Chapter One — The Crimes of Mankind

Chapter One

The Crimes of Mankind

Bev Jo

                     (Based on the Original Version by Bev with Ruston and Linda)

(This chapter was originally the beginning of Chapter Two, Heterosexuality/Selling Out Is Not Compulsory, in our book, Dykes-Loving-Dykes, 1990.)

All males as a group have power over all females. The overwhelming majority of men and boys harass, attack, and/or rape the majority of females. All girls and women have been sexually harassed by boys and men, and most have been sexually assaulted. Those males who aren’t able to physically attack us have other forms of power they use against us.

Even when a man seems to be caring and fighting for justice, he still is likely to be harming girls and women. Some of the most revered men across the world, have been found out to be predatory to girls and women, or wrote disgusting pornography.1

There are some men who do seem to be genuinely kind and trustworthy, but that, sadly, doesn’t change what the majority are doing. And we never know what males are doing when alone with those who can’t talk, such as babies and animals. (It’s often forgotten that men and boys sexually assault animals, but people in rural areas are well aware of it.)

Most women and even some reformist/liberal feminists believe the con that men are violent and dangerous only because of being harmed by childhood trauma, which, if that were true, would mean that most women would be serial killers.

The myth that socialization is the cause of male violence is one of the most dangerous politics perpetrated against girls and women. It denies reality. It denies what most girls and women know in their hearts and from their own experience. It denies that male violence exists across many animal species, and particularly in our mammal relatives. This myth is why women who are invested in boys and men keep devoting the majority of their lives to males, hoping to somehow make a better world, when in reality their very devotion to males prioritizes them before girls and women, feeds them psychically, emotionally, physically, and literally keeps patriarchy going. If women stopped supporting men, patriarchy would end. Besides refusing to reproduce, this is the most important thing that women can do for the earth. Rather than continuing to hope and fantasize that males will change, we actually have the power to stop men from raping, killing, making other species extinct and destroying the earth.

Because we are trained from our earliest memories to worship males and to believe lies instead of our own perceptions, the truth can be shocking and upsetting. But we can easily see the truth all around us, and it ultimately frees us.

Men know very well how innate their capacity for violence is, and how deeply, biologically different they are from females. If in doubt, just ask them. Listen to them and read them, and then, as many of us have done, stop voluntarily interacting with them on every level.

A man in India wrote:

“I have heard the socialization excuse too. It’s nonsense. Biological men are naturally born rapists. What feminists say about men — that they rape because of their upbringing and social conditioning – is ridiculous. I am a man, and I hate men and rapists because I was raped as a kid and I know how painful it is. Even after that, I feel like raping women when I see them. It’s a natural feeling because of testosterone. I try hard to control it because I know how painful it can be to be raped. But I don’t trust myself. I am a man and a potential rapist and I don’t trust myself because I can’t help with the testosterone. I can say that 100% it is not my upbringing – it’s nature. The only way to stop rape is to just not give birth to males. Girls and women can only be safe when there are no boys or men on this planet.”

Most men pollute the earth for the sheer pleasure of it, not just as the by-product of their industries. Men love to leave their mark as a territorial statement, just as many male animals mark “their” territories by spraying. Of course, human males also mark with urine, as anyone who’s been in a public telephone booth knows. Even when public toilets are available, men leave their smell and mark on objects in ways females don’t.2

Some Lesbians say in anger that men are such “animals,” but that’s insulting to animals. Of course all mammals, including humans, are animals, but men are the least natural of animals. Men seem to have the goal of creating a completely artificial world and have left their mark on the earth forever by altering the natural landscape in many places.
They’ve exterminated countless plants and animals already, and their murder of entire species is accelerating. They kill forests, build their ugly cities, pollute the sea and fresh water, change the land’s shape with their destructive farming and mining methods, and, as we wrote in 1990, they have even changed the weather.4

Men’s radioactive and toxic chemical wastes will contaminate the earth for hundreds of thousands of years. Plutonium, which is completely man-made, remains deadly for 250,000 years. One sixteenth of a millionth of a gram can kill a person, and men have already made thousands of pounds of it.5 If we didn’t know this was true, it would be hard to believe. Even so, it’s still unimaginable except in nightmares.  Man has truly left his mark on his territory and, for the most part, he’s very proud of himself.

People speak of “man’s inhumanity to man,” because the effect on females isn’t even considered. But Man enjoys his power and cruelty. It makes him more of a man. A male nuclear scientist who watched numerous nuclear explosions said what a “rush” it was because, “A male human being likes to see an explosion.”6 (As of 1990, there were over 50,000 nuclear weapons on earth.)

The US military has contaminated what was pristine forest and water in Viet Nam, where they sprayed Monsanto’s and Dow’s Agent Orange that was so toxic it still causes birth defects in the people victimized in their homelands, but even in the genes of the US soldiers, continuing into future generations. It also killed so many of the trees,  plants, and animals that they still have not recovered.

Most US people don’t seem to know that the US used nuclear weapons (deceptively called “depleted uranium”) in explosives used to kill people in Iraq, leaving the land and people permanently contaminated by radiation. (And this is the land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, once claimed as the “birthplace of Western Civilization,” meaning that even the land revered by European patriarchal historians was not safe.)

Mankind has also left his mark on his female possessions. In many cultures, men literally own girls and women. Some women are even owned by their own sons or other boys considered to be the heads of their families.

Fucking and impregnating girls and women is the epitome of males marking their territory. Throughout the history of man, rape has been used to permanently mark a people after invading their territory so that their future people are partly descendants of the invaders. Many women still think of rape as merely an expression of uncontrollable male sexual urges, but rape is calculated, premeditated marking and expanding territory. It’s a form of genocide as well as gynocide.

Men and boys raping and otherwise sexually assaulting girls in their families is also a territorial statement. Fathers who rape their daughters are declaring their daughters as their property. This includes beatings and other abuse with sexual taunts.

