“Transgender” Simplified by Bev Jo

“Transgender” Simplified

Bev Jo

Did we ever think we would be in Lesbian communities where heterosexual men have succeeded in getting Lesbians to name-call and even physically attack other Lesbians for saying “no” to the men?

I want to support women who feel alone and isolated even among friends and in women’s community because they can’t bring themselves to go against their common sense and agree to obey the bizarre rules expected of all women (especially Lesbians), in order to be “respectful” of the female-hating trans cult that is now parasitizing Lesbian/women’s communities. The men who demand sexual and other access to us against our will talk about suicides among “transgender people” to shame and guilt trip us, as if it’s our responsibility. But what about the women who kill themselves because of trans bullying and assault? What about the women these men have murdered? Those stories are ignored or outright censored: https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2016/11/16/transgender-activist-dana-rivers-arrested-for-brutal-murder-of-lesbian-couple-and-their-son/

I am not phobic/afraid of these female-hating men and women. I am oppressed by them.

No Lesbian I know agreed to be added to the “LGB” category and even less agreed to have “T” added, yet now we are connected against our will across the media worldwide with our oppressors. As violent crimes by the “T” increase, Lesbians are implicated in most people’s minds.

Sometimes it feels like a real-life version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers or some other science fiction horror story where almost everyone you knew to be sane is now spouting female-hating propaganda, including feminist friends who not long ago agreed with you about being able to tell women apart from men. What on earth is going on?

Almost every woman I talk with about “transgender” say “it’s very complicated.” But it’s not. Only the rules are complicated because they are designed to tie you in knots to shut down your ability to think clearly. If you allow yourself to use your common sense, trust your own perceptions, and refuse to be terrorized into going against what you know to be true, the issue actually is extremely simple.

By the way, classism helps perpetuate trans lies. Classism is used to intimidate the majority of women who are class-oppressed into thinking that we are not smart enough if we don’t understand something. School and religion also train us to not question, and instead just accept something without verifying if it’s real. But class-oppressed women are often much more savvy about thinking through mindfuck, and I believe that is part of why our Lesbian Feminist community refused to join the cult for decades. But as our communities became overrun with more class-privileged women who worship authority and academia, which is often full of mindfuck, more women gave up power and agreed to obey without question. (One of the most bizarre manipulations which I see being ranted at us is that “science” verifies that there is no difference between women and men. Really? I could give a brief biology lesson….)

Allowing yourself to say no is crucial to thinking through the trans issue, but that is very hard for many women and girls because of the enormous pressure and bullying.
Can you think about other times where you’ve been afraid to say no?

Do you support women or do you support the men who demand we accept them as women, to invade and control our last female-only spaces? You can’t support both. It’s that simple.

If you don’t care for Lesbians and other women, can you care about the very young children being pushed into having surgery and taking hormone blockers in order to “transition”? Little children often play at wanting to be something else, whether being from another time and culture to even another species. Children as young as 18 months old are now being sold as “transgender” by parents with Munchausen by Proxy or who hope to get fame and fortune through media access, like some have already done. https://www.datalounge.com/thread/15901533-transgender-at-18-months (The “trans-paraplegic” able-bodied man posing as a Lesbian who pretends he wants a doctor to sever his spinal cord is another example. He never wanted to be paraplegic, but he did want to be in magazines and on television and he succeeded. They want attention. Why else does he admit to deliberately making his wheelchair fall over?)  https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/national-geographic-taboo-fake-paraplegic-chloe-jennings-white/

No, repeating over and over that “transwomen are women” like an automaton (or putting enormous lit up signs several stories tall) does not make men into women. (But as Goebbels said, “A lie repeated enough is believed.”) It also does not stop them from being dangerous. Men demanding that Lesbians accept their “lady peens” make it extremely clear. Haven’t men always tried to get intimate access to women against our will?  How is this different?

If Lesbians accept men as Lesbians, they are betraying all women. If they become intimate with these men, they are no longer Lesbians and are erasing Lesbians, defining us out of existence. (Considering that MRAs/Men’s Rights Activists know Lesbians are the biggest threat to patriarchy, this is a significant victory for men who hate women.)

If your first reaction to saying no to this cult is terror or rage, please don’t give in to what the cult demands you feel. Let yourself use logic. Remember that the trans cult is extremely right wing and not the radical progressive force you are told it is. (In fundamentalist Iran, Lesbians and gay men are executed, but the government pays for “sex changes.” A “transwoman” led the 2017 Nazi rally in Berkeley. “Transwoman” Char the Butcher (Clinton James Crawford), is a “white nationalist” blogger also into cannibalism who patrolled with weapons to threaten the women who went to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. Later his tattoo, “Die Cis Scum,” was popularized at the San Francisco Library exhibit that advocated beating and axing to deal women who say no to such men. https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2018/04/27/san-francisco-public-library-hosts-transgender-art-exhibit-featuring-weapons-intended-to-kill-feminists/


The key is not to ask how these men are not women, but ask how ARE they women, considering they do not look, sound, smell, act, write, think, or feel like women.

What does it mean if you do not believe those men are women but are too afraid to say it, let alone even think it?

                                                  How Dare You Think?

I simply do not believe any of it. No version of “trans” is real. That does not make me a bigot, but the opposite. My love and loyalty go to females, and specifically to Lesbians. Why on earth should I accept my oppressors’ female-hating lies as truth?

