then not support trans cult attacks against us or just don’t care. (There are exceptions, but not enough.)

    Lesbians are worse off economically than gay men, (especially the ones who take $300,000 “salaries” from the AIDS charities) and everyone is worse-off thanks to the recession, except the rich of course. It’s hard to do the idea of having even big houses full of lesbians. It might be more feasible where I live because the cost of living is very low, but it is also a small town with less than 100,000 people. And if hypothetically I was to win the lottery, buy a house, and rent out to lesbians for low rates there would still be the issue of lesbians trying to betray other lesbians for heterosexual MTTs. Still, no reason not to try to form communities.

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  7. Linda Latte says:

    I agree 100% with your philosophy and PRAISE you for writing about it. I ‘run’ a group of about 4,750 women, (I say ‘run’ becuz ‘running’ women is like trying to herd cats), mostly lesbian, called ‘Girltown’ in Second Life. I eject and ban from 10 to 30 “men in dresses” a week from our home island. Do you know the name “Christine Jorgensen? If not, do a ‘Google.'” She was my friend and neighbor before her death in 1989. REAL and verifiable transsexuals are welcomed to our home. In the “real world,” at last count, roughly 1 in 35,000 were considered REAL. However, in Second Life, there appear to be about 1 in 500! 🙂 Roughly 1/3 of “women” in Second Life are MEN. A sad truth.
    Thank you,
    Linda Latte


    • Bev Jo says:

      I vehemently disagree. Of course I know about Christine Jorgensen and he was never a woman. I know the ploy of some to separate “transsexuals” who are “real” from those who are not. No man can be a woman. It’s that simple. None are real. There are many ways to know this besides common sense. They have no idea what it means to be a woman. If you ask them, it’s all about male stereotypes of women, just as the increasing television documentaries showing boys insisting they are girls. It’s all about dresses and pink and other crap not remotely innate to female. Butches are the closest to what all females would be without patriarchy and male influence, but not one of these men is interested in looking Butch. The few who postured at the Butch Voices conference, like pornographer Tobi Hill-Meyer, just looked like effeminate men.


      • Linda Latte says:

        Hi Bev,
        I respectfully have to disagree with some of your views, certainly not all, but some. Saying that ‘NO man can ever be a woman’ is true to the extent that a M>F transsexual can NEVER give birth to a child, even tho she may wish to. However, other than that, being a woman to a true transsexual, not a phony as so many are, a did not involve “frilly pink dresses” and all that; it was more a matter of “mind.” It is my belief that “gender is between your ears while sex is between your legs.” 🙂 I’m so sorry if I upset you with my views, I truly am; I meant no disrespect. However, I sincerely believe that SOME who are born male-sexed can be “brain-sexed” as female. If the “Harry Benjamin Standards of Care” are followed fully by legitimate sex therapists a high percentage of those who transition M>F lead much happier lives as women. Theirs is a search for “identity” and NOT the right to “wear a pink dress.”
        Linda Latte


        • Bev Jo says:

          Again I disagree. Of course, sex is our minds, spirits, souls, hearts, and males do not come close to females.

          Harry Benjamin and the rest of the sexologists have a horrific record.

          I don’t care about the “happier lives” men will get who pose as women. I care about women and girls. I care that these men are given our pronouns, that they demand and get access to our last spaces, destroying what we’ve build for over 45 years, that their high rate of violence is now included in statistics on women and violence, etc.

          They have no right to our identity, any more than Rachel Dolezal has a right to African-American identity, or Mr. Chloe Jennings-white as a right to disabled or Lesbian identity.

          When you support men against women, you betray women and girls. You can’t support both.


          • KgSch says:

            Yes, I agree!

            It’s very common for many women claiming to be radical feminists (or “radfems”) to push the “true transexual” narrative. That narrative says that autogynephiles are totally fake trans, but the slightly less creepy MTTs are “real trans” and therefore deserve our pronouns and our spaces. Many of these women, including lesbians, promoting this idea have their “true transexual best friend forever online who is totally a courageous ally, except that, the radfem still feels like the “true transexual” friend needs to approve (censor) everything in her blog. So it’s still more male-centered bullshit. I used to be pretty indifferent to this issue until I actually read the lesbian hating, gay-hating, misogynistic garbage that the trans movement spews 24/7. It is still funny to me that if you disagree with anything a trans cult member (or cheerleader) says the response is “get educated/read more”. Well, it’s precisely because I read what they were saying that I realized that the overall goal of this movement is men’s rights, specifically men wanting to define women, especially lesbians, out of existence and therefore replace sex-based legal protects with post-modernist nonsense about “gender identity”.

            It’s not reasonable stuff like no housing/job discrimination. (Though, I seriously doubt that the heterosexual white males who make up the majority of this movement have experienced job or housing discrimination. ) It’s all about erasure and making sure that women don’t even have their own bathrooms and can’t ever congregate without a man present.

            And yes, if Rachel Dolezal can’t be “trans-black” then why can men be “trans-women” or even be considered lesbians? Either both identities are valid or neither of them are.

            It’s also really just basic biology. If you have XY chromosomes, you’re male. If you are an adult, you’re a man because “man” is “adult human male”. A man does not have a woman’s mind and never will. And yes, what matters is the girls and women who get trampled on so that less than 1% of the male population can be “happier”. I compare it to arguing with creationists when it comes to denying biological reality, except the worst I’ve ever got from those people was passive-aggressive insults about how they would pray for the devil to be removed from my soul. No rape or death threats.


          • Bev Jo says:

            Thank you! Brilliantly said!


          • KgSch says:

            No problem! 🙂

            I just get tired of that “true transexual” narrative because it’s just more pretend radical feminism. When I was trying to find groups and literature online that wasn’t mainstream feminism, I bumped into some trendy radfems on tumblr. I agreed with some of what they said, but they were still referring to men as “she” and some were spouting the line about “homosexual couples who can reproduce together.” (Translation: a heterosexual couple where one of them is pretending to be the opposite sex.) It was also the same dynamic with a MTT policing everything, but he was “nice” because he didn’t watch porn or send rape and death threats. (Let’s nominate him for the most wonderful fucking human being ever award, even though plenty of women already don’t threaten to rape or kill people they disagree with and don’t watch porn.)

            I am so glad I found your book online. It is far more educational and practical than anything we read when I was taking a “women’s studies” class. Most of what was in that class was post-modernist nonsense about individualism, instead of clear direct writing. Not to mention, I think every lesbian would benefit greatly from your book.