Statistics show that over one-third of all females report being raped,7 but the actual number is much more since it’s been estimated that only 10% to 20% of sexual assaults are reported, which is further proof that the majority of females are attacked by the majority of males. Most rapes aren’t reported, since dealing with male authorities like police, hospital, and courts usually mean experiencing brutal mental and emotional rape. (This is still true, 25 years after we first wrote this.) That’s not surprising, because men in those institutions are also likely to be raping girls and women. And some victims are raped by the men they go to for help.8

Because of the hierarchies men have created, men also oppress each other. Women with racial and class privilege have some power over more oppressed men, but all females are vulnerable to rape, sexual harassment, and other attacks by all males. Racist and classist lies portray racially- and class-oppressed men as the primary attackers of all females, but statistically, females are most likely to be attacked by males from their own racial, ethnic, and class backgrounds, and the attacker is usually someone we know.

Heterosexuality is a protection racket in which women choose particular men to protect them, thinking they’ll be safer, but they’re actually putting themselves in more danger.  In the US alone, a woman is beaten to death by her husband or boyfriend every four minutes9 — in fact, three out of four women murdered in the US are killed by their husbands or boyfriends.10  It’s ironic that Dyke Separatists are taunted by being told we “just want to kill all men,” when the reality is that it’s men who kill women. If every female, including baby girls, were able to kill in self defense any boy or man who sexually assaulted her, there would be few, if any, men or boys left on earth. (There would be even less if every non-human female who was raped and tortured by male humans was able to kill her attacker.)

Families exist in order for men to be served by females — domestically, emotionally, and sexually. A lot of us haven’t realized that such sexual service is required of daughters as well as wives, and that the rapists include all male family members as well as fathers.  Combining the numbers of reported assaults11 with the many more unreported ones (especially knowing that many victims of rape by male relatives forget the details, and others lack information to name it for what it is), we believe over 90% of all girls are victims of rape by male family. Of the many women we know who were raped as girls, none reported it to the authorities. The majority don’t tell what they know won’t be believed. And they’re also in fear for their lives. Most who did tell their mothers were not protected. Instead, the mothers defended and protected their husbands, boyfriends, sons, and other male relatives, and the attacks continued. The horror of living with rapists, sadists, and their collaborators — usually without the support of one person — means many little girls survive by forgetting much of our/their own girlhoods. (I don’t know of any woman who was not sexually assaulted in some way as a girl.) This mental and psychic colonization12 is even more powerful than males’ ownership of our bodies.

The resulting amnesia of individual females mirrors the worldwide mass amnesia of our own female past, of the time before patriarchy existed, before subjection, rape, and torture were the “natural” order of things. An entire population that’s brutalized into forgetting its own memories is more easily manipulated. Just as cultures are destroyed and colonized by the censoring of history, so also are individual lives damaged by the denial of our/their own pasts. Those who do remember are made to feel confused, alone, and shamed by attacks which we/they were powerless to prevent. Girl rape victims are told it was their own fault, just as adult victims are. We’ll never know how many girls were murdered to prevent the truth being told.13

One of the biggest patriarchal secrets has been the rape of girls by male relatives in “normal, happy families.” We’re taught the lie of “family love,” but we live the reality of rape by male family.

Even many Feminists don’t want to know about the extent of rape by male family and the reality of male violence in general, saying that talking about it is “negative.” But knowing and facing the truth stops the self-hatred many girls and women feel from being attacked. Men don’t want us to remember or to know what they’ve done and continue to do. They don’t want us to remember the power we felt in our essence as little girls before they began their assaults.  And they don’t want us to regain our full selves, because then we can stop them and change the world. Our families fight to stop us from talking about rape by male family, to protect our attackers.  For most of us, we already know the truth. To finally say it out loud and to fight it politically, releases the horror and frees us.

Meanwhile, the male media rapidly co-opted the work of Dykes who’ve been publicizing the prevalence of rape by male family, faster than any other female issue since the beginning of the present wave of female liberation. This attempt to control the issue shows how central it is to the oppression of females. Rape, especially the rape of girls by their fathers, is the most brutal, early lesson we receive in our subjugated status as females in patriarchy.

The media talks of “child-molesters,” concentrating on the minority of boy victims, when it’s girls who are the prime victims. They focus on the rare woman or Gay male perpetrator, which protects the vast majority of attackers, who are heterosexual males.14 Thus, fathers, step-fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, etc., escape notice and blame. The attacker is described as “deranged,” “unusual,”15 and “sick.” The reality is that the average rapist is a normal male, and studies have found the convicted rapist and “average” male to be psychologically indistinguishable.16 Elizabeth Ward writes,

“…it is obvious that the Fathers come from every class in society.  A judge, a          barrister, a diplomat, an eminent doctor, a university lecturer, a teacher, a university student, a businessman, a film star, a labourer, a tradesman, a public servant, a farmer, a counsellor, a minister of religion, a soldier, a politician, unemployed, handicapped, very old, very young:  Everyman.  All have raped girlchildren.”17

The rapists sometimes skip a generation, so that the woman’s grandfather sexually assaulted her as a girl, while her father sexually assaults her daughter. Both are pressured to forgive.

Far from showing concern for girl victims, the male media makes money off our/their bodies. Rape has always been a big seller, spoken of in sexually provocative, sensationalistic, and pornographic ways. Ads show young girls looking seductive in cosmetics. Men attack girls and then make films about it to get a thrill by watching themselves. They also try to take credit for “exposing” rape by male family, which also means they’re controlling women’s reaction to it. An explosive issue which could forever change all women’s attitudes toward men, heterosex, and the family is turned into a TV soap opera.

Something so full of pain and horror is actually trivialized by men, presenting it in a bland, unreal form in TV movies:  Daddy rapes his little girl, but he still “loves” her, and she “loves” him, and everything’s all right in the end — just like a het “love” story.  The family even stays together.18  It is lies. That’s one of the most horrible things about patriarchy — it’s terrifying and destructive, yet also deeply boring and numbing. The horror and damage immobilize us and take away our hope for justice and change. The numbing makes us passive. Either way, men make it very hard to fight back.

The long-term emotional and physical effects of rape by male family are so severe that it’s a wonder that any girl survives, let alone survives with any physical or mental or emotional health. Rape by male family too often is the cause of illness, suicide, and psychiatric incarceration of girls and women.