Some women respond with horrified incredulity at my disobedience, but why?  I never agreed to join a cult that is more dangerous to women and girls than many female-hating religious cults. I never agreed to become irrational and pretend that bizarre sexual fantasies are real. “Transgender” is no more real than any other oppressive myth, like “trans-Black,” “trans-paraplegia,” ‘trans-species.” I’ve already gotten rape and mutilation and death threats for saying no to the men identifying as women (classic cult as well as male tactics), so what else can I lose? I refuse to agree to a lie — a lie that is killing us.

Instead of just accepting that what you are told is true but does not feel true, try saying no, even just to yourself. Do you now feel terrified and guilty?  If so, something is very wrong. What are you afraid of?  If it’s about doing the wrong or “bad” thing, again something is very wrong. Why aren’t you allowed to think, even in the privacy of your own mind?

Meanwhile, if you are trying to talk about this issue in a group or even with friends, you are likely to be subjected to classic cult indoctrination, similar to what religious or political extremist groups do, where you can’t even finish a sentence without being yelled at for using the “wrong” words/names/pronouns — even when talking about longtime friends. That policing is designed to shut down your thinking and keep you afraid and off balance. It’s even worse if you are class-oppressed or oppressed in other ways. Now you are afraid to inadvertently hurt someone who you are being taught is way more oppressed than you (more cognitive dissonance, otherwise called “lies”) but also that your very mistake and understandable confusion is literally “killing” them.  What a bad and vile woman you must be.

The outrage aimed at you is as if you had said something as serious as a racist comment. That is because the trans cult has stolen terminology and politics from real movements for justice, including Lesbian Feminism, to bully and intimidate women. They also make the false issue of “trans oppression” take precedence over every real issue of oppression, so that no comparisons are allowed because that would reveal the truth, which is that they are actually crying about non-existent Reverse Discrimination. They want to erase what Feminism and Lesbian Feminism learned from other movements for justice, including how crucial it is to have the right to our own spaces away from our oppressors.

It would (hopefully) never be acceptable for someone Euro-descent to demand access to spaces for People of Color or then to announce that they are more “Black” than Black people who must now be called “cis Black,” or, even worse, be called “racist” for refusing to be intimate with white people. I expect every caring woman to know all this, yet it’s not allowed to be applied to women and Lesbians. Part of this dilution of and amnesia about Lesbian Feminism (and just common sense) is the shift from political awareness to selfish individualism, which leads to the rule that we are not allowed to say no to whatever anyone else wants to do (particularly the privileged), no matter who it hurts. (One example is that some Euro-descent people who claim to be against racism actually think it’s fine for white Rachel Dolezal to appropriate Black identity and culture.)

This policing of your mind and words is likely to be being done by women on behalf of “transgender folks,” (“folks” is deliberately used instead of “people” to make them seem more benign), so the men and women in the cult won’t even have to dirty their hands, and it’s more effective when it’s someone you have trusted personally and politically for years. You are also being told you are oppressive, which of course you never want to be.

So now, you are not only dealing with extreme pressure to use terminology that makes no logical sense, but you are clearly at serious risk for losing friendships and community. This is an especially severe threat of punishment for women who have grown up being marginalized, isolated, and bullied, including being yelled at and attacked for being Lesbians, and especially for being Butches.

How many of those women and men in the trans cult have previously targeted Lesbians with name-calling and threats?

I never see this mentioned, but bullies rarely change so I’m guessing quite a few of them targeted Lesbian girls and adult Lesbians. I know that some of the men, when still identifying at het men, have sexually harassed women and Lesbians who said no to them and some have sexually assaulted women and Lesbians. The times when I have been yelled at by strangers in public is when I’ve been called “Dyke” by boys, men and het women, and when I’ve been called “TERF” by a smug young woman canvassing for the Southern Poverty Law Center (simply because I asked a question) and a large mob of women supporting men at the SF “Dyke March” and countless time online when defending our space and culture.

An interesting aspect of the trans cult is that it gives very privileged people a way to terrorize Lesbians, women, and girls, while still feeling superior and “politically correct.”

Some women know that they had better play the game or they will also lose their jobs, homes, etc. But doesn’t that make it all the more important for women who don’t have their survival threatened to speak out and object to this incredibly female-hating cult?

                              Misplaced Sympathy and Other Motives

Trans supporters cleverly mis-identify and reverse the victim and abuser. It’s like women gathering around a rapist, making excuses for him and feeling sorry for him, while ignoring his victim or even telling her she’s the problem. (Don’t forget the large numbers of women who line up to marry serial rapists and killers on death row.)

Often when the issue of “transgender” comes up, we are told how many are attacked and killed, but it’s rarely said that the attackers are male, so why are women expected to pay for male-on-male violence?

The men identifying as “transwomen,” and their women worshippers, as well as the women identifying as men, get sympathy from Lesbians and other women. They forget or don’t seem to care about the women driven from our communities because we can’t bear to be around these men, including the men who stalked and sexually harassed us before they decided to pretend to be women.

Appropriating the identity of an oppressed people is on the spectrum of assault since it’s about erasure and theft of identity and community. It causes serious harm.

Women and girls often will sacrifice themselves on behalf of other people. Unfortunately, that too often includes sacrificing other women and girls for males. This is where both self-hatred and male-worship plays a major part. Men identifying as “transwomen” are considered far more important than real women precisely because everyone really knows that they are men.  Men use this to play females to their own advantage.

Meanwhile, women identifying as men are treated with more respect, increased status, and even adulation simply because they are pretending to be men, which of course is part of why they want to be men.

When honest, many women admit they believe that the TiMs (“Trans-identified Males”) who have committed some of the most terrible crimes are mentally ill. (I think they are normal, primarily het men, since men who are serial rapists and killers measure as “normal” on psychological tests.)  But for those who believe trans are mentally ill, isn’t it patronizing and enabling them if you play along as if you do believe the men truly are women and the TiFs (Trans-identified Females) are truly men when you don’t?