          • Bev Jo says:

            Thank you again. I keep finding out that the truth is unpopular. I never learn! But we sure do make great friends from across the earth.

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  8. Havva says:

    Hello Bev,

    I was recently reading from “The Dirt from the Dirt”, a blog maintained by a Butch lesbian. I came across a post ( titled “A Butch’s First Time” in which the author describes, in near pornographic detail, penetrating a “femme” with her “butch cock”. I was quite disturbed by the imagery and language, and wanted to defer to you on the subject of “butch/femme” relationships.

    Is penetration inherently degrading, even if it is between lesbians? I am not trying to incite malice towards the author, but I was wondering why a self-identified Butch lesbian is touting penetration.

    Thank you for your time,

    Havva Caliskan


    • Bev Jo says:

      My brief experience of interacting with Dirt online a few years ago showed her to be extremely self-hating, as a Butch and Lesbian. She was worshipful of Hard Fems with their grotesque pornographic male-identified femininity. My objection to that and to role-playing meant she said I wasn’t Butch. I’ve been a Butch longer than she has, from my earliest memories. Being Butch does not mean being a caricature, but being closer to what all females would be without patriarchy because of refusing male rules. She had even devised an elaborate excuse for Lesbians going back to men, which blamed Lesbian Feminists. Politically, she was a mess. I haven’t been reading her.

      I think it borders on abuse when young Butches without support are taught to play male to please Butch-hating Hard Fems. Why would anyone want to use ugly grotesque objects that represent rape instead of touching their lover’s body with their body? I think it’s a way to avoid feeling Lesbian, and real, intense, powerful Lesbian passion and love.

      I’m adamantly opposed to “Butch/Femme” role-playing. Because Butches are such a small minority among Lesbians, most of these are actually two Fems playing roles, with the less feminine one in the “Butch” role. Again, this having opposites is to appease the Hard Fem’s Lesbian-hating. She can feel more “normal” being with someone imitating men, and if she insists her lover uses a dildo on her, can pretend she’s with a man, but without the dangers of men, and with the love of a woman.

      I hate how assumptions of role-playing are made if we say we are Butch, no matter how much we want equality. Many Hard Fems assume ownership of Butches. When I was lovers with another Butch, a Fem even said we should have a Fem, as if I haven’t had decades of experience with Fem inequalty and lack of passion. (And these were all Dyke Fems. I have never been with a Hard Fem. They’re repulsive.)

      Even the word “penetration” is suspect and pornographic.

      Yes, some Lesbians do enjoy feeling and touching inside their lovers’ vaginas, and some want to be touched inside their vaginas — not with ugly objects, but with fingers, so both can feel together. It’s amazing to feel your lover’s vulva change. Why would anyone want to miss that to role-play? Being a Lesbian is about love and sharing the most intimate and powerful passion imaginable.

      I just went to skim Dirt’s post. She feels like a tragedy to me, like Leslie Feinberg. You can see her love for women, but it’s combined with such reverence for Fems and even more for the women who still choose men, since in her mind, they are more real women. This is inevitably Butch-hating and Lesbian-hating. I do not understand it or why any Lesbian would agree to use a dildo, identify with it, etc. There is no “Butch cock.” That is ludicrous. That is male propaganda, not Lesbian love-making. If women have so absorbed male propaganda that they want to be “fucked” by pretend pricks, then stay away from us and do it to each other.

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      • Havva says:

        Thanks for the reply. I was a bit confused, because Dirt seems to be respected in various Lesbian circles (not that respectability is a direct indicator of being honest or valid in terms of analysis), and has good posts on the errors of “transgenderism”.

        I looked back to her older Blogspot and Twitter posts, and I think you’re right. In many of her posts, Dirt parrots the heterosexual paradigm by gushing how her “work wife” (a term she applies to one of her female co-workers who apparently likes to serve Dirt) and many other females in her workplace defer to her, and even refer to Dirt as their “pimp”, because she appears “masculine” to them.

        Thanks for all the work you do, because it’s inspiring to read your writing after seeing and reading depressing stuff like this.


        • Bev Jo says:

          That is so terrible on so many levels since it plays into Butches as being male and having male privilege when the opposite is true. Our chapters on Heterosexism among Lesbians and Butch oppression explains a lot of the dynamics of mindfuck going on with her. There’s a large component of sado-masochism too.

          Thank you! Your help make it all worthwhile! There are so many who agree with us.


      • k.jane says:

        Sorry if this is off-topic, but I went over to her blog since I saw an older interview Dirt did on gendertrender and seemed like she had some good ideas. While I think she does have some good posts, some of what she says struck me as truly bizarre. One post was about Sheila Jeffreys and it asserted that Jeffreys was not only heterosexual (she’s a lesbian) but that she was in allied with the trans cult and women like her are the reason why butches transition. Like, WTF?

        It was especially weird that some people seemed to be agreeing with her. I’ve read some of Jeffreys’ books, including Gender Hurts and it’s pretty clear that she is against the trans cult and thinks it’s damaging for any women to transition.

        So, agreeing with you about it being a mess. I also agree that it’s very harmful to say that being butch somehow means being masculine and getting male privilege. It really doesn’t. It just means that you get even more harassment and hate for being an obvious lesbian.


        • Bev Jo says:

          Nothing is off topic! Dirt is very self-hating and messed up. She does not want to think about why the Hard Fems she so worships often betray her and other Lesbians by going back to men, so she made up a bizarre explanation based on “born this way” and blames Lesbian Feminists for their coming out since the were never really Lesbians. Dirt also is not a feminist and has posted hating Radical Feminists.

          Sheila Jeffries must threaten her in some way. Sheila does hate Butches and refuses to even think sanely about the issue. (We had had a great long talk with Sheila when she visited us in the Eighties. We agreed about everything, until she pushed for us to talk about “Butch and Fem.” As soon as it was clear we were against role-playing but believed all women were Butch or Fem, she refused to continue talking and literally ran away. It was so similar to how some women react if they find out you’re a Lesbian. Just horrible and traumatic. I have no idea why she’s so threatened except that it brings out her Lesbian-hating.)

          But she’s a Lesbian and against the trans cult and why on earth is Dirt blaming her for Butches “transitioning”? Actually, most of the women I see saying they are men are het and Fem.