“The idea of torture is to … demonstrate that there is no hope, that you can’t trust anyone, that you have no control from the point of torture on.” “Torture as a conscious exercise of … policy [is] systematic violence used to keep entire populations depressed, disorganized, humiliated and quiescent.” These are statements in a newspaper about torture victims from Central America living in the San Francisco Bay Area. “Symptoms can include anxiety and physical aches. There may be nightmares, painfully vivid memories, muteness, overwhelming grief, insomnia or withdrawal.” These are also among the many effects victims of rape by male family suffer. They’re reacting the same way as torture victims. “A terrifying message can be sent to entire communities by returning prisoners to their families, broken and silent, or by dumping mutilated bodies in public places.”17 — like girls at school witnessing each other’s silent pain, like girls, Lesbians, and other women hearing about yet one more attack, rape, mutilation, and murder of a girl or woman. Comparisons to political torture clearly demonstrate the true reasons for rape by male family in a way nothing else can. It’s a male policy decision about the management of potentially rebellious females. (Females in countries where prisoners are routinely tortured are therefore doubly terrorized and damaged from rape.)

We’re not claiming men openly talk with other men about their decision to rape their daughters, though some do brag and joke about it. But their actions point to a mass male agreement on the rape and torture of girls: the male media either ignores or exploits the issue; the male police, legal, and social work systems collude by failing to prevent rape and convict the rapists; so-called “radical” men are silent in the face of the now widely-publicized statistics, trials, and victims’ stories; and males tolerate, defend, buy, act in, and film pornography involving girls. They may not make explicit government policies saying all men should attack and rape all girls, but in every way, men’s reaction to the issue indicates their approval. The judge who fails to convict a rapist of girls is, after all, likely to have raped his own daughters or other girls. Those who do protest are often doing it to protect their own property from other men.

                                                         Boys Will Be Boys

Mankind is poisoning the Earth. The air and water are contaminated, cancer and other man-made diseases are epidemic,18 and the same men who can create nuclear war at their whim are casually raping their daughters and other females. Female apologists for men and boys say that males are rapists because they were sexually assaulted when they were young. Why then aren’t most females rapists too? Or they say the problem is merely socialization — that “males were only taught to do these horrible things” (by who?) and “they’re really no different from females.” But the truth is obvious to anyone who’s not invested in believing the lies.

Females are clearly physically different from males. We have different organs, physiology, and body chemistry. Our brains are also anatomically different and function differently. The corpus callosum, the part of the brain that connects its two halves, is bigger in females, which means that females use the intuitive right side and factual left sides of our brains in a more balanced way than males. Female brains also use 20% more energy than male brains. One male researcher said that it takes males until their thirties to physically be able to develop compassion. Testosterone changes brains permanently, causing males to be much more violent than females. Ninety percent of violence in the world, across all cultures, is committed by men and boys. The man who compiled this information said, “Men are competitive and less sensitive to context. How do we insure global peace in an atmosphere charged with testosterone?”19

Why do so many Feminists avoid thinking about the proven effects of testosterone?  Men talk about it openly. It’s why male farm animals are routinely castrated — otherwise they’re uncontrollably violent and dangerous.20 (As filmmaker Michael Moore, said to Bill Maher on television, “We want to fuck anything in front of us.”)

The truth is all around us, and even our other animal sisters know better than most women that it’s the norm in males to want to rape and kill.

The behavior of many other male animals is similar to human males, with male mammals being among the worst: brutality, constant violence, fighting over territory, obsession with fucking, and sometimes killing females they are trying to rape, as well as killing the babies and raping and killing other species. Even media favorites like koala males, when attempting to rape the females, often kill the females and their babies. Male sea otters kidnap baby otters from their mothers, forcing the mothers to bring food to them. They kill ten percent of the females when trying to rape them. They also rape baby seals to death and continue raping the corpse until it rots. Male lions kill the babies, including their own, and rape the females. In one bug/hemiptera species, the males literally puncture the females’ abdomen to reproduce.

Certainly socialization doesn’t cause male animals to act the way they do, so there’s only one other explanation.

In response, some female animals have built female-only societies, while others choose to live in groups where all the adults are female and males are ejected once they are adolescent and from then on live alone, since they can’t get along with other males. Some female species, like ants and bees (so much for “the birds and the bees” propaganda) have almost completely eliminated the males and control the existence of the few they choose to create.

These aren’t just biological differences, but spiritual differences.  Body and spirit are united. You can usually distinguish a male animal from a female just by his facial expression. Too many Feminists don’t believe in the innate differences between males and females even when they can feel that difference. Perhaps it’s too hard to face the fact that nature isn’t perfect, because that also means facing the fact that males won’t change their brutal ways. Yet it doesn’t really matter whether males can’t or won’t change, because they aren’t changing. That is their choice and responsibility — no more women should devote their lives to males, pleading with them to stop their violence.

The behavior of many other male animals is similar to human males, with male mammals being among the worst: brutality, constant violence, fighting over territory, obsession with fucking, and sometimes killing females they are trying to rape, as well as killing the babies. Even the media favorites like koala males happily kill babies and females. Male sea otters not only kill babies to control females, but they also rape baby seals to death and continue raping the corpse until it rots, many days later. Certainly socialization doesn’t cause male animals to act the way they do, so there’s only one other explanation.

Some female mammals choose to live in groups where all the adults are female and males are ejected once they are adolescent and from then on live alone, since they can’t get along with other males. Male lions frequently prey on the female societies, intruding on their territory, stealing their food, and killing lion cubs, including their own offspring. These aren’t just biological differences, but spiritual differences.  Body and spirit are united. You can usually distinguish a male animal from a female just by its facial expression. Too many Feminists don’t believe in the innate differences between males and females even when they can feel that difference. Perhaps it’s too hard to face the fact that nature isn’t perfect, because that also means facing the fact that males won’t change their brutal ways. Yet it doesn’t really matter whether males can’t or won’t change, because they aren’t changing. That is their choice and responsibility — no more women should devote their lives to males, pleading with them to stop their violence.

Why do most women forget the incredible cruelty and nastiness of the boys of their childhood?  Boys are miniature men who grow up to have the power of adult men.  They actively oppress girls in the same way men oppress females, by humiliating, insulting, beating, raping, and even killing girls.  We know Lesbians who were sexually assaulted when they were little girls by boys as young as five years old.  We know of a seven-year-old girl raped by her nine-year-old brother. This isn’t uncommon.20

Boys also verbally and physically assault women. Women sometimes arrogantly believe themselves safe from boys’ physical attacks, but if there are enough boys or if the females are unable to fight back, they too can become victims of even very young boys. And because of their age, boys are rarely punished and are safe from prosecution even when they’ve committed murder — after all, “boys will be boys.”