If you believe the myth that “trans” grew up never fitting in and always feeling marginalized and bullied, then where is your sympathy and support for the women this is actually true for – and who often were the victims of the same men and women now claiming to be “transgender”? 

I’m talking about Butches — not role-playing women and not the “tomboys” that most Fem and het women claim they were — but the girls and women who refused male-identified femininity from our earliest memories. I’m also not talking about “GNC” (“Gender Non-Conforming”) women, which is an offensive term that normalizes women who conform to male rules of false femininity at the expense of women who refuse — I’ve seen some extremely het-passing feminine women being called GNC by feminists. I’m also not referring to the Fem Dykes promoted online and in photo exhibits as “Butch” because they are posturing and objectifying ugly Butch stereotypes, including in sado-masochistic regalia. (The propaganda is so extensive that many Lesbians have no idea what a Butch is.)

Though some TiMs claim to be Butches (to have power to control what real Butches are allowed to do at Butch events and because Butches are the Lesbians they have most been unable to get access to), no men ever look like Butches. There is a reason that “trans” is increasing in the media while Butches are almost completely banned from being shown. https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/censored-from-butch-voices/


Unlike with some other oppressions, such as class, where we often grew up in families or communities that shared our oppression, Butch girls grow up with no one else like us, no one to reflect us back to ourselves. (No wonder so many Butches are self-hating and have died young from stress-related illnesses or suicide.) At a Lesbian brunch, an ex-het Hard Fem Lesbian lectured me that I don’t what it’s like to grow up never feeling like I fit in, but anyone looking at me would know that of course I did. She was promoting the myth of TiFs (Trans-identified Females), most of who are Fem, including Hard Fem, at the expense of Butches.

Another aspect of femininity is that though women can’t change being Fem from girlhood, they can choose to look as Dykey as possible and not pass as het or participate in the male-identified feminine look. This would help Butches and all women and girls, including giving girls examples of other ways to look like a girl and woman than patriarchal propaganda. I recently heard of a 15 year old girl who loved other girls, but the “professionals” and genderqueers around her told her that meant she really was a man and should “transition.” (In her country, there is no media showing Lesbians, unlike the US where we can see beloved Lesbians who look like Lesbians regularly on television.) So, by 19, she had a double mastectomy, complete hysterectomy, and started testosterone. Only after seeing a photo of a Dyke Fem star did she realize she could just be a Lesbian. She is furious about how she was misled. Don’t we want to stop these kinds of tragedies?

Even after the MeToo movement, most of the women in the media who supported it are still exposing their bodies more than ever with their tops open to their navels, dresses/skirts as high as they can be and still be allowed on mainstream television, and high heels they can’t walk safely in. (I can’t get over how many rich and influential stars claim to be “feminists” yet make themselves so visibly dependent on their male talk show hosts who are about to interview them that they need them hold their hand to help them go up two stairs without falling down.)

If all females refused to look like porn/drag queens but instead looked the dignified ways men designate for themselves, which many feminists in the Seventies once chose, then not only would young women and girls be able to see images to let them know they aren’t freaks or somehow males in female bodies. And the men professing to be women would have nothing to copy or fetishize. The trans game would be over.

This is where feminists need to be honest with themselves about their motives and how much they care to protect other females. Fake femininity is about attracting men (or bringing that het role-playing game into our Lesbian communities) and competing with other women. It’s revealing when women say they want to give up “being beautiful” to not play the game, because that reveals that they still think the ugly artifice and superficiality of male femininity is attractive, as opposed to grotesque and ugly. Why don’t even feminists think more deeply?

Another motive for helping the men destroy our communities is because now trans is trendy, and most women want to be trendy, no matter who it hurts. Some Lesbians also are flattered that exalted, superior men want to pretend to be us, not that they really do, of course. (Many of the TiMs switch back to being visibly male at their jobs or have made contracts to keep their high male salary before “transitioning.”)

We can never underestimate female-hatred and particularly Lesbian-hatred. The reason that almost no gay or het men have said no to the trans cult is because they are much more comfortable having the token “Lesbian” in their “LGBTQIWTF” organization actually be a man. They are more than happy for Lesbians and women to disappear completely. Male supremacy is expanding and there are few Lesbians left in “progressive” organizations. Another aspect is that most het men do want to keep their options open, so that, as they tire of their wives and children, they too can decide to be “Lesbians” and get access to us. (Most het male porn is about “Lesbians,” made for men, by men.)

Another even more disturbing reason I still am shocked by is that some self-hating Lesbians also feel more comfortable with men around. Recently, at a rare Lesbian party that was women only except for one TiM, a friend said she felt uncomfortable being around so many Lesbians. She’s been out for decades, so what is going on?  When I went to my first women only Lesbian events I was in ecstasy. Nothing can compare.


If you examine everything we are told we must believe in order to not be “transphobic,” which is one of the scariest accusations now made to women, you’ll find out that that language has been lifted from Lesbian Feminist and gay male politics, and is completely inappropriate when applied to the majority of TiMs, who are actually class-privileged European-descent heterosexual men.

We once had a feminist community where female-only space was understood and fought for. What happened? We knew we had the right to be with each other, away from men perving on us, staring, grabbing, groping. Remember how many het men said “I want to be a Lesbian”? Well, they still do, but now call themselves “transwomen” or “translesbians.”

And they call any woman who says no to them, “TERF.” “TERF” is a slur, just as is “cis,” designed to terrorize women into submission.