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          • k.jane says:

            Thanks for your reply!

            The whole thing was pretty weird to me too. Like I said, I did see an interview with Dirt where I agreed with a lot of what she says, but when I went to her blog, most of it was a mess. I don’t get the appeal of hard fem worship either.

            I didn’t know that about Sheila Jeffreys. I know that she is against butch/fem roleplaying, but you’re right, she doesn’t want to acknowledge butches exist. That behavior is really bizarre. Butches and fems do exist outside of the roleplaying context and sadly you are one of the few people who has actually wrote about it.

            Despite Jeffreys’ butch-hating really makes no sense to blame Jeffreys for anyone transitioning or to say she’s not a lesbian, because she is. It’s especially weird because I was under the impression that Jeffreys has met or at least exchanged emails with Dirt since she mentions her Dirt’s blog in Gender Hurts.

            You are right that most of the women transitioning are not butch. The ones who want to be men in an inevitable failed attempt to get with gay men are obviously not any kind of lesbian, which means that they automatically can’t be butch. Some of the women transitioning are not as feminine as my “really hetero” roommate (as my other roommate refers to her) but are still not butches. There are still a lot who are transitioning who are very feminine and want to be androgynous. It’s like they want to dose themselves with anabolic steroids and pick and choose which male secondary sex-characteristics they want and are so far in delusional magical thinking land that they think it can work. It doesn’t work like that at all, but the trans cult and the morally bankrupt doctors and other medical professionals on board with this don’t want you to talk about it.


          • Bev Jo says:

            The irony is that shaming Butches and acting like we are perverts or don’t even exist, when all we did was refuse male rules for girls when growing up, is exactly how hets in general have treated Lesbians. And if Sheila Jeffries wants to stop the trans cult, then targeting Butches will push some of the women who hate femininity into the cult. Most are Fem and many are het, but it undermines the cult if Butches are supported because the trannies hate Butches.

            But yes, it’s terrible and ignoring reality to say Sheila is not a Lesbian. Dirt just erases whoever does not fit her theory. I am repulsed by femininity so she told a group I was in that I wasn’t Butch, because Butches are supposed to be attracted to Hard Fems. In that confused theory, Dyke Fems are not likely Lesbians to Dirt because all must either be Butches or Hard Fems. She ignores the many Dyke Fems and tries to relegate them into the category of not real Lesbians if they came out through feminism. It’s true that a lot go back for the privilege, but that’s even more true of Hard Fems. She is very much into “born this way,” which of course is what gay men push though it’s a throwback to how we all were categorized by the psychiatrists. And then is that is a conscious dividing het women from Lesbians so they don’t have to even think about the fact that they are het by choice and it’s not natural for females anyway.

            That’s interesting they were in contact. Dirt would be far less threatening to Sheila since she’s such a Butch-hating stereotype. Meanwhile, Sheila slanders our politics but won’t have contact because then she would have to think about herself and her own choices. That level of Lesbian-hating is just bizarre. She’s not the first one to do the running away screaming response. At a Separatist Gathering, my ex and I did a workshop about equal lover relationships where we talked about how Butches are so often oppressed in relationships and a Dyke Fem literally got up and ran away. Later, based on the opinion of a sadist Fem, she actually wrote an article trashing the workshop she refused to be at. It’s amazing really how so many supposed politically aware women do not see the connection between how Butches are treated and Lesbians are treated by men and het women.

            I’m glad you know!


          • k.jane says:

            If you want to write a negative opinion about something, at least show up to it, geez. Of course a sadist would be upset over the notion of an equal relationship. That’s kind of what being a sadist is about. Having a functional, equal relationship sounds great. I am not a butch, but I have gone on dates with lesbians who are more feminine than me who don’t like that I don’t wear makeup and complain about it right away. I bet that dynamic can get even worse sometimes if you are a butch and dating a fem. I really don’t see how that fem running away from your conference would be any different than me, a white person, running away from a conference that pointed out that racism is still a thing.

            I’m not sure how much contact Jeffreys had with Dirt, but Dirt does get mentioned a few times in “Gender Hurts”. With most of the people interviewed or mentioned in the book, Jeffreys exchanged emails with them.

            I think with some people political awareness has it’s limits since you don’t notice the oppression unless you experience it. For example, you and Icemountainfire and Joannadw are some of the few people I’ve seen criticize the institution of motherhood. Even though there are a lot of childfree women, including childfree lesbians, they defer to the mothers out of fear of being rude. I guess since the majority of lesbians are fem, they don’t notice butch oppression. Like I said, I just usually ignored the whole thing because I was not into role-playing stereotypes. However, I now know that beyond role-playing stereotypes butch and fem are decisions you make as a kid and butches are those women who you meet and instantly know she’s a lesbian.


          • Bev Jo says:

            Thank you so much for understanding. Butches are such a small minority, but if only Dyke Fems realized that Butch-hating harms us all eventually, like Lesbian-hating is bad for all women. A dear friend who looks like a Dyke is so resistant and hostile to trying to understand what Butch existence and oppression is about that she keeps saying she doesn’t understand, and I keep saying that’s because she’s not harmed or affected by Butch-hating. The worst was when she thought looking up “Butch” in a dictionary would explain it, or perhaps be a challenge to me. Looking up “Lesbian” not that long ago would refer to “inversion” and mental illness.

            But you’re right, few care unless they are the ones being oppressed.

            I would never get involved with a woman who wears makeup. If all Lesbians were like that, as all Lesbian Feminists once were, that could change a lot. It’s a shock you’re being bullied for not wearing makeup. Clown-face!


          • k.jane says:

            You are right that butch-hating harms all lesbians. You are also one of the only people to explain butch and fem beyond some role-playing stereotypes, so of course your definition of butch won’t be in the dictionary and you have a good point that it would have said awful things about lesbians pretty recently. Recently they’ve included the trans cult term “cisgender”, one of the popular insults the trans cult likes to hurl at real women, in the dictionary. So I say take the dictionary with a grain of salt.

            I like your term for makeup! I’m not into it either but I go on semi-blind dates sometimes. Or just try to make friends who haven’t drunk the trans kool-aid.