As our Separatist friend, Katinka, from Sweden, wrote to us:

“These are just a few of the things I read in the newspapers recently; a 7-year-old girl stoned to death by a boy, a 10-year-old girl stabbed to death by a 16-year-old male, a 58-year-old woman stabbed in the neck and killed by an 11-year-old boy, a 13-year-old stripped naked and beaten in the schoolyard by boys, and a 6-year-old girl who had been kicked so severely by boys her own age at a day care that she had nightmares and screamed while sleeping. A friend of mine in West Virginia told me about a murder reported in the newspapers there where a Lesbian had been stabbed to death by her 15-year-old son; he stabbed her lover as well but she survived.  The crimes of even younger boys against girls and baby girls never reach the news media of course and these boys as well as teenage boys are never punished in any way since the girls are blamed and no one really recognizes it as oppression to begin with.”21

In Katinka’s article, “In Defence of Dykes’ and Girls’ Lives,” She says:

“Lesbians are often ‘shocked’ at many Lesbians’ hatred of boys. Why is that? I am shocked, angered and disappointed by many Lesbians’ lack of understanding of girls’ lives. Hatred and anger are healthy and natural reactions to oppression. These feelings are also politically important and necessary. My hatred of men and boys grows all the time when I see what they do to women and girls, and the indifference of others never ceases to stun me.”22

Still, feminists defend and protect boys. In a review of a women’s book of self-defense stories, a feminist wrote about one story that particularly shocked her:

“A woman who taught small children told of a 4-year-old boy in one of her classes who didn’t like the fact that she swam in the ocean. He told her that women weren’t supposed to do that, and when he grew up he was going to cut off her arms and legs so she couldn’t do it anymore, and then he would swim out farther than she had. Although such a little boy probably didn’t realize the gruesomeness of what he was saying, it does reveal the attitudes even small children can already have about women.”23

Why does the feminist reviewer excuse that boy? Of course boys know exactly what pain, injury, and limitation is. After all, a popular boys’ pastime is to torture and kill animals. Calling the boy’s threat “the attitudes of small ‘children,’” denies the difference between girls and boys, and holds girls equally responsible for such violent anti-female attitudes.

Blaming socialization for boys’ violence blames the females who raise and teach boys.24  The implied solution is that even more female lives should be devoted to changing males. The reality is that men and boys know it’s wrong to rape and murder.  There are laws in most cultures saying so. Blaming socialization excuses those who commit the crimes and portrays the attackers as victims. This is the typical patriarchal trick of reversing reality — the truth is called lies and lies are called truth. In the resulting muddle, no male is ever held responsible for his actions. The truth is that the crimes of mankind are willful and deliberate. We ask: When will men and boys be held accountable for their crimes? When will females of all ages be protected and cared for, instead of their attackers?  Why do women so often love the rapist more than they love his victims?


1 It’s revealing how female-hating the most revered men seem to be, from Mohandas Ghandi, who forced young girls to sleep naked with him to prove his celibacy, to the often-quoted Sufi poet, Rumi, who wrote a poem about a woman who watched her female servant enjoying being fucked by a donkey, so she tried it, and ended up being fucked to death. How lovely and spiritual. The Importance of Gourd Crafting, The Essential Rumi, New Expanded Edition, translated by Coleman Barks, HarperCollins Press, 2004,181.

2 This study of men’s toilet behavior found that men leave a hormonal secretion on toilets. When they have a choice, men choose a toilet unmarked by this hormone. Females don’t leave such secretions. A. R. Gustavson, M. E. Dawson, and D. G.  Bonett, “Androstenol, a Putative Human Pheromone, Affects Human Male Choice Performance.” Journal of Comparative Psychology 101 (1989): 210-212.

We know a Dyke whose parents visited her Lesbian household in the country, and the first thing her father did was to urinate against the outside wall of their house in full view.

3  It’s revealing how obsessed men are with the idea of artificial, man-made “people” and whether they can have true human emotion. At the same time that men call it “anthropomorphizing” and “wishful thinking” when some people believe that animals have emotions like humans, men continue to make up android characters in the male media, showing machines with feelings. We can’t help but think that men are obsessively trying to explore their own lack of emotion. Their question actually seems to be “Can men feel real emotion?”

4  Man’s technology and forest destruction is producing excessive amounts of carbon dioxide, causing the “greenhouse effect,” a warming of the planet, which causes huge storms, floods, droughts, and land loss. Many scientists say this is the beginning of an irreversible planetary disaster. (We wrote this over 25 years ago. The situation is obviously a lot worse now.)

5  “Dark Circle,” a documentary film produced by Judy Irving, Chris Beaver, and Ruth Landy, first shown on KQED, a San Francisco PBS television station, in 1986.

6 Independent Documentary Group, 1982, shown on US PBS television stations in 1988.

7  Information from Bay Area Women Against Rape, Berkeley, California.

8  “West 57th Street,” a CBS television news program, US, 8 October 1988. A 10-year old girl who’d been raped for five years by a family “friend” finally summoned the courage to tell her doctor. He raped her too, telling her she was “trash forever.” There are also reports of police raping rape victims.

9 Information from US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

10 Jeffner Allen, Lesbian Philosophy:  Explorations (Palo Alto, California: Institute of Lesbian Studies, 1986), 28.

11 Diana E. H. Russell says that in her study of 930 females, according to the broader definition of “incest,” including “ … exhibitionists as well as other unwanted noncontact sexual experience … 54 percent … reported at least one experience of … sexual abuse before they reached 18 years of age, and 48 percent … reported at least such experience before they reached 14 years of age.” (p. 62) However, Diana also says that “Many people cannot remember any childhood experiences before the ages of three or four or even five. How often incestuous abuse occurs with small babies … is unknown … One such recent case involved a father who self-disclosed that he had orally copulated with his two-week-old daughter. Most of these very young victims will never remember the incestuous abuse — a fact that some perpetrators are likely taking advantage of.” (p. 34) The Secret Trauma: Incest in the Lives of Girls and Women (New York:  Basic Books, Inc., 1986).