1. “Trans” is a delusion. It simply does not exist. What does it really mean?

We do not accept other kinds of “trans,” such as Euro-descent people, like Rachel Dolezal, who claim to be Black. (And no, please don’t start with excusing her by saying how she is mentally ill and really believes she’s Black and was well-meaning in lying and taking an NAACP job. Dolezal sued Howard University for “discriminating against her as a white woman.”)

We don’t accept the able-bodied white man who identifies as a “trans-paraplegic Lesbian” or the white man who also first tried to get attention by identifying as a “Lesbian,” but now calls himself a “trans-dragon” after getting extensive tattoos, his tongue split, nose and ears cut off, fake horns inserted in his head, etc. (This is a common narcissist pattern where when the TiMs don’t get the adulation they expect, they move on to the next appropriation or fantasy fetish). Note how this man is repeatedly called a “lady” and “woman” in the media, though he has never had “trans” but only “dragon” surgery. Also note his sado-masochist connection. There is a direct link with sado-masochists and the trans cult. Pat Califia, who did so much to bring porn and sado-masochism into our Lesbian community is another example of a sado-masochist now identified as “trans.”

So why on earth are the predominately middle class white het men who claim to be women, or worse, Lesbians, accepted as if they are real?
 No woman is auto-gynephilic, which most men claiming to be women are. (This term describes men who are sexually aroused by wearing clothing men demand women wear, including what is the most sexualized. Most men who claim to be women do this, and many describe wanking off in their own daughter’s, sister’s, mother’s, wife’s, etc. underwear.)  https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2012/11/21/what-many-transgender-activists-dont-want-you-to-know-and-why-you-should-know-it-anyway/#more-4274

2. How many times do you need to see and hear these men acting like men before you stop trying to force yourself to believe they are women?  If you are a Lesbian, would you want to be intimate with them?  Het men certainly don’t. (When a het man directed me to talk with a “transwoman” who was in his group canvassing for money, I asked him if he would date that man. He could stop himself from looking horrified.)

3. No, these men did not feel they were female growing up and no, they are not driven to identify as women by having BID or “Body Integrity Disorder.” Not once have I talked with or read a man identifying as a “transwoman” who sounded like he truly felt like a girl growing up, even though most say they did. Than can’t begin to describe what a female really is. If you ask them, they will go on about wanting to imitate male-identified femininity, which are male fantasies of women. It is all about fetish.

Actually, it is females who have BID since most do not feel comfortable in their bodies,
which is why so many are starving themselves to be thinner (sometimes disguised as an eating or health fad), and many put poisonous chemicals on their faces, hands, bodies, etc., have plastic surgery, breast implants, labiaplasty, etc. to make themselves “beautiful.” Countless women die as a result, including many who have starved themselves to death. Again, why do these girls and women not count as much as the men complaining about being born in the wrong body? It’s because males are valued so much more than females.

4. “Why would they mutilate their bodies if they really weren’t wanting to be women?” Well, most don’t. Over 80% do not have surgery and never intend to have surgery. If they did, they couldn’t sexually assault girls and women, could they?  Instead, they demand we accept their “lady peens” or we are called “transphobic.” Here is an example of how female these men truly are, from a card that “transwomen” handed out to women going to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival: “Second-Wave ‘Feminists,’ A hot load from my monstrous tranny-cock embodies womanhood more than the pieces of menstral (sic) art your transphobic cunts could ever hope to create.” On the other side of the card is a grotesque caricature silhouette of a female shape like are often on trucks, but with a large erect prick and the words, “Real women have cocks.”

These men patrolled MichFest with weapons, and when some did get into the festival, they exposed their penises to girls and women. This has been known about for years, yet women supporting these men ignore it and make excuses for them. Why?

5. Even if these men truly believe they are women, why on earth should their demands supersede what real women want? Why should these men be allowed to take over our last spaces, run our last organizations, and force us to share public restrooms with them? Even if you believe they are women now, how is that fair, considering they grew up with full male privilege? (Except they never stop being or acting like men.) https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/freemasons-to-admit-women-if-they-first-joined-as-men-n6mrqm6zl  Again, the reason is because they matter much more than real females do.

6. Why do women feel sorry for these men and not their victims, who are real girls and women? (Same answer as above.) How many of these men have a history of sexually harassing and assaulting girls and women? Why do women who push for us against our will to be in the same “women’s” spaces as these men never consider or care that some of us have been personally harassed or assaulted by them?  No woman should ever have to see a man who has sexually assaulted her in “women only” space.

7. Please learn the facts of what is happening if you care for girls, women, or even  yourself. Men identifying as women have the same violence rate as other het men (though I predict they will have a higher rate because of their grandiose sense of entitlement and rage, which is already being reflected in the media). A post directed to TiMs:

 “Your extreme cosplay also puts women and girls in danger. Men keep the same rate of violent crime as other men, even after they’ve had their genitals mutilated. Women in changing rooms, restrooms and other protected spaces cannot just assume you’re a “nice lady” – In Sweden, the male-pretending-to-be-female violent crime rate was 18x that of women.” from https://giantcomets.blogspot.com/2018/08/there-is-no-such-thing-as-trans.html

Yet all the crimes that these men are committing, whether murder or sexually assaulting animals and humans, are now listed as “women’s crimes.” Find out how much of these male crimes are now attributed to women in the media. And if the men are convicted, even if it’s for raping and murdering girls and women, they are put in women’s prisons.