            I have noticed a really weird trend of some lesbians dressing in an even more feminine way than het women. I really do not understand that, unless it’s some sort of desire to assimilate and be normal. (But my view is fuck society.) Since I’m not interested in men, I don’t see the appeal of dressing in the way they tell women to dress. (Besides, just stand in public for 5 minutes. I went to get a prescription for the stomach flu a few weeks ago, and literally looked like a zombie because I was super sick, and the guy in the line behind me tried to flirt with me.) I’ve learned that not wearing makeup angers the trans cult too, and fuck those guys. I suppose I should stop being surprised by their stupidity and narcissism, but their new “idea” is that not wearing makeup is “cis privilege” because they need makeup to “pass” as women. (The quotes are intended to be mocking.) The reality is people who haven’t drank the Kool-Aid can tell the difference between the two sexes.


          • Bev Jo says:

            Thank you so much! You’re so right about dictionaries. We are always outside the mainstream and propaganda, or were, as a Lesbian Feminist community.

            I’m being locked out of fb every time I come back, this last time from a common comment I made months ago, so am being stalked and probably will be locked out forever. It’s a relief to be able to think and write without fear of censorship here. Time before last, I was reported for a comment I’d made at GenderTrender and copied to our Radical Feminist group on fb.

            It’s interesting that in the Seventies the few trannies who tried to be in our Lesbian Feminist community stood out by having long hair, but never would have thought of makeup since that would make them even more obviously men because Lesbian Feminists never wore makeup until “reclaiming femininity” in the Eighties. At that time, the trannies tried to look more like Dykes, though all were obvious. They always are. And if they have had extensive facial surgery, their words, thoughts, actions reveal them immediately. But really, just looking is enough.

            I doubt the ones now even know that history. It’s all just about games and manipulation.


          • k.jane says:

            I’m sorry about the Facebook thing. I haven’t gotten an account over there because they have a lot of very serious privacy issues to begin with. That place is trans cult central and where they came up with the 58 or so imaginary genders. It seems that computer programming is a popular career choice for MTTS (AKA a career that is hard for most real women to get into.) Facebook seems to be censoring a lot lately.

            That is a very interesting bit of history that I did not know because I was not born yet. I suspect that there is a reason why they try so hard to isolate older lesbians and younger lesbians from each other and ban books. If you don’t know history, you’re doomed to repeat it. It makes sense that there was a “reclaiming femininity” thing because with mainstream feminism it is nearly impossible to criticize femininity. I think a big reason for this is because the trans cult has a fetish for it. I’ve seen “misogyny” being redefined to mean “hatred of feminine people”. With neo-liberalism it’s a very “me, me, me” culture so a lot of women seem to want to do some good with feminism, but not think critically about their own lives. That’s probably why I’ve had women accuse me of attacking them personally for pointing out things like heels damage your feet. (Even though in many cases it was completely anonymous online so I had no idea what they looked like until they brought it up. I would never personally attack someone for how she dresses, but I will point out why femininity is a male invention.)

            I can get why self-hating gay men who want to pass as het women would attempt to be more feminine. It’s interesting because from what I’ve seen from MTT creeps on online dating websites some of them go full on drag but some will be dudes with beards who will just change their sex to “F” on the website. If they bother me, I always block them and report them for violating the terms of the site. My profile is set so only women can look at it. Eventually they give themselves away with their narcissism.


          • Bev Jo says:

            Facebook has actually been very good, which is why this stalking is so upsetting. I have over 900 friends and am in RF groups, groups about spiders and birds and rats, plus our groups to stop the clear-cutting of trees in our parks.

            Our Radical Feminist and Radical Lesbian Feminist groups have been very good with members from all over the world and all ages. The trans cult tries to con us by talking about an age/generational divide, but I don’t see one. Our members range from early twenties to eighties, and some of my most trusted friends (just added one to be moderator of our Radical Feminist Coffee House) is 24. I don’t see any difference between my politics and those of dear friends in their twenties and thirties. I have trusted old and older friends too, but I definitely don’t assume older is more RF or wiser at all.

            Sadly, it was before the trans cult when Hard Fem Lesbians started whining that they’d been forbidden to express themselves (as if the entire world didn’t reflect them). It’s all about privilege and trying to avoid Lesbian oppression.

            But then the trans cult has benefited, although one I met from Aotearoa (who’d left his wife and kids to be a “Lesbian”) said it was the Lesbians in his women studies class who taught him how to look like a Lesbian since he was ultra-feminine. This was years ago, but he was so important that his way was paid to an Oakland conference (thousands of dollars).

            It’s good you spoke out against femininity. I have a friend who is permanently disabled because of falling in high heels. There is no reason to look like that other than trying to obey male rules and appeal to men. Suddenly the political is ignored in personal choices for privilege.


          • k.jane says:

            Yikes, I feel bad for your friend! That really sucks.

            There is a reason why men are supposed to wear comfortable and functional shoes and women aren’t. I can’t walk in heels and after I learned about how dangerous they are, why bother? I’m a klutz already and I had to go get stitches at the urgent care after an accident from cutting fruit last week.

            I read Sheila Jeffrey’s “Beauty and Misogyny” book, which detailed the damage that can happen from wearing them long-term. It also talked about how they had their origins in prostitution and had some rather disgusting interviews/quotes from men with foot fetishes, including one who would get sexually aroused when women would talk about their feet hurting after wearing heels all day. Still, it made a good point that heels are just some sexual fetish for a lot of men and part of sadism.

            I don’t think there is a generational divide in radical feminism, but with liberal feminism (or trans cult run feminism) they do try to isolate younger women from older women and it is pretty awful. In liberal feminism, the lesson is that radical feminists are all old women who are irrelevant dinosaurs who only cared about helping rich white women. (The trans cult, primarily run by rich white heterosexual men said so, so it must be true.) They ignore or just won’t listen to basic history all the time.

            Still, I have met some women around my age with radical views as well as older women and that gives me hope! I have also met older women who side with the trans cult, so being older doesn’t necessarily mean your feminism is radical.


          • Bev Jo says:

            I agree about high heels. No one in their right mind would wear them other than to try to attract and appeal to men, as well was compete with other women.

            Most of how women dress is about that and is grotesque. It’s suddenly warm here and I’m seeing men in comfortable loose shorts while women are wearing short, flimsy, see-though dresses, and leggings/tights that are like being naked and must be very hot.

            If women stopped playing with grotesque male-identified femininity, then the trannies would have nothing to fetishize and no place to hide.

            But most women won’t give up the privilege.