“One out of three girls are sexually abused by the time they reach the age of eighteen.” Ellen Bass and Laura Davis, Courage to Heal, A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (New York, USA.: Harper and Row, 1988), 20.

“Some studies indicate that 38% of all girls … have been sexually abused …” “Frontline,” PBS Television, originally broadcast Apr. 12, 1988. WGBH Educational Foundation, Transcript No. 609, 1.

“Research indicates around 85% of child sexual offenders [men who rape girls] are either a family friend, a relative, or acquaintance of the child” “ … around 70% of girls who are sexually abused … are 5 to 11 years old.” Family Violence Prevention Committee and Accident Compensation Corporation leaflet, New Zealand Listener, 10 December 1988, 117.

12 Females living in countries under foreign rule experience additional colonization.

13 “Most frightening of all is that many ‘inexplicable’ family murders that adorn the front page of afternoon tabloid newspapers are a response to incest. The family murders I am speaking of are those where the father apparently kills his wife and all their children, then shoots himself. When this causal theory was originally suggested to me … I felt skeptical. I asked the then most senior female police officer in the NSW police dept. if she had heard of this theory. Her reply rocked me: ‘Oh, yes, we know that. There’s nothing we can do about it.’” Elizabeth Ward, Father-Daughter Rape, (London:  The Women’s Press, Ltd., 1984), 90.

14 Most of the so-called women “rapists” who’ve been prosecuted for having sex with boys actually were preyed on by the boy, as in the case of Villi Fualaau, who was twelve when, after already fucking girls, told his friends he was going to “nail” his teacher, Mary Kay Fualaau (Schmitz/Letourneau), which he did. Yes, it was wrong of her to agree, but it was his decision, revealing how much power even a twelve year old boy can have in relation to an adult woman and teacher. Mary Kay and Villi were discovered and she was sent to prison for seven years, though he impregnated her twice when she was temporarily released, and she was sent back to prison. After her final release, they were married.

15 In San Francisco in 1987, there were a number of sexual assaults at a military childcare facility. In an effort to prove how “unusual” this was, the blame was placed on the influence of “Satanism.” Not only does this take the focus from the actual frequency of child sexual assault, it indirectly blames witches, including Lesbians, because in most hets’ minds, witchcraft and Satanism are the same thing.

16 Leaflet, Bay Area Women Against Rape, Berkeley, California. “Alan Taylor, a parole officer who has worked with rapists in the prison at San Luis Obispo, California, said, “Those were the most normal men there.’”

17 Elizabeth Ward, Father-Daughter Rape, 87.

18 This was the theme in Something About Amelia,” US film,1984. Girl rape is also a common theme in television advertisements. An ad for baseball games said a good reason to attend the games was “pretty girls – lots of them,” showing a girl who was about three years old. KPIX-TV, San Francisco, 6 September 1987. An ad for the US NBC television series “Hunter” said, “The bait in a murder trap is blonde, beautiful, and two years old.” San Francisco Chronicle, 1 December 1988.

17  Edward W. Lempinen, “Memories of Torture Haunt Bay Area Refugees,” San Francisco Chronicle, 1 August 1988, A6.

18  In the 1950’s, females had a one in ten chance of getting cancer — it’s now one in three, Rose Appleman, “Cancer:  Breaking the Isolation of the Epidemic,” Coming Up, S an Francisco, December 1988, 9.  As of February, 2011, it is just over one in two.

19  Roger Bingham, “The Sexual Brain,” Community Television of Southern California, 1987. Shown on KCSM-TV, San Mateo, California, May 18, 1988.

21  In Florida, a seven-year-old boy pulled a gun on two girls in his class at school and demanded that they have sex with him. Information from friends, 1988.

22  Katinka, “In Defence of Dykes’ and Girls’ Lives,” Amazones d’Hier, Lesbiennes d’Aujourd’hui, No. 20, Québec, Canada (June 1988), 205.

23  Liz Quinn, review of Her Wits About Her: Self-Defense Success Stories by Women, in off our backs, January 1988, 18.

24  Anna Lee wrote an excellent article on this, “The Tired Old Question of Male Children,” Lesbian Ethics, Vol. 1. No. 2, 106.

About Bev Jo

I’ve been a Lesbian from my earliest memories and am proud to be a Lesbian. Lesbians are my people and my blood. My life’s work has defending Lesbians and our culture and existence against those who oppress us. Working-class, ex-catholic, mostly European-descent (with some First Nations, probably Shawnee, ancestry), from poverty class culture. I’m a Lifelong Lesbian, born near Cincinnati, Ohio in 1950. I became lovers with my first lover in 1968, became part of a Lesbian community in 1970, and became a Dyke Separatist in 1972. I helped create Radical Lesbian Feminist and Separatist community and worked on some of the earliest Lesbian Feminist projects, such as the Lesbian Feminist Conference in Berkeley in 1972, the newspaper “Dykes and Gorgons” in 1973, the women’s bookstore, Lesbian coffeehouse, and taught self defense to women and girls for ten years. I’ve been published in journals and anthologies, including “For Lesbians Only,” “Finding the Lesbians,” “Lesbian Friendships,” “Amazones d’Hier, Lesbiennes Aujourd’hui,” “Mehr als das Herz Gebrochen,” the Journal for Lesbian Studies, Lesbian Ethics, Sinister Wisdom, Trivia, and Rain and Thunder. With Linda Strega and Ruston, I co-wrote our book, “Dykes-Loving-Dykes: Dyke Separatist Politics for Lesbians Only” in 1990. Our book and my more recent articles have been updated at my blog I’ve been disabled since 1981 with ME/CFIDS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.) I love nature and plants and animals — and especially the animals who are feared and hated and killed by people who don’t even know them, just as Lesbians are. I’ve learned to love rats especially, who I do not consider inferior to humans. I’m a spiritual atheist, but I’ve found out that there is definitely life after death because a little rat returned from the dead for three days to comfort us. These hated little animals are so kind and loving, and willing to die for someone they love. I say, in our fight to protect the earth — distrust all “truths” we are taught by patriarchy. The true truth is often the opposite.
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38 Responses to Chapter One — The Crimes of Mankind

  1. Once more you are telling a very uncomfortable truth without giving in to the pressure to conform!

    The problem whether men are broken by design or can be ″bettered″ is probably the true core question that distinguishes radical and liberal feminism.
    I see liberal feminists basically begging men to be nicer, even trying to humor the sociopathic male terror organisations (″MRAs”) by telling them how they LOVE men and therefore expect them to do better. I’m currently writing something about this strange phenomenon and I strongly suspect that this is no new thing at all.