8. Don’t differentiate between old “transsexuals” and newer “transgenders.” I keep being told that those who had surgery and have been taking estrogen for decades are less male and dangerous. That is simply not true. The man who stalked me into the Lesbian community in the early Seventies is still stalking and harassing me. Another man who is well-known from that time is just as bad — he suggested in a thread on fb that I must have had a bad experience with men to not want to be around “transwomen.” Sound familiar to what is said to explain why Lesbians don’t want men?

9. Don’t be naïve in trying to sound “reasonable” by saying you don’t mind the men if “they just stay in their own lane” or don’t bother us. What “lane?” How can you be so unaware of what is happening? In San Francisco, they have had their own “Trans March” for years, but now have taken over the Dyke March. For men to say they are women, and even worse, Lesbians, is serious and dangerous for all of us. Plus, be honest with yourself about what they actually want. Most of these men do not like each other.

They want sexual access to Lesbians and our communities against our will. And they don’t want to quietly join us – they want to destroy everything we have. It doesn’t take much research to learn about how, from the beginning, they got into power positions in our Lesbian organizations and community. They don’t care if the group splits or ends or many Lesbians leave and we all lose what little we had. These (primarily het and white) men have the rest of world to cater to them, while we have almost nothing. And yet they want that also. The real issue is that they do not want females saying “no” to them.

10. These men HATE us. Don’t ignore or deny it, because if you do, you are helping them harm us.

11. Do not fall for the ageist con that you need to be “with the times” and accept men as women. Truth and reality don’t change over time. It’s more popular to be a nazi now, but it doesn’t mean you should be one.

12. The trans cult uses Intersex people as a way to confuse caring people, but the trans cult has opposing goals. The Intersex community is trying to get the medical system to stop cutting up the bodies of babies and children and forcing them to take hormones, and instead want laws changed to protect them until they are old enough to decide for themselves how they want to look and be, such as by age 18. The trans cult is promoting irreversible carving up children’s bodies and putting them on harmful hormone blockers.

13. How many women care about the women and children who are abandoned when their husbands and fathers get bored with them and decide they want to fulfill their porn fantasies by becoming “Lesbians”? https://transwidow.wordpress.com/

                       PLEASE Stop Genuflecting to the Trans Cult

There will always be men demanding access to Lesbians and women, and there will always be men who pretend to be Lesbians and women. The real problem now is the vast numbers of their women supporters who bow down to these men, obey their rules, and then police any women who is thinking for herself and daring to say no.

No matter what fear you have about how much status you might lose, is it really worth betraying all females by giving these female-hating men and women what they demand? They now have control of our last Lesbian and female-only organizations, and destroyed the few who said no. Even worse, laws are being changed in many countries to give these men more access to women and girls against our will. Men are now replacing women in positions designated specifically for women. The recent “women” candidates from the UK Labour Party were almost all men. Boys and men are replacing girls and women in what used to be female-only sports. https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2014/09/18/fallon-fox-why-hormones-dont-make-a-woman/

Anyone not fighting this attack on females is complicit.

Once women began selling us out for status and power, anyone else with a position in the “women’s” community felt they had to play the game or be punished. But if all women said no, then there would be no one for the men to use.

So what can we do individually? Just stop playing the game. Don’t let yourself be bullied into using their illogical terms, including pronouns. Never use the oppressive and offensive term “cis,” which makes “transwomen” the norm.

It is also offensive and oppressive to call men “women” of any kind. “Transwomen” are no more real than “trans-paraplegics.” It’s just that there are more of them. So please stop using the term “transwoman.” It’s not accurate and harms all females. Again, if this frightens you, think about why that is even more reason to disobey a rule you never agreed to. And please stop participating in policing other women and Lesbians on behalf of these men.

And please do not give credibility to the myth of men in drag being oppressed by reciting the now expected mantra “I acknowledge that transwomen are oppressed and do not wish them ill.”  Do other oppressed people feel compelled to make such a statement if they dare to talk about how they are being oppressed? No, they don’t.

Do not accept their re-writing our Lesbian history and do not accept women who continue their propaganda. This level of bullying about the “transgender” issue is relatively new in women’s/Lesbian community. In the Fifties, there had been some men in the media who said they were women and wanted to marry men, but by the early Seventies, only a few men claimed to be Lesbians. There still aren’t many, but their power in the Lesbian and women’s communities, as well as the media, is astounding, though it took years to develop. Now men who say they are Lesbians have taken over our last Lesbian spaces and organizations.

And they are quickly re-writing and erasing ourLesbian history. I was told by the men who took over the San Francisco Dyke March in 2018 that I should be grateful for the “transwomen” who were in the forefront of our movement, like at Stonewall, and “helped” me come out. Lies.  No man helped me come out. The man who says he’s a Lesbian who stalked me into the Lesbian community tried his best to bully me into being het. It was Butches, Lesbians, drag queens and other gay men, who fought back at Stonewall. No trans were there. And even if there was, what does Stonewall have to do with our Lesbian Feminist history and community?  Nothing. That is not where our movement and culture came from. Our culture came from our own Lesbian bars and the Feminist movement.

Please learn our history from those who know it, before it’s too late. (They are already saying publicly that they will completely erase our history when those of us who were there have all died. Do not let that happen. They are already claiming dead Lesbians from the past as “transmen.” They will do the same about us if we do not stop them.)

Be informed (I cannot believe how many Lesbians in the Bay Area didn’t know about the SF Library exhibit this summer, 2018, that advocated beating and axing to death women who say no to men. That led directly to the attack on Lesbians at the Dyke March, which too many also do not know about). https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2018/06/24/lesbians-attacked-by-trans-activists-at-san-francisco-dyke-march/ Please speak out every time you hear women genuflecting to the men and cult. Women who would speak up if other kinds of oppressive comments or threats were made stay silent about this.