  9. Thank you for being here and sharing your experience with us.


  10. cherishinlife says:

    Bev, I have scoured the Internet and you and Linda and Ruston have nailed it, in my view. Your book, and other essays… I am left wondering where I can find people who share the same views, how can I get my community? I don’t want to associate with people who erase butches, I want my lesbians-only dyke separatist community.

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    • Bev Jo says:

      Thank you so much. It depends on where you are, but we have a strong community online. I moderate several facebook groups that are women only and Radical Feminist, and one that is Lesbian only. A friend moderates another to discuss our book.


  11. Alex Porter says:

    Thank you. Thank you so much for your bravery and diligence cataloging all this.
    I’m a heterosexual woman married to a man and it affects and troubles me. I worry about my daughters and their friends and their as yet unborn children. I worry that they will be pressurised into accepting predatory man as allies or that their children will be ‘transed’ because they don’t conform to gender stereotypes. I worry that my vulnerable female clients will be unable to access safe female spaces and that the already precarious funding for said places will dry up and be diverted to support transgender services. I worry that my colleagues will be marginalised and stigmatised if they speak up or compromised if they remain silent. Thank you again.


    • Bev Jo says:

      Thank you, Alex. If enough women cared as you do, this entire dangerous farce could be shut down. It’s so true about funding, but even worse, that the cult has taken over our last spaces and bullied women into supporting them and betraying other women. Or terrified them into not speaking out.

      It’s so important for as many as possible to keep saying the truth. The entire thing is actually ridiculous and just a bizarre fetish, but the political power they have is horrifying.

      We’ve been trying to put together lists of fetishes that the men who claim to be Lesbians then move on to, to get more attention. We hope at some point people just realize what is happening.

      Also, we have a facebook group called the Harmful Transgender Agenda to discuss it all.

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      • k.jane says:

        Wow, that shit is crazy. I am sick and tired of bizarre fetishes being lumped in as essential to lesbian rights. I guess this is a continuation of the trend where “gay and lesbian orgs” were really all about the gay men and often run by sado-masocists and they are only including lesbians to get us to do their dirty work. Now it’s mostly about trans, but most gay men seem to support them

        Seriously, extreme fetishes are pretty uncommon with women and no one has the right to force other people to participate in their sexual fetish. I was laughing my ass off at some comments on the Jezebel article about the brony who thinks a fictional horse is his finance who was mad about another brony drawing porn about his “finance”. At the same time though, it is pretty sad that women on a supposedly feminist site waste their time defending fetishes and calling it “progressive”. If that’s what progressive is, I don’t want anything to do with it.

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        • Bev Jo says:

          When I found the Lesbian Feminist community in 1970 there was no contact I saw with gay men. Lesbians had tried to ally and quit because of the female-hating. So the communities were very separate. A woman calling herself “gay” meant male-identified and not very aware, but I see the Lesbian film stars using is, and I think that’s partly because it’s so much trendier.

          I didn’t seen Lesbians joining with gay men until the AIDS crisis, and suddenly we were expected to help, though they kicked dying Lesbians out of the Shanti project. Still, no one I knew joined with them and I knew/know a lot of Lesbians.

          I agree, the fetish focus is very male and very bizarre. On one television series, a man had a “romantic/sexual relationship with his car. They are nothing like women. Don’t women notice?

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          • k.jane says:

            It is trendy for lesbians to call themselves “gay” or especially “queer” since “queer” is more ambiguous and for some reason includes heterosexuals now. (Plus it’s an insult and I don’t think it’s healthy to call yourself rude names.) I don’t identify with men, and the word “gay” is for men. “Lesbian” is for women. Language isn’t that hard, unless you’re one of those “words don’t have meanings” post-modern assholes. I like the term lesbian since it’s accurate and I like that, also it definitely states that I only have the love for women and not men

            My mom and brother like to call me gay despite me telling them that I’m not a man. My dad on the other hand actually calls me a lesbian. (The irony is that my mom told me my dad would not be as accepting about the “gay thing” as her, but he is actually more respectful by calling me a lesbian and he seems to think Bruce Jenner is a jackass which is a bonus. It also turns out that he isn’t upset by me being a lesbian.)

            I’m laughing right now because I think I’ve seen the same documentary as you! In defense of car dude, he doesn’t seem to harass people with his fetish, but it is still very weird and very much a male thing. The only women I know or have seen online who are into bizarre fetishes are the ones who hang out on tumblr and have bought into male-identified mainstream feminism. They think that acceptance for weird fetishes is a social justice cause. (Plus, you can claim to be oppressed by having a bizarre fetish, even though bizarre fetishes don’t mean you’re oppressed.) Outside of that, I haven’t met women who are into anything super weird or even a milder case like having a “relationship” with an inanimate object.

            I think deep down women notice, but it’s basically taboo now to suggest that men and women are different in anyway without being accused of supporting sexist stereotypes. (Meanwhile, most of these people support the trans cult, which is all about enforcing sexist stereotypes.) I’ve also been accused of reverse sexism for pointing out men are more violent than women, even though that fact can be mathematically proven by statistics, and most women have the personal experience of a man being creepy/violent towards them. Pointing out that men are more violent than women doesn’t automatically mean all sexist stereotypes are true. Plus, men are the bosses of sexist stereotypes. They came up with the rules about how women should behave and most of their stereotypes about us are their own insecure projections. For example, men like to say women talk too much, but they literally cannot shut up and they talk over everyone (especially women).


          • Bev Jo says:

            Well, you know I agree about “Lesbian” scaring the hets and men, and “gay” being assimilationist and wanting to identify with men.

            That’s interesting that your father is better than your mother. I’m not surprised in a way since mothers are often more invested in their daughters being het, reproducing, etc.

            The few women into fetishes seem to be doing it with men.

            And of course men are more violent! You’re right about the over-talking and projections.


  12. Kelly Jay Speece says:

    Thank you for posting this.


  13. saradasensei says:

    This was a stomach-churning read. I’d heard of many of these but seeing them all here together is a bit overwhelming. This delusion cannot continue.


  14. Amber Woods says:

    My name is Amber Woods. I’m interested in joining the Radical Feminist Coffee House on Facebook. I’m responding to Bev Jo’s request, but even apart from that, I’m very glad I read this article! I was only vaguely aware of some – but not all – of these issues before. I plan on reading and learning more now.


  15. Lucy C says:

    Thank you for introducing me to your blog. I look forward to reading more of it. I have aspergers, apparently a lot of the girls who are being transitioned do too. I see similarities with them and myself. I hope us women working together we can put an end to this damaging trend.