    This also reminds me of the narrative many women trot out when it comes to violent men: So many abused women think that their love will change the abuser. So many – oftentimes female – psychologists/psychiatrists/therapists think that enough acceptance and understanding will ″heal″ violent criminals. So many (adoptive) mothers believe they just have to give enough love to the poor, misunderstood violent boy and he will change.
    The idea that men as a class can be bettered is exactly the same on a bigger scale. Males by default are violent criminals, no matter their age. As you say so brilliantly, tell them no to find out.

    Regarding the fact that so many girls are raped, often by their own fathers or brothers: When I was seeing a feminist therapist, one of the questions she asked me during the first session was if my father had molested me. She asked that all casually, I replied just as casually ″No, I don’t think so″ and she said, still all casually, ″Oh, okay″, took that down in her notes and proceeded to ask me how many rooms my childhood flat had to find out more about my origins class-wise. The sheer casualness of this short dialogue in hindsight is terrifying, but back then I didn’t think anything of it. Women KNOW that this thing happens all the time, to a degree that it is no big thing to suggest it at all. But as soon as women are speaking out on this or draw political conclusions, they will have hell unleashed on them. The omertà is still intact

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  2. Bev Jo says:

    Thank you, and I agree!

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  3. staceyjwsolar says:

    This isn’t really a comment, but I didn’t know where else to post it. You can post it, or not.

    I have written, deleted, and rewritten, this note about 5x already, searching for the right words to express my deep appreciation for your work. Patriarchy, plus consumer culture, has hollowed out, limited, even reversed, our few words regarding such emotions/ descriptions (ie: love, friend, excellent, etc). Trying to precicely describe how I feel always falls short.

    This is why when I say that I appreciate your work, it doesn’t relay the intensity of this thankfulness. I can say that you have inspired, and informed me, in a way so rare, it’s priceless, but that still doesn’t convey how invaluable your work is. I can also say that your work has helped me regain my voice and reconnect to my soul, and is literally saving my sanity, my life; that this may come across as trite is a failure in language. But it’s all true.

    I was going to explain all of the material changes I have made, because of the epiphanies I experienced from your, and a few others writings, but suffice to say, I have rededicated my life to women and girls, and healing my soul.

    Much love Sister,

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    • Bev Jo says:

      Thank you so much! Please never feel that you have to write perfectly or so carefully it is stressful and takes too much of your time. It’s so easy for women to feel so constrained in expressing ourselves that we censor ourselves, and often this is because of additional oppressions. Two of my favorite writers feel they aren’t good enough writers to write, which is a loss for all of us.

      Your words help us to keep going. xoxoxo

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  4. redhester says:

    thank you. thank you so much. we have to wake up to the agonizing truth. thank you for helping me wake up. and fight.

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  5. For the last hour I have gone back and forth w a lib fem as she objected that I said that WOMEN need to be the only focus of feminism, as I explained it is a movement for women’s liberation from oppression which is the basis of feminism. I pointed out how even this conversation we were having is proof that women always come in last (and lesbians? HA, they don’t even register). I simply cannot talk with a lib fem without this coming up and then dominating the conversation.
    NO WONDER the only success is in the rad fem. rad lesbian community. They always do the heavy lifting with zero appreciation.

    (I am becoming aware of how to focus on only women, even in writing. I had started this post out of frustration at the centering of the enemy, but chose to focus on writing only about women, so this also did not become about anything but WOMEN. So subtle, yet so powerful.)

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    • Bev Jo says:

      It’s true, that Radical Feminists and especially Radical Lesbians are the only ones saying what could actually change things and change the earth. I know what you mean about being sick of it. No one supports us, so we have to.

      Note that the “radfems” came later, and many defining themselves that way are closer to liberal/reformist and even rightwing, and are now gutting our movement. Many never bothered to learn our original Radical Feminist policits and are systematically diluting and altering the definition, and they do it with incredible arrogance, trying to wipe out anyone who reminds them of what Radical Feminism is. As you see some of them over just a few years, they are now supporting and promoting the men who appropriate our identity. I believe some of them lierally are agents since this goes beyond just betraying us for power and status.

      I explain in

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  6. Lisa says:

    It’s strange that most men and non-feminist and anti-feminist women will believe that men are not socialized into being sexually violent and violent in general but many feminists will insist they are. Radical Feminists and even radfems manage to believe both that men and women are inherently different and that gender roles are oppressive and untrue. I guess this concept is too difficult for most people to comprehend. Just because it looks like a dichotomy doesn’t mean it is.
    Many self-titled radical feminists claim they believe men are aggressive and oppressive because of socialization, would you say this makes them not radical feminist?
    Also, was that Indian man who made that comment about hating rapists a famous man or a random commenter?


    • Bev Jo says:

      I think a lot of women are saying they are “radfems” or Radical Feminists because it’s trendy when they are not even close, and then they often will say who is and who isn’t a RF, no matter how new they are.

      Believing males and females are deeply biologically, spiritually different is a dividing line between real Radical Feminists and reformists/liberals. Intrinsic in the socialization theory is that they can be trained differently. They can’t be. All men know this and most women do too. It’s more the women invested in men who insist that there are not basic differences. We can easily see it in our other animals relatives. They know.

      He’s just a commenter.