Meanwhile, spread the word that many people want to de-transition, though this is often hidden and denied by the trans cult. https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2017/08/29/philadelphia-trans-health-conference-bans-detransitioners/

                       So, How Do We Help Protect Women and Girls?

First, be courageous. Getting threats and losing friends is upsetting, but many of us have faced far worse in building and continuing Lesbian community. The more of us who say no and say the truth, the more will join us. (Remember how many have died and are dying directly because of the trans cult.)

Be prepared with answers to the lies. Have links that counter all aspects of the propaganda. Never accept or agree to anything that is simply not true.

Keep thinking and always go deeper than what are the superficial politics. Stay with the truth, always. (An example is how politics taken from het women’s feminism, like the idea that there are no female or male brains, has been unthinkingly applied to fighting the trans cult. Superficially, It can sound like a way to counter men insisting they have “lady brains,” but actually, it’s doesn’t, because the truth, scientifically, is that females and males have very different brains, with females having more access across brain hemispheres.)

Never compromise because that is always a serious mistake, no matter what the proposed strategy is. Too many feminists have hoped that giving in a bit will hold off the worst of the attacks and harassment. It won’t. It only emboldens them. Nothing stops their attacks except for total submission, which would mean agreeing that these vile pornographic men are real “ladies” and we are just to be used. I do not believe that giving in to their demands for sexual access to all Lesbians would even be enough. Too many women have sold us out by agreeing to that, but our bodies and lives are not theirs to sell, and it still hasn’t stopped the onslaught. I don’t think even they know what would enough submission to assuage them.

Do not agree to any trans cult fantasies and myths. Do not play along, hoping to not hurt feelings, because each betrayal has severe consequences for all women and girls.

Please do not use words that are being used against us. “Queer” and “genderqueer” now mean anyone, including het men and women, and so are replacing “Lesbian” as trendy closet terms. (An online comment: “The word lesbian is often used as a slur, particularly by young men, which to me makes the word icky. I feel gross sometimes saying I’m a lesbian because of how the term is viewed to many people and how a lot of the times when people hear lesbian the first thing that comes to their mind is lesbian porn which is made predominantly for male pleasure.”) Lesbian is our word and we need to reclaim it.

Do not say you recognize that people identifying as trans are oppressed for being trans. It’s a delusion. No man in drag, pretending to be female, is oppressed. (This is not the same as gay men being oppressed, but even for them, playing with drag still is female-hating.)  Euro-descent men who fetishize the oppression of people oppressed by racism might also be in danger if they put on “black face” and play minstrel (some Euro-descent TiMs actually do this), but that is not oppression. It is oppressive and offensive.

There is a whole other layer to men playing drag to “look” female, which is that nothing about male-identified femininity is intrinsic to females. All of it hurts females.

Let yourself dare to explore some of the history of the trans movement, which is full of bizarre fetishes, from pretending to be animals (“furries” and the “trans-dragon”) to sexually assaulting animals, to pretending to be disabled, to pretending to be babies or children in order to get access to children, grooming young women to sexually assault, luring young children into the cult, sado-masochism, etc.  Note how invariably the perpetrator is described as a “woman” or female pronouns are used. https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2014/04/26/woman-arrested-for-bestiality-news-media-fictionalizes-sex-of-crime-suspect/



https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2017/10/05/transgender-children-predator-alert-riley-byerly/  “Before his arrest at the age of 15, this transwoman had raped or sexually assaulted at least five children. From ages 18 to 26 he was confined under civil commitment in the state hospital in Jamestown, North Dakota as a sexual offender at high risk to re-offend. He was released last year.”



The man who had sexually harassed me when I was 17 and then stalked me into the Lesbian community recently set up a meetup group for women called “cubs and cougars.” No women responded, so the group ended, but friends have seen him trying to groom young women for sex. https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2011/09/28/beth-elliott-makes-it-personal/

A friend says that when she was 12, she went to her local “LGBT” center to find other young Lesbians. Though she is very feminine, the TiM running the group told her she was a “transman” and should have surgery and start hormones as soon as possible.  A friend in another city said that the main “LGBT” center also had men pretending to be Lesbians running the young Lesbian group to use the confusion and fear of isolated young Lesbians to bully them into letting these men fuck them. Of course if they said no, they were called “transphobic.” How many of these men have been supported by “LGBT” centers to rape young women?

Please let yourself research how much violent crime now attributed to women are actually done by men: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4104642/Evie-Amati-accused-Sydney-7-Eleven-axe-attack-born-boy-named-Karl.html And no matter how much you read, know that there are always more horror stories. But the women collaborators insist “this never happens.”

                So, what about the Women Who Say they are Men?

Even very feminine women who have no intention of “transitioning,” but tell people they are “genderqueer” and prefer male pronouns for themselves get significant privilege and respect at the expense of other women.

I see FiTs in public, avoiding my eyes and strutting around. Some just want male privilege without surgery or testosterone. I always want to ask them why they think they are men. Do they really feel like sexually assaulting girls, women and other animals, torturing and killing animals for fun, and pissing on everything they can to mark it as so many males do?

I want to tell them to not pull the transcult “body dysphoria” crap, which all women have. Don’t pull the “growing up and never fitting in” trope since most of the FiTs are Fem and they have absolutely NO sympathy or concern for Butches who did grow up never fitting in.

I understanding wanting access to male privilege, but, as a Lesbian Separatist and Radical Lesbian Feminist, I never would want to be a man, because those are the people who are destroying the earth and committing most of the crimes, from rape to murder to genocide. (Even as a girl I could not escape being aware of how dangerous boys and men are.)