  16. Michelle Noonan. says:

    Love the blog. Cheers. Michelle.


  17. Michelle Noonan. says:

    For some reason my comments aren’t appearing.


  18. Hi, I got an email to leave a comment here to be accepted into a fb group anoutradical feminism. I’m relatively new to the ideology, I was introduced to it this summer and everything about it clicked. It was what my women’s studies courses discussed 4-5 years ago before the trans cult took over. I grew apathetic and let liberal feminism decide my viewpoints… I was so lost and I feel like I’ve finally found womyn that I connect to on a spiritual, molecular level. I’ve been devouring radfem books and essays the past couple of months and am seeking out more communities to gain insight from, exchange knowledge, and hopefully form friendships.


  19. arianerigole says:

    Wish I could read all of this but its it possible right too much work on my hand. But let’s agree Lesbians and Women only space is as necessary today if not more as it was in the 70s. The genderization of women’s liberation is a lure and we need to stand firm. That there is a benefice to patriarchy to promote and entertain a trans-culture is part of today’s master’s tools.


  20. Angel Chandler says:

    This is a great blog. I appreciate the time and effort in making others aware of these issues.


  21. A.G says:

    Brilliant as always!


  22. Commenting to remain part of RFCH! I wish everyone could read this article and become aware that these men are NOT female in any shape or form. -A.L.


  23. What a great blog, and so many links to other articles. I found the article about Howard absolutely appalling and deeply offensive. K.C


  24. Jane says:

    Thank you so much for this incredible article!



  25. radbychoice says:

    Hi Bev, Finally got into my wordpress account and found how to comment here. Yay! I find all your writings powerful and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing yourself and the love of Lesbians and the women who love them.


  26. Anna Fraser says:

    Love your blog, I link a lot of my friends to your articles.


  27. Anna Fraser says:

    Fantastic scholarship! Thanks!


  28. Helena says:

    Fantastic work!!!!!! I also would like to say I loved your book, i came across it when I was searching about lesbian separatism, after being completely disappointed with the feminism of my time that does nothing good for women and after being a radical feminist , after a while I realised I do not want to be around males, I want a society for lesbians , unfortunately there isn’t a city that bans males otherwise I would move immediately.Sorry about possible grammar mistakes I’m
    Lesbian culture is being erased, as a 21 year old lesbian i see that lesbians nowadays are calling themselves queer or ftm trans. brave lesbians from the past are being called trans, our lesbian community doesn’t exist anymore, the left have betrayed us.
    I am proud to call myself a lesbian separatist.
    i feel very lonely, since even lesbians support transactivism and the Leftist agenda that is just as patriarchal as the right wing.

    I would like to know your thoughts about the entry of male refugees from very misogynyst cultures such as Middle East in Europe and USA and South America (i don’t think western males are better, but I don’t like the idea of importing more violence and rape to my country that would as always end up hurting women more..)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bev Jo says:

      Thank you so much for posting this! I’m going to quote you in an article I’m writing and reading for an Lesbian anthology book launch Saturday. You help me be less afraid of possible harassment for talking about the trans cult harming Lesbians. No way to discuss Lesbian history without naming who most wants to destroy us.

      The issue of immigration is loaded. Certainly all females should be welcome but I worry about any men who hate females adding to the numbers here, including christians. When the media talks about which “people” are more likely to be a danger, they never suggest banning all males since that is who is the danger.

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      • Helena says:

        If u allow I would like to translate parts of your book to Portuguese and send you the translation in case you want to reach more women, there are Brazilians radfems who do not speak English well.
        I do not feel politically represented by the left. In the last elections in Brazil I voted for the right wing.
        I hate to be voting for the party that disgusting homophobes, misogynysts, conservatives who deny female oppression vote but I feel that there is no difference from what the left is.
        I do not want trans invading female spaces, I do not want male refugees entering my country and bringing more terror violence and rape…


        • Bev Jo says:

          Thank you so much for the offer to translate. Several Lesbians are working on translations of our book and a few years ago, a Brazilian Lesbian had started, but then she’s off facebook and we’ve lost touch. It would be wonderful to reach more Lesbians and women.

          I vehemently disagree with ever voting for the right wing though, who wants us dead. I understand feeling like there is no difference with the left, which is what some said here as a reason to help Trump by voting for Jill Stein, and like when Nader helped Bush win the election, they haven’t learned. Thousands died as a result and the it’s much worse now because of the US invading countries for oil.

          I’m sorry I don’t know what your choices are in Brazil, but here it’s clearly a compromise, but a significant difference between the parties, in spite of what people say. I’ve lived the difference. Of course they are not what we want, but nazis are a whole other level. Plus, here, the democrats become more responsible when more people vote away from the right wing.

          We can only control so much and need to be practical to survive. Allying with the right wing is always a bad idea.

          The refugee issue is complicated. For the US, there is some responsibility about bringing the wars and making the refugees homeless. Are many going to be let into Brazil? I guess I don’t feel like we have much choice anyway and I don’t want Lesbians or other women trying to escape muslim countries being kept out. Once the right wing anti-immigration politics are set, it hurts Lesbians and will be much harder for any Lesbians to immigrate.

          Here, the nazi is in power and all my undocumented friends are terrified. Even those who are citizens are being harassed.

          It’s also very important for Separatists to not be associated with any right wing politics.


          • Helena says:

            It will be a pleasure translating one of the few books that promote lesbian culture, not gay culture, but DYKE culture, wich is what we lesbians need: A VERY STRONG FEMALE IDENTIFIED/ DYKE COMMUNITY TO HELP US SURVIVE! The only way we can find happiness in a society that we are ALWAYS in the shadows like we dont exist, even in the LGBTQ community that is ERASING US, DESTROYING US, as a 21 year old dyke living in this “queer” era I have being very affected by this, i have suffered A LOT because of the lack of a lesbian community, and i still suffer. Teenage lesbians leave other lesbians alone to be with the “queer people” because they have no sence of community! What is worse to a dyke teenager than having no help from other lesbians , nowhere female identified to go, being told you are queer and even worse MALE!!!!!!!! When i was a teenager ( THE WORST YEARS OF MY LIFE ) I thought i was “queer” or bisexual, i didnt have any lesbian friends and I used to search for a lesbian community in my town but THERE WASNT, and there ISNT!!! I was completely alone, wich made me depressive and suicidal. I know what it is to be a completely lonely lesbian, searching for a place to be safe, but you only find queer identified people wich are not people lesbians can really relate and receive help and support, those people (liberal feminists, leftists, queer apologists ). Lesbians see other lesbians transitioning saying they are males and they believe it because they dont see a strong lesbian community, therefore they dont have the self determination and female identification to say what oppressed lesbians need to hear wich is: YOU ARE NOT MALE, YOU ARE NOT QUEER, YOU ARE NOT BISEXUAL, YOU ARE NOT PANSEXUAL! YOU ARE A LESBIAN ! WELCOME TO OUR COMMUNITY!