      This is a great article on the topic:

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  7. i am a woman and agree with quiet a bit of what you said but some stuff is purely hypocritical!! Anna Keichline invented brick used in constructing the evil cities you live in.Mary Sherman Morgan invented fuel for rockets Tara Lemmey built a company that owns 40 patents in technology she co-invented…. the ugly city is where you live you live in the very area where some animal once lived and had to vacate.. because of you occupying that house someone will have to build him/her another one… cutting down forests… you typed your entire blog using a technology that uses electricity do you know how much waste and effluent an electric plant generates? if you stop using electricity demand for it will reduce and so will the water pollution.. also stop using a toilet all that shit goes to the seas as well.. stop eating demand for food will reduce and so will farming which is evil.. any jewelry you wear, the pots you cook in the beams in your house the components of your pc/laptop/phone are metal which is mined stop using such things demand for mining will reduce… all that should positively impact the whether!!! big generator of radioactive and toxic waste and plutonium user is an electricity generation plants another reason you shouldn’t turn on the lights! btw radioactivity was discovered by marie curie who won the nobel prize twice for her work in the field of radioactivity. for try it vacate your house stop using technology of any kind


    • Bev Jo says:

      No, you are the bullying hypocrite. You think we should all just kill ourselves? It’s interesting that this kind of bullying is usually aimed at women, to make us feel guilty for still being alive. Are you living how you preach?

      It’s only Lesbians I know who have made their lives hell by living with as little as possible. Less threat to patriarchy that way.

      You think I wear jewelry???

      Of course some women collaborate and help patriarchy, but very few compared to the men.

      I say, let the men dissolve first. I have less impact on nature than many I know, but I will not kill myself. To those deep in this mess, I say, after you.

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      • KgSch says:

        That person certainly isn’t living how they preach; they are using technology. I also think it’s interesting how women are the majority of the people pointing out how messed up the environment has become and the majority of lesbians have less resources than a lot of people, and yet why are expected to feel bad about being here and kill ourselves.

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    • Eyeveins says:

      “I am a woman” = man

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  8. KgSch says:

    I once took a “women’s and gender” studies class and the excuse for male violence basically boiled down to the idea of socialization. They were critical of any suggestion that nature had anything to do with it and said that saying testosterone was to blame was excusing their behavior and saying they weren’t responsible for their actions. But the problem is, we know men and boys are capable of controlling their actions when the risk of getting in trouble for sexual harassment and rape isn’t worth it and there are laws prohibiting those things. You also had a good point about how the socialization idea just implies that we need to spend even more time and energy on men so they turn out right, while just not supporting women and girls, even though the majority of women and girls do not become rapists and serial killers despite their abusive childhoods. I do think in a lot of cases men are raised to believe they are better than women and that they have the right to push women around. HOWEVER, that doesn’t explain men who grew up with mothers who had benefited from the feminist movement nor does it explain that disgusting pornographer who had lesbians parents and claims to be a “butch lesbian” and censors real lesbians from speaking.

    Either way, men as a group aren’t changing! No matter how much energy women throw at them, including the stupid women who humor male terrorists, they won’t change. It doesn’t matter that a few men might be decent people because the majority of them sexually harass or rape the majority of women and girls.

    Plus, women and girls by far get the worst deal when it comes to how they are raised. I think it is worse than when I was a kid because so many people my age who are parents are into strict gender roles and they like to flip out when their three-year-old daughter dares to play outside and get that princess dress dirty. They constantly praise their boys for every stupid thing and it is just depressing. Lego’s were considered unisex when I was a kid (a little over two decades ago) but now they are considered “for boys only”.

    As for nuclear stuff, depleted uranium means that the “good stuff”, the uranium-235 isotope that is needed to make atomic bombs and nuclear reactors has been removed leaving mostly the 238 isotope. The 238 isotope has a half-life of 4.5 billion years (how we know the age of the Earth). They use that isotope in anti-tank weapons because it’s heavy.

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  9. KgSch says:

    I strongly dislike a lot of the ideas that get passed off as being radical feminist and you explained why. Stockholm Syndrome only applies to hostage situations and abusive relationships sometimes. Heterosexual radfems gushing about their exceptional Nigel do not have Stockholm Syndrome. Instead, they are fishing for pity from other heterosexual women and especially from lesbians. I would ask lesbians who think we should waste energy pitying het women what planet they are on. Seriously. The whole thing is a choice. I know because I choose to be part of the “everyone is bisexual” trend for a couple of months in high school, but then I realized it was stupid and became a lesbian.

    Even when men aren’t totally repulsive, they are usually dull. Most of them drain your energy too, like energy vampires. I like being a lesbian, but just because men are boring when they’re not horrible doesn’t mean that heterosexual privilege doesn’t exist or that any lesbian should waste her time pitying het women for their decisions to get status. Some of them actually love their men, but I do think a lot of het women are in it for the status and the praise you get for conforming. I have met lesbians who used to be married to men who brag about them constantly, then expect me to pity them because I’m “lucky” for never having been married to one of having sex with one. The exception is a lesbian I know who was married to a man, but it was an abusive marriage. She only talks about it to try to warn women what the signs of an abusive relationship are! In other word, to do something good for other women and not to stoke her ego.

    It’s interesting that pretend radical feminism perpetuates this notion that women are too “colonized” from living in a male-dominated society. Pretty much all other movements of oppressed groups will acknowledge that there can be collaborators. For example, I’ve never heard of any group fighting for justice based on race claim that anyone racially-oppressed is too oppressed by white supremacy to make choices.

    I know that the radfem circles on tumblr regularly have a lot of “infighting” where the stars of the cliques flip out and start doxxing (or trying to dox) women they don’t like. The women who are actually interested in building a community of women and interested in a real radical feminism always wonder what the hell happened, but what happened is that these cliques always implode in on each other. It’s sort of like high school.

    I see nothing wrong with wanting to separate from pretend radical feminists. Words have meaning after all. I’ve seen trans cult collaborators who were claiming to be feminist wanting to call themselves radical feminists because it sounded cool and they wanted to, “reclaim the word from those nasty terfs.” Talk about a mindscrew. On that note, I’ve noticed that a lot of these pretenders really don’t take a strong stance against the trans cult either. They are obsessed with finding their precious “true transexuals” and once they’ve found a member of the trans cult who isn’t completely repulsive (doesn’t send rape or death threats but still uses male privilege to police the discussion), the pretenders point to him (it’s ALWAYS a MTT) and go on and on about how the poor thing has dysphoria. It’s actually quite similar to the liberal feminist obsession with finding exceptional men, except more “queer”. I can believe that some gay men go the trans route because they can’t handle their gayness and may hate their bodies, but men with self-esteem issues are not a feminist priority. Plus, the overwhelming majority of trans consists of porn-obsessed het men who hate lesbians and want to be us. There are also gay men who become trans for the full-time attention and the get-out-of-being-called-out-on-your-misogyny card.