Some Lesbians sacrifice themselves for their lovers. In a documentary, a Lesbian described how she was more accepted by her lover’s family. Her lover’s father said how angry he’d been that his daughter was a Lesbian, but now his daughter was “normal” because her lover had become a “man.”  As he said, “It’s better than being a Lesbian.”

But what is the most disturbing is that young girls are being pressured to become “transition.” I saw a documentary in England in 1997 about girls who didn’t want the male-defined feminine role that patriarchy insists we conform to. The girls liked the comfortable and more protective clothes made for boys instead of skirts and dresses, and they liked doing things that boys are allowed to do rather than playing with make-up and hair styles, posing, and flirting with boys. Instead of understanding that being naturally female includes liking to do things considered male, and that femininity in patriarchal cultures is actually a male invention, the girls were encouraged to believe that they were really males inside of females’ bodies. One of the English girls went with her family to Amsterdam to enroll in the Dutch transsexual program so she could begin treatment, which included a complete hysterectomy, a double mastectomy, surgery to alter her vulva, and daily injections of testosterone – all before she reached puberty.   Nothing was said about what if these girls changed their minds later. And not once was the word “Lesbian” ever mentioned as a possible alternative to explain their feelings. No other explanations were suggested either – not even basic Feminist ideas about gender equality.

Around the same time, a friend sent me a U.S. radio program in which a mother described her little girl wishing she were a boy from the age of three. Again, everything the girl said about why she wanted to be accepted as a boy made sense in the context of male privilege. She’d been upset when her grandmother gave her a frilly dress for her birthday, so she asked her mother, “Why don’t you tell grandma I’m not the kind of girl who wears dresses?” When that didn’t work, she tried, “Why don’t you tell her I’m a boy?” When the girl was six, her mother told her she couldn’t be a boy since she didn’t have a penis, so she said she wanted one. If the conversation had ended there, that would have been used by the trans cult as proof that the girl truly wanted to be male. But when her mother explained to her what a penis was, the girl said she didn’t want one. Still, her mother, who seemed unusually aware and caring, explained to the interviewer how she’d accepted, with “professional” help, that her daughter was a transsexual and would have to face surgery, testosterone injections, etc.  Again, not once was gender equality or the word “Lesbian” mentioned. This has since become an enormous lucrative business.

I don’t know why I’m surprised that many hets would prefer that girls mutilate themselves and damage their health rather than become Lesbians. But why is this also happening among Lesbians?

I’ve heard of TiFs saying they wanted “better jobs and more chicks,” and some seem to expect het women to swoon over them, but since most het women choose men to get full het privilege, they don’t want to be with pretend men.

A friend said a Lesbian who used to be popular is upset that Lesbians aren’t interested in her now that she’s a “man.” She reeks from testosterone, and, when she visits, she lays around and expects her Lesbian friends to cook and clean up after her.

I was more sympathetic to the TiF who said she didn’t want to be raped any more (though I didn’t appreciate her taking her shirt off in public where I couldn’t), but she didn’t seem to realize she actually might be in more danger since some TiMs like to prey on TiFs, accusing them of “transphobia” if they say no.  https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2016/07/25/transwoman-activist-cherno-biko-confesses-to-raping-a-transman/

One of the most upsetting myths has been that it’s primarily Butches who want to be men. From what I see, It’s predominately Fems, including the most well known FiTs, like Pat Califia, Loren Cameron, Chazz Bono. Califia and Cameron also identify as gay men now.

Then there are the women who go back and forth, like the photographer/pornographer, Della (Volcano) Grace. First, she got breast implants to be more male-identified fake feminine, and then had them cut off to “become a man.” A friend’s ex-lover went from being a Hard Fem to saying she was a man and taking testosterone. She got involved in a long distance relationship with a het couple who identified as “furries” and dress up as animals to have sex. The she went back to wearing her corsets and being a Hard Fem. Then she started testosterone again and had her name legally changed and started going to porn theaters to have sex with groups of men. I believe male-defined femininity and masculinity are the flip side of the same coin and are rooted in male-worship and self-hatred.

                                              Endless Mindfuck

Just as we are policed by women on behalf of men in the transcult, I’ve even been reprimanded as being “unfeminist” by “Radical Feminists” for daring to say that women who identify as men betray us. They announced that they will welcome “de-transitioning” women back “with open arms,” but wouldn’t answer me about if they actually knew any or tried working with them, like I have.

Why aren’t we allowed to say what is clearly the truth?  Naming betrayal is part of how we defend ourselves. Many FiTs fight Lesbians and try to destroy our communities.

I have also been told that we should prioritize the women who are “de-transitioning” over all other women, but why?  As Terri Strange said: “If you’re trying to be reintegrated into a community you’ve been working to destroy for years by your choices and often even actions why shouldn’t we be wary?”

Women leave Lesbian communities for many reasons, but most often the reason is to get het or bisexual privilege with men. Some come back or linger because they want the love caring, attention, and community they can only get with Lesbians. Some can be quite demanding, like the woman who laughed at the organizer of a disabled Lesbian project, saying she could not possibly mean to exclude bisexual women. (She did.) Why are Lesbians the only oppressed people never allowed to have anything for ourselves?)

Many Lesbians are understandably not eager to welcome back women who we feel betrayed us.

Meanwhile, women who have never been Lesbians but who are obsessed with gay men haven’t been generally part of our Lesbian communities. Yet, for some reason, if they identify as “transmen,” then they are welcomed in a way that other “fag hags” are not. Why? Why do het or bisexual women demanding sexual access to gay men become Lesbians’ responsibility?