            i am sorry about the long text
            about the politcs thing, i really do not trust the hypocrite patriarchal left, i dont like the way they excuse leftist dictators like Fidel Castro ( that used to murder gays just for being gays), i dont like when they put males in female bathrooms ( like happened to canada and USA, but trump is helping on this issue (of course i dont like trump but i agree with him on this one).
            I can only dream with a lesbian community where i can hide.


          • Bev Jo says:

            I agree with you vehemently about all of it except for Trump who is not trying to help or defend women. It’s never a good idea to say we agree with that nazi on anything since he wants us dead or worse.

            It’s a con to look like he is supporting the right wing religious and “family values,” so don’t be fooled by him or whoever is in charge of him.

            It also will be used against us, and we don’t need to be in that fight.

            We know all the games men play. We can hate the leftists who hate us, as well as the right wing. But some of the leftist politics, which Lesbian Feminist incorporated the best of, like wanting no rich or poor, equality for everyone, no racism or classism or other oppressions, are much better than anything from the right wing. We can use our Dyke Separatist politics and wisdom to see through it all.

            Never worry about writing too much here. It’s terrible the hell you went through trying to find Lesbian support and community. I was just writing about that. We know so well what we have lost because of the trans cult and their collaborators. Too many Lesbians are so willing to give away what we never even had. And those with more privilege forget that their privilege protects them as they do their bizarre philanthropy that harms Lesbians, girls, women….

            I’m so glad you found us….


  29. Helena says:

    I totally agree with you that trump is not thinking about women since hes a disgusting rapist, homophobe, hypocrite, liar ( he is no different from all straight men in my opinion , i know it may sound that i am a crazy hateful person but i dont care, this is how i feel, i dont trust males and i want distance from males. If i could i would build a city only for women ).
    But i cant help to think that the thing about the bathroom that he did is really good, and i support it really, i dont want those males harassing females in the bathroom, this invasion is a really serious thing to me, it kills me to see female spaces being invaded .. and the left is harming females, destroying lesbians with their queer fascism , i also dont like the hyprocisy of leftist women wearing the hijab like its empowerment and never talking about the fact that in the middle east they are forced to wear it, otherwise they throw acid on their faces, also saying nothing when muslim women worship sharia law like islam is a religion of peace (the organizer of womens march), they give a free pass to islam.. all religion are bad for women… i want female liberation not lies!
    I think females (who are the main target of male violence as always) should be able to have full access to guns , so i disagree with brazilian leftist politics, i want to defend myself, i am a thin weak female, i live in constant fear and i want a gun, but i cant because the leftists dont let me!
    At this point, i dont feel that i belong anywhere in politics since i hate both right wing and left wing.
    I wish i could live in a lesbian separatist society in the woods, with animals and nature.


    • Bev Jo says:

      What you’re saying about Trump being evil isn’t crazy or hateful but just true. And I agree about if we could have our own place. It was interesting that there was no violence in the recent marching by millions of women.

      The thing is, it’s dangerous for us to in any way say we agree with Trump, and I don’t and won’t. I really do not want right wing supporting comments in this space.

      Why say you agree with the new Hitler at all? You know he is doing what he is about the bathrooms as a hit on Lesbians too. They want us dead. It’s scary that you said you voted right wing. I do not understand such a betrayal of women, which is what it is. It doesn’t mean voting Leftist either. It depends on the choices.

      Why not just say you’re opposed to males in female restrooms? I agree it’s very serious and dangerous and keep posting about it, which is getting me banned.

      I agree about religion and that it’s not good for non-muslim women to wear the hijab. It seems so much like privileged women. A well-meaning friend of mine who is white and middle class a few years ago talked about that and though it was a good idea, but her Iranian lover was furious. She is in exile from her country because the muslims would kill her if she stayed, and she says she hates muslims. I wish more women would listen to her, and especially Lesbians who have such a history of betraying our own kind with do-gooding supporting our oppressors.

      I agree about the Leftists making things harder, but sadly we can’t just escape and live like we’d like. So we need to compromise. Trump got elected because of fraud, but also because too many women were demanding the perfect candidate and basically threw away their votes (not to mention unbelievable female-hating aimed at Hillary). I try to use common sense in terms of who would make our lives more liveable in terms of being able to survive, have a place to live, food, health care, and here that is definitely the democrats. They aren’t really Leftist though, but more liberal.

      We have to think and vote strategically. Countless Lesbians and women will likely die because Trump was elected while too many refused to vote or voted for Jill Stein (who I believe was bought out by Trump, Putin, etc.)


      • k.jane says:

        That’s why I voted for Hilary Clinton. I do hate the left’s misogynistic politics, but overall things are still better for lesbian/women when the Democrats are in power and they are still less evil than Republicans. (It would be nice if we could have more than two viable political parties but that’s another discussion.) The Republican healthcare plan is “hurry up and die already” so I can’t support that. (Though, since I live in a state that almost always has a Republican majority, I guess my vote didn’t count even though I picked the candidate who won the popular vote.) That border wall is a stupid idea and all you need to do is dig a tunnel under it. Or you can just catapult your marijuana over the border; that works too. At least 40% of the people here illegally came here with a visa, but then just stayed after it expired. So a giant wall isn’t going to do anything about that. Also, Clinton actually had experience as a politician and is more qualified to be president. You can also vote by mail nowadays so it literally only takes a few minutes of my time to vote.

        Regarding liberals and Islam, I read a news article a while ago where a Pakistani woman was accused of being a “white supremacist” by liberals for criticizing Islam, aka the oppressive religion she has had to deal with since she was born. I do think it’s a privilege thing to wear the hijab when you are not Muslim. It’s also another one of those male rules about how women should dress.