    Women are the people with dysphoria, not men and this is because of the constant sexual harassment and sexual violence in many cases as well as the increasingly photoshopped and pornographic images of women we see all the time in the media. (Yet in spite of so many young girls starving themselves to be unrealistically thin, even when they come from families that can afford enough food to eat, it’s still forbidden to criticize femininity.) If you criticize it, women who do the femininity thing act like you are personally attacking them, which is ironic when they are often the ones who like to make unwanted comments on the appearance of any woman who doesn’t wear makeup and wears comfortable shoes. One time I was talking to an acquaintance at my apartment complex about the bar across the street. I suggested just going over there to see why it was so popular, and she was horrified that I didn’t want to run to my apartment and put on five pounds of makeup and high heels and spend an hour “getting ready” She then laughed at a woman in heels we saw walking to the bar who tripped, calling her a “hoochie”. I asked her why she wanted us to be hoochies, and she got mad at me. I swear, being more feminine means being more like a man because this passive-aggressive back-and-forth is such a guy thing.
    As for intersectionality, almost everyone I’ve met who uses the term un-ironically is so fucking smug and elitist. Of course, it’s almost always queer activists who are big on the terf witch hunts and the “sexuality is fluid, so lesbians don’t exist” (but gay men still exist somehow) who are using that term outside its original meaning. That paper was about the ways black women are simultaneously oppressed by racism and sexism, not to say men can be women/lesbians and lesbians simultaneously don’t exist/are old-fashioned.

    I also don’t like how lesbianism gets reduced to just a sexual preference. It’s kind of messed up considering how promiscuous a lot of heterosexuals are. Plus, it seems to play in to the myth that there’s absolutely no difference between the minds/spirits/whatever you want to call it of women and men. There is! And regardless of how good your plastic surgeon is, a man is still a man and can’t be a woman. It was kind of awkward because I came out as a young teenager, and people were saying being a lesbian was just a sexual orientation, and I didn’t feel like I was ready for sex yet. I was in love with one of my female friends though. I also had the misfortune of bumping into two psychologists in college who kept calling being a lesbian a “sexual lifestyle choice” and thought they were being progressive! I didn’t see them again after one session because they kept trying to say that my depression was a result of angst from being a lesbian, even though it wasn’t. It had more to do with having a difficult major. At least this was in school with cheap therapy so I only wasted $30 on those idiots and the third time was a charm because I got someone who was helpful then.

    Plus, we did have an alphabet soup organizations where most of the members when I started school were women, in particular lesbians, with a couple of bi women and het allies. There were a couple of trans members who occasionally showed up, but they didn’t seem psychotic and there weren’t any hetero male trans.

    To try to end this long comment, I like this post. I think it’s too bad that so many women get put-off of feminism because of regular mainstream feminism and the pretend radical feminism. Most mainstream feminist seems to claim that any choice a woman makes is empowering and plays the victim-blaming line of, “well, you would have more opportunities if you just believed you would get rich.” Pretend radical feminism often tries to make nice with the trans cult oppressors and other men, claims women are too stupid to ever make an informed choice, and often has a lot of lesbian-hatred too. Not to mention it trivializes rape and tries to define it away by claiming that having sex with a man is the same as rape! When I say I’m a radical feminist, I sometimes have to explain that the “PIV is rape” line isn’t real radical feminism and real radical feminism doesn’t need smug elitist language anyway. That’s another thing, I imagine a lot of women who want to help other women and have a type of community with other women don’t like that they have to learn some bizarre convoluted language to be accepted in the clique.


    • Bev Jo says:

      Brilliantly said! Join our facebook Radical Feminists groups if you’re looking for something like that…


      • KgSch says:

        I actually met this as a reply to your “Parasitizing and Gutting of Radical Feminism Post”, lol. I guess it just ended up here.

        I don’t use Facebook right now, but maybe it would be a good idea to get an account just to talk to other radical feminists. I didn’t ever want an account because most of my family is addicted to it, and they sometimes get mad it each other in real life if no one replies to their post fast enough and many of them can’t put down their phone for five minutes. It’s super annoying. I think my dad and I are the only ones who don’t use it.

        Of course, I could just use my initials that I use to post here and at gendertrender and then I wouldn’t need to talk to them!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Bev Jo says:

          Thank you. We do have some truly Radical Feminist groups on fb, like our Radical Feminist Coffee House, but most of the other groups are troll “radfem” and play games with the trannies.


  10. Daniela says:

    Hi there, I’m a lesbian and radical feminist from Brazil, and I would like to translate that chapter for portuguese. Could I have your permission?


  11. missmatriarch says:

    Reblogged this on Miss Matriarch.


  12. lesbika from brazil says:

    Could you give the source about the indian man?


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  15. shy virago says:

    Your work is so important! It reminds me that feminism is in such a huge backlash. I can’t even
    talk about Andrea Dworkin w/o having to defend her – imagine these women read you!
    The truth is hard and bitter, but you can never move or forward or at least live solidly w/o knowing it.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. shy virago says:

    oops – I meant to say ‘imagine if these same women read you’ .

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  18. AVeryLostLesbian says:

    Your blog is, something. I’m in the process of reading the chapters, but I am very interested in sources. I want to make up my own mind which is increasingly difficult to do these days.

    Is the Diane Russel book the only source for the information about the prevalence of girl rape in families?


    • Bev Jo says:

      Thank you. It’s very hard to get information. Diana Russell has done a lot of good work, but I don’t trust statistics necessarily, but use common sense and experience. ALL girls and women are sexually harassed by boys and men. I think most are assaulted/raped. I know hundreds of women and few have escaped being sexually assaulted (usually by male family) as girls. Considering how few will talk or write about it, there is no way to actually know the numbers. And then some of it is done before we are able to talk or remember well.

      Who knows how open we would all be psychically if not for the bombardment of the actual attacks, but also the boys and men fantasizing raping us?


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