In spite of knowing about the betrayals, I have tried to support some Lesbians who said they were “de-transitioning.” Some are playing games, while getting support and still calling their TiM husbands, their “wives.” One wrote that she couldn’t use estrogen to counter the testosterone she’d taken, yet continued taking testosterone and kept her carefully trimmed little effete beard to still pass as male. If she sincerely wants to identify as a woman, shave it. (This was not a natural female beard.) But no, she’s playing both ends. Another Lesbian who claims to be “de-transitioning” while still passing as male, has made outrageous demands on me, from coming to women only events I organized (where I had to deal with the other women whispering to ask me about what pronouns to use for her) to telling me to ask a Lesbian bandleader if her ex-lover was going to a dance (because her ex has a restraining order against her) so that I would be the one who looked like I had had trouble with that Lesbian.  Why do so many act as if we owe them?

Just as the men who claim to be Lesbians and women are on the spectrum of Narcissist to Psychopath, so also are women who claim to be men Narcissists, which means saying no enrages them, even though they are endlessly demanding. For those who say, “they aren’t all bad,” I say that by definition being so female-hating is simply bad.

I am not criticizing FiTs who are “detransitioned” and have come back into women’s community, but am questioning why we are asked to prioritize them over other women and Lesbians, and why we are not allowed to question the choices they made, but instead are asked to see them as merely victims. If we know that women had wholeheartedly joined nazi or klan groups and then said they quit and were with us now, should we not be allowed to question them before wanting to have them in our groups or community?

When in doubt, question what will most help females as opposed will help males against females.

For more information, I recommend reading Gallus Mag’s wonderful work over years in the archives at GenderTrender:



I first wrote against the trans cult in 1973 in Dykes and Gorgons, some of which was included in the Lesbian Separatist anthology, “For Lesbians Only.”  I have never stopped or wavered in my politics objecting to men claiming to be us, or about women claiming to be men.

This is the fourth article I’ve written about the trans cult. I wrote this as a leaflet for the 2014 OLOC conference, to go with my workshop protesting that previously Lesbian-only OLOC, which did not allow in non-Lesbian women or Lesbians under the age of 60, suddenly was welcoming men: https://bevjoradicallesbian.wordpress.com/2017/08/30/please-if-you-love-lesbians-and-other-women-think-about-this/

And my first and second articles, from 2011:


My earlier guest post at GenderTrender: https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/fighting-the-lie-of-%e2%80%9ctrans%e2%80%9d-guest-post-by-bev-jo/

Great videos about the cult:

From Terri Strange’s youtube channel:


Deborrah Cooper:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cygZHHDI0GQ&lc=z23mspyg5znadbkmvacdp431bj3q0spf5wl351z45gtw03c010c.1529737796453359

About Bev Jo

I’ve been a Lesbian from my earliest memories and am proud to be a Lesbian. Lesbians are my people and my blood. My life’s work has defending Lesbians and our culture and existence against those who oppress us. Working-class, ex-catholic, mostly European-descent (with some First Nations, probably Shawnee, ancestry), from poverty class culture. I’m a Lifelong Lesbian, born near Cincinnati, Ohio in 1950. I became lovers with my first lover in 1968, became part of a Lesbian community in 1970, and became a Dyke Separatist in 1972. I helped create Radical Lesbian Feminist and Separatist community and worked on some of the earliest Lesbian Feminist projects, such as the Lesbian Feminist Conference in Berkeley in 1972, the newspaper “Dykes and Gorgons” in 1973, the women’s bookstore, Lesbian coffeehouse, and taught self defense to women and girls for ten years. I’ve been published in journals and anthologies, including “For Lesbians Only,” “Finding the Lesbians,” “Lesbian Friendships,” “Amazones d’Hier, Lesbiennes Aujourd’hui,” “Mehr als das Herz Gebrochen,” the Journal for Lesbian Studies, Lesbian Ethics, Sinister Wisdom, Trivia, and Rain and Thunder. With Linda Strega and Ruston, I co-wrote our book, “Dykes-Loving-Dykes: Dyke Separatist Politics for Lesbians Only” in 1990. Our book and my more recent articles have been updated at my blog https://bevjoradicallesbian.wordpress.com/ I’ve been disabled since 1981 with ME/CFIDS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.) I love nature and plants and animals — and especially the animals who are feared and hated and killed by people who don’t even know them, just as Lesbians are. I’ve learned to love rats especially, who I do not consider inferior to humans. I’m a spiritual atheist, but I’ve found out that there is definitely life after death because a little rat returned from the dead for three days to comfort us. These hated little animals are so kind and loving, and willing to die for someone they love. I say, in our fight to protect the earth — distrust all “truths” we are taught by patriarchy. The true truth is often the opposite.
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4 Responses to “Transgender” Simplified by Bev Jo

  1. Peggy Luhrs says:

    I have long wanted to add the phallacy of complication to the list of logical fallacies. This when “it’s complicated” is said to pretend an issue just can’t be understood or talked about because it is so complicated or in post mod academic jargon so nuanced that there is a lot to unpack and it never is unpacked. Thanks for your clear and true writing on the subject.


    • Bev Jo says:

      Thank you so much, Peggy. I hear this so often from different kinds of women and don’t really understand why. I’m guessing that the truth is if they believe it’s complicated, they can’t be expected to take a position or try to stop the attacks on women by the trans cult.


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    collection of volunteers and tarting a new project in a community in the same niche.
    Your blog provided us beneficial informafion to work on. You have done a marvellous job!


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