        It’s one thing to say Muslims should not be discriminated against for their religion and quite another to act like anyone criticizing Islam is a white supremacist, especially women/lesbians who have been personally oppressed by Islam and would have been executed in their home countries. Islam is an idea and in a free society is can be criticized.

        I do not support discrimination based on religious beliefs or lack thereof, but I think that religion is an enemy to women. I think that atheist organizations are also often enemies to women since they are run by men who prove that you don’t need to be a fundie to be a misogynist. (To my disappointment, many so-called “skeptic” organizations fully support the trans cult and some are anti-vaccine and anti-GMO. Yes, vaccines cause autism, but putting gender non-conforming children on lupron and telling them they can never be happy without major body modifications makes sense. /sarcasm. As for GMOs, Monsanto has some shady business practices, but GMOs aren’t automatically bad. Wheat and corn are very different than they were 10,000 years ago thanks to millennia of agriculture.)

        A lot of the men in atheist organizations are supportive of “trans humanism” and believe in shaky pseudo-science like social Darwinism and evolutionary physiology.

        I was wondering what lesbian anthology you are writing for and if it is possible to buy a copy. I really like your book and I’ve been trying to collect as much radical lesbian feminist books as I can.


        • Bev Jo says:

          Thank you!

          I voted for Hillary too and agree about it being better for women with democrats in power. Way better. I can’t believe some are still saying Hillary would be as bad as Trump. They need to at least learn some history.

          And yes, of course more parties would be good, but not without a parliamentary system. Those voting for Jill Stein basically elected the nazi. Not to mention those who were too superior to vote. (Only takes a few moments by mail. So many women died for the right to vote, and other oppressed people too.) Yes, your vote still did count.

          The wall is simply a racist diversion. Considering most Mexicans are First Nations or partly are, it is outrageous to say they can’t return what used to be Mexico, etc.

          I have an immigrant friend from a muslim country who says she hates the muslims because they forced her into exile and took over her country and she can never go home without being in danger of being executed. Too many Euro-descent xtian-raised Lesbians mistakenly think helping muslims is fighting racism, but don’t think about the Lesbians and other women harmed by their white guilt. I agree that all religions are dangerous.

          And of course we can be atheist without belonging to an organization.

          I have to disagree about combining right wing cons that ridicule people who are against vaccines and GMO poisons. People need to research the history and facts of how corporations harm people and use fake statistics and the medical system who profits off harming people before joining in helping them. The history is extensive.

          Any time any group with power uses ridicule to silence and censor should be a clue. I remember the ridicule for people opposing fluoridation, which is toxic waste by-product. And people objecting to toxic mercury in their teeth.

          When I was a kid, there were few vaccines. Now, my doctor’s office recommends 20 for babies less than a year old. No wonder the autism and aspberger’s rate is increasing. The accines harm the immune system and also contain serious toxins, and that’s been well known for decades. I’ve read that having at least 7 illnesses that cause high fevers in kids fully activate the immune system, which helps prevent many illnesses later, including cancer. Just the fact that women saying no to their kids being poisoned against their will for money are imprisoned says it all. And the hype about measles? WTF?

          I don’t know what lupron or the trans cult has to do with vaccinations or why you mention them together.

          Of course GMO’s are toxic and “automatically bad.” Why on earth criticize anyone for being against them? “Shady business practices” doesn’t begin to describe Monsanto poisoning the environment and killing people. Everyone in the US now has Monsanto’s glyphosate in our bodies against our will. GMO is about increasing pesticide use and selling poisoned “food.”

          The fact that people previously changed many plants with agriculture is an entirely different issue. What has happened to plants in the last 70 or more years is also relevant since people whose ancestors had eaten wheat for millennia with no problems now get sick from the modern version, which also are usually rancid as well as poisoned.

          Anyway, it is mainstream and right wing to believe corporations’ false statistics and cons. Being aware and not taken in was well as being Lesbian Feminist means recognizing all the ways patriarchy harms us. Of course adulterated, altered “food” for profit is harmful. And of course injecting multiple pathogens against our will is dangerous.

          Just the fact that we are not allowed to know what food we buy has been genetically altered says it all.

          Maybe the fact that some of us have been chronically ill for decades is why we are so careful and suspicious of trusting those controlling our food and exposing us to pathogens. Once you start finding out what’s going on, it’s horrific. Lyme disease, created in a US bio-weapons lab is another horror we have to deal with.

          My article is in Dispatches from Lesbian America. I haven’t read it, so only know about some of the other articles.

          It’s more an anthology of stories and I wouldn’t call it “Radical Lesbian Feminist” at all.


  30. Helena says:

    I agree with you that this man must not be supported, i would not have voted for him, i shouldnt have said i support his decision, it was a strong word. i live in a 3rd world country with a very high crime rate and rape rate, the law here is weak , they serve little jail time and go back to the streets to rape and murder women again, there is no life sentence,most murderers leave jail in 5 years and go back to the streets, all the time. the law must change and the left is not helping, while the right wing have projects of changing the law here, i regret voting for the right wing, it was a stupid decision based on lack of options and i didnt think of the fact that conservatives want me dead, like u opened my mind here. thank you for that . i am not voting anymore, since i dont feel represented by anyone. i have plans of going to the countryside of somewhere and making a woman only community.


  31. Julie Burchett says:

    This is like finding a radfem encyclopedia! What a lot of research and critical thinking went into these works; I only had time to read a few.

    Thanks for making sure we are not erased!

    I’m looking forward to joining the coffee house for further discussions.


    • Bev Jo says:

      Thank you so much! Actually, we don’t identify as “radfems,” but as Radical Feminists since most “radfems” are closer to liberal or even right wing, and dilute real feminism. (My article here on the gutting and parasitizing of our movement explains.) It’s become a way to recognize trolls.

      I wish you could join. We’re being very careful now since I’ve been locked out of facebook for a third month, after being stalked and reported as soon as I return. Our group is continuing though, so when you’re ready, send your info and remind our other moderators you were here.


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  34. AW says:

    Thank you for your work. The morality corset involved in women accepting and forcing other women to accept the trans-cult is such a male-centered value, misogyny bedazzled. It’s messed up how many contemporary women don’t see the reality, the real place we collectively occupy in the society, regardless of the GDP of the country each of us happened to get in the nationality lotto. The cult is one in their non-logic, testing waters, invading boundaries and tricking women worldwide using their deep-seated, male-stemmed trauma. It’s time women unite globally.

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